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Masha, 27, from Moscow
Masha Masha, 27, from Moscow look for: prYnca on a white horse! Princes, carefully read the questionnaire! I have two children I do not ask them to bring up!
Natalia, 43, from Volzhsky
Natalia Natalia, 43, from Volzhsky look for: Everyone is looking for someone with whom he is good and snug. And then it doesn't matter what you've got hair color, height, etc! It is important, what place you occupy in the life of this man! ...
Alice, 47, from Samara
Alice Alice, 47, from Samara look for: I'll be glad to communicate with a man with serious desires and intentions! Need a good man with a warm heart and soul, not the cliché of the whole world, that will not only welcome man, but also a friend.
Anastasia, 30, from Ershov
Anastasia Anastasia, 30, from Ershov look for: formed, independent, interesting, with an inner core and with the developed world and worldview.
Valeri Antonov, 23, from Tyumen
Valeri Antonov Valeri Antonov, 23, from Tyumen look for: buy your sex photo, sex on the Web, sex in real life, prepaid
Elena, 53, from Ekaterinburg
Elena Elena, 53, from Ekaterinburg look for: Looking for your favorite! Serious, resolute man, able to take responsibility for the preservation of well-being in relationships, not only material but also psychological. Relevant (in my opinion, with ...
Raisa, 58, from Angarsk
Raisa Raisa, 58, from Angarsk look for: Looking for a real man, calm, reliable, kind and affectionate, caring and generous. Want to love and be loved. Let's begin the novel last ... The novel the last the longest because we ...
Diana, 32, from Joskar-Ola
Diana Diana, 32, from Joskar-Ola look for: Charming man abroad to create a family
Love Kovalenko, 68, from Rostov-na-Donu
Love Kovalenko Love Kovalenko, 68, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: Close in all respects, which will become a mother for the rest of your ...
Iron Lady, 48, from Magnitogorsk
Iron Lady Iron Lady, 48, from Magnitogorsk look for: MAN! Ženatiki, respectfully ask you not to bother and to stop putting their wives in an awkward position! Small town! All the secret sooner or later becomes clear! ...
Irina, 28, from Pervouralsk
Irina Irina, 28, from Pervouralsk look for: Pending meetings with certain calm, wise man, for strong and reliable shoulder which I would be happy, loving and beloved woman).
Margo, 27, from Krasnodar
Margo Margo, 27, from Krasnodar look for: Beloved, native, reliable, its! comfortable with anyone who does not specify any questions, someone nice to hug and keep their mouths shut, who unnecessarily prove anything! ...
Julia, 38, from Moscow
Julia Julia, 38, from Moscow look for: To live life wisely, ought to know a lot of two important rules to remember for starters: it's better to go hungry than that horrible there, and better alone than together with whom popaloDa live man! If desired, ...
Hope, 37, from St. Petersburg
Hope Hope, 37, from St. Petersburg look for: Smart, with humor and charisma ... And & quot; to me it loved & quot; (c).
Christina Matveeva, 21, from Pskov
Christina Matveeva Christina Matveeva, 21, from Pskov look for: Seeking a responsible, with a good sense of humor, with the intention of the lasting relationship, who beautifully cared for and love) ...
Marina, 20, from Kiev
Marina Marina, 20, from Kiev look for: You're self-sufficient, responsible, confident man who is able to make unexpected for me. you like to evolve and you aspire to self-improvement. Do you prefer ...
Anastasia, 30, from Dnepropetrovsk
Anastasia Anastasia, 30, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: Perhaps it is a man in the prime of life. A loving diving ... and the mountains. We could together jump with a parachute. or sit by the fireplace. or go riding ... Much much to do together ....
Izabella, 33, from Moscow
Izabella Izabella, 33, from Moscow look for: As many of you in good packaging, how little you with mysterious soul.
Ivanna, 25, from Kiev
Ivanna Ivanna, 25, from Kiev look for: We are a young couple, male 38let, 180, 80 growth vesdevuška 25 years old, 165 growth, 58 vespoznakomimsâ with nice guy till 30 years. .. or with a pair of ...
Cleopatra, 45, from Surgut
Cleopatra Cleopatra, 45, from Surgut look for: Serious, smart, calm. For pampering is not necessary, at this time, sorry, which never have.
Margarita, 36, from Minsk
Margarita Margarita, 36, from Minsk look for: Want to find a normal independent man, without addictions. For companionship.
Polina, 28, from Volgograd
Polina Polina, 28, from Volgograd look for: If they still have:), and quot; this. good, caring man & quot;:) Dear & quot; ženatiki & quot; don't waste my and your time!) ...
Anna Sotnikova, 47, from Czechs
Anna Sotnikova Anna Sotnikova, 47, from Czechs look for: Man 42-56 years, full-bodied, from 176 cm, which are not quantitative, but qualitative relations. Home not invite (live with children), if, in addition to meetings in the car you have nothing to offer ...
Daria, 26, from Sochi
Daria Daria, 26, from Sochi look for: Princes please do not disturb! Sciatica does not allow sag under the Royal person!