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Anushka, 41, from Nizhnyj Tagil
Anushka Anushka, 41, from Nizhnyj Tagil look for: Man smart. with a good sense of humor. ALCOHOLICS, inadequate and unemployed & quot; FAHRENHEIT & quot;! Boys, younger than me so that I have for you mom-remember-I'm not YOUR MA ...
Summer Dream, 27, from Nizhniy Novgorod
Summer Dream Summer Dream, 27, from Nizhniy Novgorod look for: Seeking a smart, self-sufficient man, not devoid of a sense of humor, not uptight family ties, are on the rise with a leader in every sense of the word), not a wimp, from 178 cm:) P.S. ...
Polynova Valentine, 52, from Eagle
Polynova Valentine Polynova Valentine, 52, from Eagle look for: Good and with a good sense of humour. educated and not necessarily finish universities. bad habits if they are I mean alcohol and smoking is not banned but especially on-alkogol ...
Natali, 29, from Khabarovsk
Natali Natali, 29, from Khabarovsk look for: liked saying 1 guy: want to meet more with anyone not acquainted
Valentine, 57, from Belgorod
Valentine Valentine, 57, from Belgorod look for: For a calm life, a man joint 58-65 ... without harmful deviations
Marusya, 40, from Kiev
Marusya Marusya, 40, from Kiev look for: Every day, talking with different people, you are surprised that most decent of them – alone. They are distinguished by charisma, pleasant appearance, live analytical mind, a good education and manners, for ...
Olga, 44, from Togliatti
Olga Olga, 44, from Togliatti look for: -How a woman chooses her man? -On the mind, the mind, the smell, the taste. -And the money? -This is not given to be poor. ...
Anastasia Filatova, 27, from Moscow
Anastasia Filatova Anastasia Filatova, 27, from Moscow look for: outgoing people. I'll be glad to VIP and gifts free of charge, that is a gift
Šeročka, 45, from Rostov-na-Donu
Šeročka Šeročka, 45, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: Choice becomes Obvious.. When you realize that between those who want with you warm up and Those who wants you warm-huge difference. ...
Valentina, 50, from Ussuriysk
Valentina Valentina, 50, from Ussuriysk look for: In fact the woman really wants to obey man. But it is — the biggest secret of all women in the world) Just wants it to obey a decent man, stronger and smarter. ...
Raisa, 45, from Moscow
Raisa Raisa, 45, from Moscow look for: Not looking ... But if you meet a believer, without orthodoxy of the brain-talk. Further we will see little free time so any bullshit answer will not. Sorry ...
Mary, 46, from Moscow
Mary Mary, 46, from Moscow look for: Not quite paradise, where many men ... Paradise is where it's all one. steal me from the world.
Marina Polishuk, 26, from Vladivostok
Marina Polishuk Marina Polishuk, 26, from Vladivostok look for: Friends, nice people, nice people and communication there is seen to be ...
Diana, 32, from Moscow
Diana Diana, 32, from Moscow look for: What I want to tell you when. So no one would believe)
Julia, 22, from Ekaterinburg
Julia Julia, 22, from Ekaterinburg look for: A couple, just consider dating a young man options
Lisa, 27, from Kiev
Lisa Lisa, 27, from Kiev look for: Soul mate) FAVORITE MOVIES: on REAL EVENTS: & quot; 3096 DAYS & quot; (2013) & quot; SWEET POISON SCORPION & quot; (2011), & quot; the STUDENT on CALL & quot; (2010), & quot; RABS ...
Luba, 53, from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Luba Luba, 53, from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky look for: Nice and gentle man for frequent and infrequent meetings.
Tanja Xxx, 34, from Frankfurt/Main
Tanja Xxx Tanja Xxx, 34, from Frankfurt/Main look for: Man for seriouse otnošenijNekotorye criteria: age: 33-38, a resident of Germany, European, Mutual sympathy, a convergence of values, higher education, the presence of goals in life.
Polina, 23, from Moscow
Polina Polina, 23, from Moscow look for: Hello world! My dear man, I ask you, write to me only in VC: Polina Vavilov. Do not leave a message here, I do not like to chat here ...
Tatyana, 34, from Odessa
Tatyana Tatyana, 34, from Odessa look for: I want to find?-) Favorite) Native) Only. Life partner.)
Elena, 44, from St. Petersburg
Elena Elena, 44, from St. Petersburg look for: Her man. To prevent numerous questions about sex, quote, & quot; To seduce a woman, you need only three things-an extraordinary mind, a terrific sense of humor and absolute uver ...
Romance, 55, from Sevastopol
Romance Romance, 55, from Sevastopol look for: the man of her dreams, such that I not noticed looking at him
Daisy, 61, from Krasnodar
Daisy Daisy, 61, from Krasnodar look for: become a secret mistress of a wealthy young man for his horšuû I m/p
Irina, 37, from Omsk
Irina Irina, 37, from Omsk look for: -optimist, above me, humorous and healthy pofigizmom. -good drive. -not disappointed in women. -knows exactly what he wants in life, and what kind of woman he needed-a man with ...