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Sveta, 32, from Chimkent
Sveta Sveta, 32, from Chimkent look for: Decent, self-sufficient man of European nationality
Svetlana, 44, from Chimkent
Svetlana Svetlana, 44, from Chimkent look for: Are you looking for in me the dirt, and I laugh over you. After all, what you are looking for in me, so full of yourself.
Sweet Blaze, 28, from Chimkent
Sweet Blaze Sweet Blaze, 28, from Chimkent look for: this man was! a wealthy, generous, good!) Men unsure of himself, as well as overly self-confident, but obviously ignorant, horny and just freeloaders huge request pass. For me, sex is not pedestal relationship is important not the size of the penis, and the presence of ...
Tatiana, 40, from Chimkent
Tatiana Tatiana, 40, from Chimkent look for: 1.muzhchinu - druga2.muzhchinu partner at ...... 3.muzhchinu-spouse, if you're lucky (on this site), it would be like the most, but I certainly understand .......
Tatiana, 49, from Chimkent
Tatiana Tatiana, 49, from Chimkent look for: frank and honest person to have common interesy.s chyuvstvom humor.
Tatyana, 39, from Chimkent
Tatyana Tatyana, 39, from Chimkent look for: permanent partner, a decent and secured enough to arrange a meeting, but did not ask for to my home)))) so that all halâvŝiki and ženatiki PASS by!) age 35-45 ...
Tatyana, 50, from Chimkent
Tatyana Tatyana, 50, from Chimkent look for: Frank and decent man to have common interests. with čûvstvom humor.
Vritmeszhiznyu, 23, from Chimkent
Vritmeszhiznyu Vritmeszhiznyu, 23, from Chimkent look for: I'm not looking, I myself in roziskah))) I'm not looking, I choose a Dostoennogo-Man!
Windrose, 39, from Chimkent
Windrose Windrose, 39, from Chimkent look for: I like the beautiful heart-from them comes very much light..Others are good in love and there is no end to the perepolnâeš′sâ.PS the older woman. so it will be more difficult. It is wiser, hitrej, ...
Zeb, 36, from Chimkent
Zeb Zeb, 36, from Chimkent look for: I want to find just one person with whom you can go on the road of life and in Gori and in joy. Temporal relations I do not need. About myself I can say that I am a good housewife, I love children ....