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Irina, 44, from Vladivostok
Irina Irina, 44, from Vladivostok look for: A separate request to young people 20-30 years do not write please I do not seeking and will not meet.
Arina, 49, from St. Petersburg
Arina Arina, 49, from St. Petersburg look for: seeking a man for real Relations, agreed to live together with you, kids adults. want to live and love together. see you in St. Petersburg.
Tatyana, 45, from Tula
Tatyana Tatyana, 45, from Tula look for: This strong man, who is not afraid of difficulties in life!
Lyudmila, 45, from Sochi
Lyudmila Lyudmila, 45, from Sochi look for: If you are desire to walk and have fun, then it's not me!
Anjuta, 39, from Moscow
Anjuta Anjuta, 39, from Moscow look for: Single-tender! that uvezët the sea or ocean!
Galina Hodarenko, 60, from Yaroslavl
Galina Hodarenko Galina Hodarenko, 60, from Yaroslavl look for: Normal decent adequate man 60-63 years with hands and brains for friendship and companionship in the future may build a family, a widow, ...
Such As you, 35, from Kiev
Such As you Such As you, 35, from Kiev look for: Man.) A little bit stronger than me in nature, for harmony is more than enough)
Anna, 37, from St. Petersburg
Anna Anna, 37, from St. Petersburg look for: Man for versatile communication, which will be easy and interesting. How would abstract not sounded & quot; to meet his man & quot;, but it is ... Even with someone you want to ...
Nelly, 33, from Odessa
Nelly Nelly, 33, from Odessa look for: -Man, what do you want from me? A woman, nothing I don't want from you! -Fine, then let's go to my desires!
Julia, 34, from Simferopol
Julia Julia, 34, from Simferopol look for: the ideal is not looking, but I hope to meet a trusty and reliable life companion, who like me, is tired of going through life alone, ready to care not only about me, but about my daughter ...
Sun, 21, from Astana
Sun Sun, 21, from Astana look for: I want a man that will solve all my problems, not create new ...
Tatyana, 39, from Bottom Round
Tatyana Tatyana, 39, from Bottom Round look for: * ANYONE deliberately not looking ... NOTHING categorically do not exclude ... No one is asking questions of a personal nature. me: are you married or not, with whom you live, whom you broke up, is there a WA ...
Zhenya, 32, from Rostov-na-Donu
Zhenya Zhenya, 32, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: Man, not individual male, namely man, the existence of intelligence is required.
Laska, 50, from Moscow
Laska Laska, 50, from Moscow look for: Want to find understanding, tenderness, affection and love!
Gjuzel, 36, from Moscow
Gjuzel Gjuzel, 36, from Moscow look for: Man, after which, however, left with this site:)
Eugenia, 38, from Moscow
Eugenia Eugenia, 38, from Moscow look for: Positive, held and wealthy in all respects ... can one twin room)
OASIS, 32, from Novosibirsk
OASIS OASIS, 32, from Novosibirsk look for: Her man ... WHO ARE THESE MEN? You're not big kids though so it may seem. No, not at all. But you strongly are arranged differently. True-you have a big problem with self-esteem and how it ...
Elena, 51, from Tyumen
Elena Elena, 51, from Tyumen look for: Good, smart, courageous man, not devoid of romance, not younger than 45 years.
Lady, 27, from Almaty
Lady Lady, 27, from Almaty look for: Read carefully. WE are a COUPLE MF, looking for girl or couple MF. Only ASIANS. Not terrible!)
Alice, 27, from Krasnodar
Alice Alice, 27, from Krasnodar look for: (I want to live in srči ... who will rent an apartment and will prmogat′ the first time:-*) a wealthy man. ready to help financially. Consider proposals for joint posiŝeniâh clubs, ...
Svetlana Kolmyčenko, 46, from Saratov
Svetlana Kolmyčenko Svetlana Kolmyčenko, 46, from Saratov look for: A man with whom it is interesting not only to fall asleep and wake up. .. ...
Cat, 44, from Khanty-Mansiysk
Cat Cat, 44, from Khanty-Mansiysk look for: To al′fonsam please-do not write! I don't what you include. Married too'll exclude, second violin be do not want ... From young macho greed, I experience here do not share and losers resignation, without you live ...
Natalia, 38, from Pinsk
Natalia Natalia, 38, from Pinsk look for: Want to find a man 39-47 years, serious but humorous, educated, intelligent, kind, decent, not smoking. Who likes to travel as well as I, that is very very! Man, ...
Antonina, 59, from Vitebsk
Antonina Antonina, 59, from Vitebsk look for: Responsible man with similar interests for life together