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Tatti, 31, from Zhitomir
Tatti Tatti, 31, from Zhitomir look for: Man need man to drink bitter coffee with him, remain overnight, and inquire about the health of ...
Tatyana, 56, from Zhitomir
Tatyana Tatyana, 56, from Zhitomir look for: Nothing in the world could not be better! than coming back to where you are loved, are where the heat and lights on!
Tatyana, 31, from Zhitomir
Tatyana Tatyana, 31, from Zhitomir look for: Sex — is the lesser of that Woman can give a man. It is too expensive and often enough to give him some special value. Actually, where as. ..
Valentine, 52, from Zhitomir
Valentine Valentine, 52, from Zhitomir look for: No one knows beforehand, kogoi with whom destiny: Ktobudet ' ll be surprised a friend who is an enemy, akto familiar, just like that ... Anyone who might betray who will who will give everything. who will spare Affairs and words, akto ...
Victoria, 56, from Zhitomir
Victoria Victoria, 56, from Zhitomir look for: Decent, not overly concerned with sex. virtual suggestions of ... Nice, kind, generous.
Victoria Safarelli, 19, from Zhitomir
Victoria Safarelli Victoria Safarelli, 19, from Zhitomir look for: Girls! Want coffee in bed, kind words and sweet kisses at night, flowers and gifts every day? Never get married! ...
White Lilac, 48, from Zhitomir
White Lilac White Lilac, 48, from Zhitomir look for: Free, serious, kind), human relations, adequacy and sympathy and primary are required. Storytellers, with a blank questionnaire and one fejkovym photo-not interesting. Someone ...
Yours For Ever, 76, from Zhitomir
Yours For Ever Yours For Ever, 76, from Zhitomir look for: Worthy of me! Want to love and be loved! and God give you a double portion, what would you have me!
Zinaida, 50, from Zhitomir
Zinaida Zinaida, 50, from Zhitomir look for: Looking for you, that sitting next, covering themselves warm with a blanket near a window, we silently stare and talk to us navedaetsâ spring. Looking for you, so all our sorrow two hearts melted without trace, and ...