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Alyonushka, 31, from Samara
Alyonushka Alyonushka, 31, from Samara look for: The Lord of the rings (Audi owner) when you're in the car with money, friends you shake their hands. When you buy them wine, They laugh with you at the same time. You make gifts to them hurry, Worry.
Larisa, 35, from Moscow
Larisa Larisa, 35, from Moscow look for: Adequate! Men inviting to themselves and promising to make me & quot; ŜAslivoj & quot at its one hundred%;-evaluate realistically their capabilities. Operate the head. It not only food you can put ... On ...
Olga, 30, from Rostov-na-Donu
Olga Olga, 30, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: — Happiness is when you live in itself, without changing anything, and the other — just — next. And then you lie in one bed, and there is the same warm and cozy. And you can turn to him sleep ...
Kati, 32, from Samara
Kati Kati, 32, from Samara look for: ... not married! Penny price meant peasant, that zasmatrivaetsâ on someone else's! you dress up, his obuj, give the money to her beauty you hold and admire all you! think it's cheap now beautiful be?! or need a BRIDG ...
Natalie, 43, from Astana
Natalie Natalie, 43, from Astana look for: European, kind, reliable, knowledgeable in the entire measure. . Height not lower than 175 cm, Loving Home cosiness, caress, reciprocity. Camping, fishing. R. S young people 25-30 years, I have to you ubeditel′ ...
Ms. zulfira zikrina, 54, from Tyumen
Ms. zulfira zikrina Ms. zulfira zikrina, 54, from Tyumen look for: Want to meet a free man without housing problems for friendship, companionship, recreation and possible serious relationship ....
Svetlana, 43, from St. Petersburg
Svetlana Svetlana, 43, from St. Petersburg look for: Free, non smoker, which to me is good!
Lekaserj, 43, from Hamburg
Lekaserj Lekaserj, 43, from Hamburg look for: Hello to everyone who visits our website. We are a married couple, would slightly expand the circle of acquaintances, so looking for friends (couples) to provodit″ free time ....
Love, 44, from UFA
Love Love, 44, from UFA look for: Seeking a solid man to 50 years for the implementation of joint projects:) with the prospect of a serious relationship if mutual liking. ...
Tatyana, 44, from Vladivostok
Tatyana Tatyana, 44, from Vladivostok look for: A Man MY AGE! From Primorsky Krai, even necessary, Vladivostok fed up! For living together, we can all together start from scratch ... a real man does not like to come to the all ready! Brave and strong ...
Natali, 41, from Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
Natali Natali, 41, from Kamensk-Shakhtinsky look for: & quot; LIFE is TOO short to waste IT on a DIET, bad mood and greedy men.. & quot; Faina Ranevskaya.
Marina, 34, from Dnepropetrovsk
Marina Marina, 34, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: Not zakompleksovannogo, educated, smart, etc.. Who is friends with his head!
Mascot, 33, from Moscow
Mascot Mascot, 33, from Moscow look for: I'm not, I'm on trolejbuse ... stand on polustanochke stolen zipune ... NET, iskrennâ, dignified Lady. .. who on man's shoulder. and found herself in difficult life. . IBA business ...
Hope, 30, from Minsk
Hope Hope, 30, from Minsk look for: a reliable, serious and calm relations-shorter second half, who believes that corresponds to-write, answer all! ...
Nina, 59, from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Nina Nina, 59, from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk look for: Seeking a man 58-62 for a serious relationship. Good, decent, fair. not abusing alcohol. I dream to go from Sakhalin. Krasnodar region; ...
Sasha, 24, from Moscow
Sasha Sasha, 24, from Moscow look for: Real man, ready to surprise me and do things.
Azipa, 44, from Almaty
Azipa Azipa, 44, from Almaty look for: know what the purposes and intentions here attend ... and usually get those emotions on that tune. and become loyal to the objectives of other subscribers).
Galina Kharybina, 60, from Railway
Galina Kharybina Galina Kharybina, 60, from Railway look for: Interesting man 60-70 years old, educated, kind, decent. No bad habits, for communication and further life together ....
Christina, 22, from Moscow
Christina Christina, 22, from Moscow look for: Held, reliable and generous man. In dire need in comfort and pleasant care.
Ekaterina, 27, from Odincovo
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 27, from Odincovo look for: Looking for a good, kind, modest for a family man.
Olga, 32, from Rostov-na-Donu
Olga Olga, 32, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: A person capable of adequately perceive yourself, me and everything that happens around. Yes, and a sense of humor is critical! Adequacy without a sense of humor ends alcoholism! ...
Elena, 46, from Krasnodar
Elena Elena, 46, from Krasnodar look for: Man for regular sex (as an option). Please arrange first meeting normally (without rushing, in a café for a cup of coffee) Dear ... Dear men! If a woman gave you phone ...
Babasinqizi, 39, from Walleye
Babasinqizi Babasinqizi, 39, from Walleye look for: His ... Wanted a decent home actor in my life: tall, strong, kind and ... Nagulâvšijsâ. I madly want to associate their lives with a decent man whose Word is my law, Che ...
Ekaterina, 26, from Eagle
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 26, from Eagle look for: Girls do not need much, just a caring husband who would spoil the lipstick, But kept the mascara.