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Nazir, 47, from Nojabrsk
Nazir Nazir, 47, from Nojabrsk look for: Want to find a reliable kind. tender that would be loved and respected
Irina, 43, from Salawat
Aigul, 23, from Ufa
Aigul Aigul, 23, from Ufa look for: A Chinese proverb says: the Smile running towards the man might see it one last time. How many wisdom? World closes. Social circle is limited. Fewer opportunities in ...
Victoria, 30, from Kemerowo
Victoria Victoria, 30, from Kemerowo look for: Goal-oriented people who want to quickly and safely make for a very short time!
Irina, 26, from Lemberg
Irina Irina, 26, from Lemberg look for: A normal, adequate, not greedy, without priznakìv & quot; paranoï & quot; Jak boâtisâ nìčogo, dear nobody likes you not rozvodit′ cìkavit′ зустріч zì, I then give the number)) Yakscho I'm not vìdpis ...
Mariemarie, 34, from Gaspé
Mariemarie Mariemarie, 34, from Gaspé look for: Amiti é dans un premier temps avec un homme qui sait ce qu il veut ' s é rieux doux aimable gentil qui respecte la femme.
Bunny, 19, from Sankt Petersburg
Bunny Bunny, 19, from Sankt Petersburg look for: Cute, attractive girl gets acquainted with a man for a pleasant rest and meetings without obligations.
Margarita Bulgakov, 25, from Irkutsk
Margarita Bulgakov Margarita Bulgakov, 25, from Irkutsk look for: Honestly, I don't even know-first of all, human, and that it sgodit′sâ time will tell)))))
Nana, 34, from Villiers-le-Bel
Nana Nana, 34, from Villiers-le-Bel look for: je cherche juste à ê tre heureuse combler d ' amour avec un homme qui à besoin d ' amour aussi s é rieux gentil qui m ' comme je suis aimera mais bien avant faire ...
Fox, 42, from New York City
Fox Fox, 42, from New York City look for: Note: conversation with strangers is not included in the scope of my interests. Prefer razovor over the phone and a personal meeting (unless, of course, wish to continue getting).
Liberty Wind, 36, from Sankt Petersburg
Liberty Wind Liberty Wind, 36, from Sankt Petersburg look for: Learn to appreciate who you are. ..And not gonis′ for those who are happy without you.& quot; especially appreciate in a man honesty, sincerity and honesty. I don't need a painful passion. I need ...
Black Panther, 24, from Kiew
Black Panther Black Panther, 24, from Kiew look for: Only human activity say about his personality and respect to you, don't believe the words, just watch and you will see the truth ... thank God, my experience and lifestyle gives me the right to choose, rather than throw on ...
Katrina, 21, from Sankt Petersburg
Katrina Katrina, 21, from Sankt Petersburg look for: This man is behind not only the words, but also deeds.
Alena, 29, from Tomsk
Alena Alena, 29, from Tomsk look for: Real man, namely, Solid, not a weakling. Physically strong. Otvazhnyj. Sam decides responsible. Has a sense of humor, not bore. Resting rarely ever does something & quot;.
Anna, 32, from Wladiwostok
Anna Anna, 32, from Wladiwostok look for: Gentlemen, I often hear from you that the site is not normal girls that they too large queries, etc I am not looking for the perfect man. Such does not happen. I just want to be with a strong, ...
Strange Woman, 33, from Mirny
Strange Woman Strange Woman, 33, from Mirny look for: I hardly write first, not because the lazy or the like, just don't have time for long conversations. Do not take my & quot; guys-dolls & quot;, and there are a lot of reasons. If the suit ...
Alexander, 20, from Moskau
Alexander Alexander, 20, from Moskau look for: Register for the sake of curiosity. Fans enough in life. We'll see, maybe everything would change. Baboon in search of easy sex, blow across the disco! The only way or no way. ...
Oksana, 18, from Pawlodar
Oksana Oksana, 18, from Pawlodar look for: A decent guy ...too bad that in our time, their very little ((((((((((((((((((((((((
Irina, 61, from Nischni Nowgorod
Irina Irina, 61, from Nischni Nowgorod look for: I want to be with a man with whom you can feel a woman. I prefer real acquaintance. The real meeting is much more lengthy correspondence.
Marina, 27, from Dnipropetrowsk
Marina Marina, 27, from Dnipropetrowsk look for: Ser″eznogo, independent guy for the Not married and not mamen′kinogo son ...
Julia, 38, from Moskau
Julia Julia, 38, from Moskau look for: Good man! ...its umničku ... ....The existence of intelligence and teeth welcome!))Married go, don't stay a ... all I find that deserve ... ....
Oksana Shyshkova, 30, from Moskau
Oksana Shyshkova Oksana Shyshkova, 30, from Moskau look for: Explain the gifted: looking for a person by name of Marat, I can't live without it! And I don't need no one here is. .. Do not trepite the nerves of their ridiculous suggestions, ask ...
Diana Chulovich, 20, from Moskau
Diana Chulovich Diana Chulovich, 20, from Moskau look for: The people believe: they are capable of any muck. And similarly for the other Follies, including nobility. humble husband with me scared, bored with me, zanudam is right with me uncomfortable. The rest will be ...
Olga, 57, from Riga
Olga Olga, 57, from Riga look for: I do not have money and wealth, I do not need fancy cars. I only want to forever ostat′sâS the best of all men on Earth. about what I dream am I?! So just live. breathe ... love ... and know that I loved! And to ...