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Natalie, 37, from Zhitomir
Natalie Natalie, 37, from Zhitomir look for: Who said that I was far from the ideal of?! This is far from ideal, poor ME!So what, that wind in the head?! But the thoughts are always fresh ...Do you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen. I will go to the left, and can be ...
Natalie, 37, from Zhitomir
Natalie Natalie, 37, from Zhitomir look for: Before you judge someone, take his shoes and pass his way, try his tears, feel his pain. Natknis′ on every stone, on which he stumbled. And only after that to say that you're znaeš ...
Natasha, 39, from Zhitomir
Natasha Natasha, 39, from Zhitomir look for: Beautiful, graceful, and, most importantly, free from the bonds of marriage! Married --- please do not bother.
Oksana, 39, from Zhitomir
Oksana Oksana, 39, from Zhitomir look for: Good man! Real man in all senses of the word! And that women are not afraid! ))) Want to be a poor woman next to a strong man! please: boys and men to 30 years ...
Olga, 49, from Zhitomir
Olga Olga, 49, from Zhitomir look for: Lonely, clever, with humor! Sports figure is welcome)))
Olga, 18, from Zhitomir
Olga Olga, 18, from Zhitomir look for: In this section, you can just write the blah-blah-blah-blah-blah all is for fools laws are not aggressive. Experience-the more you write smart things, to filter out unwanted people, the more durač′â your ...
Olga, 35, from Zhitomir
Olga Olga, 35, from Zhitomir look for: I want to find? Also, for the sake of which will want to live, with whom will be good anywhere and at any time of the year; someone who will understand perfectly, and with whom will even keep their mouths shut; who is the male ...
Pa, 41, from Zhitomir
Pa Pa, 41, from Zhitomir look for: I'd love to find a friend ... a man gay. I know not by hearsay, it is always best friends will understand and simply do not exist! :)
Papinadoch, 79, from Zhitomir
Papinadoch Papinadoch, 79, from Zhitomir look for: happiness is not in those girls that want to sleep .. .. and BTEX, who you want to wake up. (((((((((((((.. and probably want))) ...
Pauline, 41, from Zhitomir
Pauline Pauline, 41, from Zhitomir look for: As they say, "tear off and throw it away" is about a character! Do not want to get married, because there already. I want to communicate without justification, "Why are you here?" ...
Polіsyanka, 46, from Zhitomir
Polіsyanka Polіsyanka, 46, from Zhitomir look for: just want to find friends to talk ... and I have all the irregularities in the full
Sofia Shvets, 35, from Zhitomir
Sofia Shvets Sofia Shvets, 35, from Zhitomir look for: God gave me two legs to walk, 2 hands to hold, two eyes to see, 2 ears to hear, but why only one heart? 2nd I give my heart to another person for me to find him ......
Svetlana, 47, from Zhitomir
Svetlana Svetlana, 47, from Zhitomir look for: Man, that really want to dissolve... No obligations ...
Tanya, 25, from Zhitomir
Tanya Tanya, 25, from Zhitomir look for: I am looking for a brave man of ... to go to the registry office to ... one scared! I want to ' as Masha and the bear ': I have such a small, brazen and pristavučaâ, and he's such a big, strong, protects me and no matter what those ...
Tanya, 32, from Zhitomir
Tanya Tanya, 32, from Zhitomir look for: NO ONE ...ITSELF In Search Of Myself: A Hard Nut To Crack. Class-S Place USSR-Patency-Suv-slightly dark Color. Year of manufacture-1980 Mileage-run length-166-free (with tuning 180) Mass ...
Tanya, 39, from Zhitomir
Tanya Tanya, 39, from Zhitomir look for: No matter how strong was not a woman, she is still waiting for a man stronger than himself. It is necessary not to limit her freedom, but to the MAN gave her the right to be a woman.
Tatiana, 28, from Zhitomir
Tatiana Tatiana, 28, from Zhitomir look for: man should be like coffee: hot, sweet, strong and three times a day.)))
Tatianna, 35, from Zhitomir
Tatianna Tatianna, 35, from Zhitomir look for: a man who is looking for a harmonious relationship (except for the Aquarius and crayfish)
Tatti, 31, from Zhitomir
Tatti Tatti, 31, from Zhitomir look for: Man need man to drink bitter coffee with him, remain overnight, and inquire about the health of ...
Tatti, 27, from Zhitomir
Tatti Tatti, 27, from Zhitomir look for: Good luck in life - to find such a man, so it was nice to watch, interesting to listen to, not painfully silent, genuinely laugh and look forward to meeting ... Sponsor - is the man who made life pleasant for the coveted women ... and does not pay for sex) MANDATORY: without climbing the privacy of both parties.
Tatyana, 56, from Zhitomir
Tatyana Tatyana, 56, from Zhitomir look for: Nothing in the world could not be better! than coming back to where you are loved, are where the heat and lights on!
Tatyana, 31, from Zhitomir
Tatyana Tatyana, 31, from Zhitomir look for: Sex — is the lesser of that Woman can give a man. It is too expensive and often enough to give him some special value. Actually, where as. ..
Tatyana, 25, from Zhitomir
Tatyana Tatyana, 25, from Zhitomir look for: You need to spend time only with those who sincerely wants to spend it with you
Ta_chto, 28, from Zhitomir
Ta_chto Ta_chto, 28, from Zhitomir look for: a guy who can provide me a reliable back, and did not try to control my life to the last detail, suppressing my desire to be the way I was all those years before meeting nim.Cheloveka ...