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Tanya, 31, from Perm
Tanya Tanya, 31, from Perm look for: Age is not important, it will be a young guy or an adult male
Aunt Olga, 34, from Penza
Aunt Olga Aunt Olga, 34, from Penza look for: SEEKING NOT MARRIED! Conversation partner or husband) If you have a nedobrošennye wife, girlfriends etc, better walk past. Problems with material nature, drinkers, Alfonso-you not me. Find out anyway ...
Alina, 35, from Saratov
Alina Alina, 35, from Saratov look for: Careful careful. Free in all respects. That relationship should be: man-prop, support, kindness, comfort, serenity. Arrogant and Greedy don't bother ....
Valentin Kovalenko, 33, from Norilsk
Valentin Kovalenko Valentin Kovalenko, 33, from Norilsk look for: Huge request up to 30 do not write, do not respond. without photo and invisible-to ignore! Seeking a man only for serious relationship ...
Irina, 31, from Naberezhnye Chelny
Irina Irina, 31, from Naberezhnye Chelny look for: Man (without applications as wife, debts and problems). Men below my growth please do not get upset!
Matilda Žorikovna, 29, from Saratov
Matilda Žorikovna Matilda Žorikovna, 29, from Saratov look for: Nothing decorates a person as friendship with own head ... Top head ... I like generous men literally and figuratively, if you do not have and ladies didn't give you inspiration PIC ...
Not Yours, 29, from Irkutsk
Not Yours Not Yours, 29, from Irkutsk look for: Here we are all looking for one thing: escape from boredom. and it's not alone, not in sex, we all just awesome bored by life ... For those who are offering me sex without any obligations to offer you ...
Olga, 42, from Krasnodar
Olga Olga, 42, from Krasnodar look for: Seeking not Alphonse alkaša not addict not not signed. Seeking a man to live for, to be correct and the best around ...
Alena, 32, from Kemerovo
Alena Alena, 32, from Kemerovo look for: Smart, cute, humorous, self, not boring sex. The Main FREE! Your social status and the size of the purse I am not interested in. And yet, you must be erinaceidae rukavi ...
Ekaterina, 20, from Novosibirsk
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 20, from Novosibirsk look for: Want to close was a man's shoulder! Relations were light, romantic, enjoyable! That was a man who helped me solve my any problems, both morally and financially (so ...
Ya, 40, from Penza
Ya Ya, 40, from Penza look for: A reliable man. Don't judge a man by the clothes, and exalt man on business: someone let him in and, Yes, but another reliable and in a tuxedo, but ham ... * do not try to become a single pass ratecontrol and read other people's thoughts. No railway.
Galina Trach, 58, from Naberezhnye Chelny
Galina Trach Galina Trach, 58, from Naberezhnye Chelny look for: Man should help a woman be weak, strong it may be, and without it. (Voltaire)
Aleksandra, 27, from Chelyabinsk
Aleksandra Aleksandra, 27, from Chelyabinsk look for: Want family! A healthy and strong relationship. A caring husband and father of future joint children.
Harmful, 47, from Simferopol
Harmful Harmful, 47, from Simferopol look for: And I love that I'm unhealthy and prickly. Because white and fluffy, usually MILDEW! * PLEASE = Dear men, as well as individuals who consider themselves as such, do not offer me SMI ...
Elena Malova, 41, from Ulyanovsk
Elena Malova Elena Malova, 41, from Ulyanovsk look for: Seeking a man, idle or razvedënogo, which still wants a family cosiness, warmth, however, fall asleep and wake up, coffee in bed, etc, etc. ...
Irina, 43, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 43, from Moscow look for: Each supports its advantages, I-for reliability and stability!
Elena Andreeva, 26, from Irkutsk
Elena Andreeva Elena Andreeva, 26, from Irkutsk look for: Want to find a girl for infrequent meetings on neutral territory, men should not write I have it already there.
Ales, 30, from Moscow
Ales Ales, 30, from Moscow look for: Beloved person for life:) to say right away that I foresee herself, and sponsor not looking. But at the same time, pull my guy won't. If you don't aspire to something, then we don't by the way. I myself ...
Nastya_nastya, 20, from Odessa
Nastya_nastya Nastya_nastya, 20, from Odessa look for: Educated, caring, humorous, no cockroaches in the head a man!)
Ahuli, 50, from St. Petersburg
Ahuli Ahuli, 50, from St. Petersburg look for: His Shrek. Though. Shrek is not always exactly appearance, and complex emotional and physical qualities)
Nina, 24, from Kazan
Nina Nina, 24, from Kazan look for: Man, able to appreciate how his and other people's time. For correspondence is not ready.
Daria, 24, from Nizhnyj Tagil
Daria Daria, 24, from Nizhnyj Tagil look for: Smart, caring, educated, wealthy, handsome, self-sufficient, without inferiority complex, self-confident young man. ...
Yulia Borodina, 48, from Simferopol
Yulia Borodina Yulia Borodina, 48, from Simferopol look for: Smart and responsible man, with a good sense of humor, preferably leading an active lifestyle
Nastya, 27, from Kiev
Nastya Nastya, 27, from Kiev look for: I want to find a wizard that will kink. Who can do what he wants to, has no stereotypes, which are emotions. Adrenalin, tenderness, foolishness, laughter, fun ...