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Alina, 28, from UFA
Alina Alina, 28, from UFA look for: Man must adorn three things: honesty, character and deeds, and not cheap show-off, inflated self esteem and long tongue … ...
Natalia, 34, from Minsk
Natalia Natalia, 34, from Minsk look for: Hope, love will not be too evil:) not looking for someone who will take me as it is. Looking for someone with whom I'm better ....
Girl, 27, from St. Petersburg
Girl Girl, 27, from St. Petersburg look for: Strong spirit, a self-confident optimist with the correct concepts and motivation for life. A man!
Kat, 33, from Houston
Kat Kat, 33, from Houston look for: The sky has not been born, something we whispered to each other ... — I will look for you, do you hear? But how do you know? — maybe sea noise. And maybe, for stars mercan′û ... On songs for winds ...
Tatyana Evseeva, 45, from Kemerovo
Tatyana Evseeva Tatyana Evseeva, 45, from Kemerovo look for: An interesting person, obezobražennogo intelligence), adequate, positive, reliable. Morning coffee drink, knitwear in the evening) ...
Favorite Woman, 44, from Gelendzhik
Favorite Woman Favorite Woman, 44, from Gelendzhik look for: You gotta be close! No virtual ghosts. Kids in the garden!
Nelya, 19, from Kiev
Nelya Nelya, 19, from Kiev look for: Let love flows-vodopadomBeskonečnoe, divine.
Olga, 34, from Ekaterinburg
Olga Olga, 34, from Ekaterinburg look for: I am looking for a kind, caring, humorous, loving family and children for serious relationship. I prefer tall men, but it's not the most important main course ....
NATA, 41, from Minsk
NATA NATA, 41, from Minsk look for: Normal, intelligent, adequate man, little boys please do not disturb)
Oksi Riga, 42, from Riga
Oksi Riga Oksi Riga, 42, from Riga look for: A real man has to go a few steps ahead of women, to be a leader and teacher, while the woman to maintain it.
Daria, 25, from Moscow
Daria Daria, 25, from Moscow look for: WANT to MEET a smart, RELIABLE, RELIABLE, adequate, GOOD and purposeful MAN FROM 28 to 32 YEARS, FALL in LOVE and that LOVE me. VERY DREAM OF THE ROMANTIC, EXCITING ...
Hočuvlûbit′sâ, 38, from Uralsk
Hočuvlûbit′sâ Hočuvlûbit′sâ, 38, from Uralsk look for: Candy-bouquet period has not been canceled) man who is able for it!
Julia, 38, from Nizhniy Novgorod
Julia Julia, 38, from Nizhniy Novgorod look for: A man should be like Carlson-kind, with a good appetite, love sweet and ear gently whisper: & quot; Calm, just calm baby & quot;.
Olga, 41, from Novosibirsk
Olga Olga, 41, from Novosibirsk look for: Simple good man for family. Free, without financial problems.
Elena, 50, from St. Petersburg
Elena Elena, 50, from St. Petersburg look for: Kind, friendly, cheerful, well-groomed, without addictions, like a beautiful life, comfort and cleanliness, good hostess. I am looking for a friend. Man-a reliable, strong, careful, kind, without/p. ...
Diana, 18, from Moscow
Diana Diana, 18, from Moscow look for: Virgin. Want exotic. Or playful panterku ...
Elena, 39, from Moscow
Elena Elena, 39, from Moscow look for: I hope to meet with a man. and quickly leave this site together) come on najdis′ already tired here otsvečivat′ » ...
Svetlana, 38, from St. Petersburg
Svetlana Svetlana, 38, from St. Petersburg look for: Man dreams, of course! A joke ... But in every joke there is some truth, Yes? Self-confident man. Married and & quot; in relationships & quot; don't worry, you still have time.
Natalie, 36, from Moscow
Natalie Natalie, 36, from Moscow look for: & quot; I choose a man based on the principle that was cool and glad to stand with him in the field in shorts, when suddenly the house burned down. & quot; (c) ...
Cinderella, 25, from Moscow
Cinderella Cinderella, 25, from Moscow look for: There is an enormous desire to find their & quot; & quot; person. The site is only one of many possibilities.
Anastasia, 28, from Moscow
Anastasia Anastasia, 28, from Moscow look for: So many storytellers. and I want to meet the wizard. ..
Vera, 43, from Voronezh
Vera Vera, 43, from Voronezh look for: Disappointed in this site ... No one ... sluggish I also write ...
Ekaterina, 24, from Moscow
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 24, from Moscow look for: A generous man! serious relationship not looking! Anyone looking for it is written below!
En, 40, from Novosibirsk
En En, 40, from Novosibirsk look for: Adequate, OK-real man. With tobacco smoke is not friendly at all!