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Lisa, 32, from Moskau
Lisa Lisa, 32, from Moskau look for: I would live my life with those who, even in the biggest quarrel will say & quot; I & quot; needs ... who will join me to fight for our love. who will I fear nothing, even what ...
Elena, 33, from Moskau
Elena Elena, 33, from Moskau look for: It was a very good and positive. But still no one reads. So now I'm just looking your pictures. with someone of you I podružus′. Although, only a few people ...
Anastasia, 28, from Moskau
Anastasia Anastasia, 28, from Moskau look for: Noble, Intelligent, Well-mannered, Temperamental, Flamboyant, Self-confident Young Man! Big Love Story)).
Dasha, 26, from Karlsruhe
Dasha Dasha, 26, from Karlsruhe look for: Only serious relationship! In order to write all the stupid questions here: 1. PEOPLE search: boys, ranging in age from 20 to 28 years! Not previously married, not convicted, and without children, but with the desire to have)) 2. If you ...
Elena Elena, 42, from Moskau
Elena Elena Elena Elena, 42, from Moskau look for: A male come true all our dreams and desires, which will merge in harmony healthy body, great intellect and strong spirituality. Or I want to? to want is not harmful ...but harmful.
Honey, 32, from Samara
Honey Honey, 32, from Samara look for: interesting communication, love, passion-that would be eye-to-eye, to do something together-deeds, walk, rest ...
Tatyana, 54, from Moskau
Tatyana Tatyana, 54, from Moskau look for: Dear me, man, next to which there is a chance to feel more of a woman loved and cherished. When mutual sympathy there may be more immediate and serious relationship. Disposable ...
Natalia, 45, from Moskau
Natalia Natalia, 45, from Moskau look for: Good, smart and very funny man and a friend, who despite his age still feel young and happy. Please do not contact the misery.
Julia, 22, from Komsomolsk am Amur
Julia Julia, 22, from Komsomolsk am Amur look for: SMILE: it makes people rack their brains over what you have in mind. =) ideal relationship is if you quarrel as husband and wife, chatting like best friends, flirtuete as a 16-year-old teenag ...
Ksûnâ, 23, from Sankt Petersburg
Ksûnâ Ksûnâ, 23, from Sankt Petersburg look for: Looking for Russian, adult, a pleasant, generous man. Have a beautiful girlfriend.
Natali, 27, from Kiew
Natali Natali, 27, from Kiew look for: This man, if there are still 1. A real man has a strong character. Otherwise, he will be able to ensure the well-being of yourself and your family? Only the strong spirit of man can. ..
Nastya, 38, from Wologda
Nastya Nastya, 38, from Wologda look for: So, whom do I want to find? ….) I think I would be comfortable in one of two ways: 1-Relationship of lovers without a serious commitment, quite light and joyful « » ...
Natal, 37, from Kiew
Natal Natal, 37, from Kiew look for: Silicone-free, bad habits, systems and isterikS cellulite, obesity and obostrënnym sense of humor)) who is this? Do you find it ugly? Look at this picture, look at her face and ...
Cutie, 27, from Moskau
Cutie Cutie, 27, from Moskau look for: & quot; to be honest, I don't need someone who sees only the good in me, I need someone who sees in me and bad, but still wants to be with me. & quot;.
Zefirnoe Oblachko, 35, from Wolgograd
Zefirnoe Oblachko Zefirnoe Oblachko, 35, from Wolgograd look for: Mental, an exceptional man, capable of being true, the married lover of a married woman. If you want to ask me a question, & quot; why married? & quot;, it means you do not need pisat ...
Sweet Cherry, 24, from Samara
Sweet Cherry Sweet Cherry, 24, from Samara look for: To al′fonsam please-do not write! I do not what you have. Married too I'll exclude second do not want to be. From young macho greed, I don't share my experiences here. And the losers retire to live without you, me ...
Natalie, 38, from Minsk
Natalie Natalie, 38, from Minsk look for: I am not interested in dating with couples or girls for sex, I am looking for friends ... would like to find a girlfriend, which could go to the movies, in the pool, sit in the cafes, just to chat without the ...
Tatyana, 21, from Qostanai
Tatyana Tatyana, 21, from Qostanai look for: Person, fun, interesting and cozy ... A man confident ... but not arrogant. Smart ... but not exhaustively. gentle ... but not sticky. bright, but so would not go blind ...
Anechka, 32, from Rjasan
Anechka Anechka, 32, from Rjasan look for: To old age together.give birth to the baby and may two!
Olga, 43, from Jekaterinburg
Olga Olga, 43, from Jekaterinburg look for: Real man. For A Long Time? Forever ... ... ... .... The Lord! with married does not meet!Watch allowed)))))
Svetlana, 59, from Kiew
Svetlana Svetlana, 59, from Kiew look for: Smart, dependable ... Please do not bother coming, prostitute, al′fonsov, VYPENDRIVAÛŜIHSÂ, KUL LAKE and vypendrivaûŝihsâ Kul Lake! ...
Elena, 44, from Ulan-Ude
Elena Elena, 44, from Ulan-Ude look for: Non-free men, do not contact me. Young people up to the age of the forest is waiting for you, too)
Emily, 27, from Kursk
Emily Emily, 27, from Kursk look for: IF A WOMAN DOES NOT NEED A SPONSOR, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT WILL COST YOU A FREEBIE!No need to offend me. dispersal from cute Bunny to macabre stinker 1.5 seconds, and there is no stopping ...
Viola, 40, from Moskau
Viola Viola, 40, from Moskau look for: I am looking for a soul mate of his happiness)! the girl is changing for the better, when there is a decent man. ...