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Irina Barančikova, 42, from Syktyvkar
Irina Barančikova Irina Barančikova, 42, from Syktyvkar look for: Nice, kind, cheerful, greedy, Not strong. A man with a capital letter)
Irina, 42, from Minsk
Irina Irina, 42, from Minsk look for: Really loved one with whom I wish I could be there.
Lena, 52, from Eagle
Lena Lena, 52, from Eagle look for: NO ONE, BUT SMART, LIKE MEN WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR IS MY WEAKNESS OF ... MEN, IF YOU are YOUNG, YOU are LESS THAN age 50 DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME on ME and eloquence, I is, CLEVER, and m ...
Veronica Veronica, 44, from Taganrog
Veronica Veronica Veronica Veronica, 44, from Taganrog look for: I want to meet a man who wants to meet a woman like me.
Maria, 30, from Orenburg
Maria Maria, 30, from Orenburg look for: Every day I talk to different people and the most worthy of them alone. They have charisma, flawless appearance, live analytic brain, absolute and perfect manners, for which VSEGD of ...
Donna Rosa, 41, from Odessa
Donna Rosa Donna Rosa, 41, from Odessa look for: Man. Adult. Responsible. Smart. Reliable. Lovers, kids and freaks do not interest me. The strangers do not go this bad. And more. I remind those who are in the tank: for a woman ...
Hope, 48, from Queens
Hope Hope, 48, from Queens look for: A man beautiful, clever, generous, kind. tender not teetotal. gulâŝego...I want to just see.
Helen Queen, 37, from Ivanovo
Helen Queen Helen Queen, 37, from Ivanovo look for: I will answer you and listen to your proposals for $ meeting (preferably by phone). The winks and privetiki do not answer, try to formulate my thoughts, travel closer « » not âroslavlej two and ...
Natalia, 47, from Novosibirsk
Natalia Natalia, 47, from Novosibirsk look for: The man who does, and not promises, if not like said, a sense of humor is welcome, under the age of 40, as well as al′fonsov alcoholics and drug addicts do not disturb! Take care of your and my time, thanks to ...
Natalia, 39, from Samara
Natalia Natalia, 39, from Samara look for: 1)-sex friendship doesn't care. 2) Tales about the rich inner world of the read a lot even at a tender age. 3) you can only Believe in the man who originally within itself believes. 4) Yes, I am a pest! Z..
Irina Irina, 51, from St. Petersburg
Irina Irina Irina Irina, 51, from St. Petersburg look for: A free man, without the housing problems, inflation is below 170 cm, not very full. Taking alcohol-goodbye! Do not get along with Ovnami, crayfish, weights. I respect them, but I love the ...
Tatyana, 45, from Schelkovo
Tatyana Tatyana, 45, from Schelkovo look for: A man interesting, reliable for vzaimopriâtnogo communication. For very dull: I don't run into bed after 3 's words or a single call. Respect yourself and me! ...
IRA, 39, from Kirov
IRA IRA, 39, from Kirov look for: I dream to meet the one who you can give your heart and know that it will not tear, that feeling has cooled down sufficiently to ... I want to be happy in the arms of the beloved and loving men, and to this ...
Personal Data, 24, from Karaganda
Personal Data Personal Data, 24, from Karaganda look for: Do not stand in people the dullness, the availability of women in male-female to ...
Olga, 28, from Chelyabinsk
Olga Olga, 28, from Chelyabinsk look for: Man, friend, humorous, kind, intelligent, independent, in the General ordinary man, but which will become bored and lonely ... and.
Svetlana, 51, from Nefteyugansk
Svetlana Svetlana, 51, from Nefteyugansk look for: I am a widow. Seeking a man who calmly! The fall and rise does not hurt. That nothing in this life is not a problem with which all simply, that all important! M/o, w/o (Married, young, al...
Alena, 41, from Chelyabinsk
Alena Alena, 41, from Chelyabinsk look for: Man for a serious relationship with active life position. Appreciate: a sense of humor, honesty, and responsibility. Please do not worry about a married, as well as seekers adventure ....
Light, 35, from Odessa
Light Light, 35, from Odessa look for: If you think your marriage is generally good, but you don't have enough love, delight, AWE, or something, if only to get you see outside the home, if you don't have a double morality ...
Nina, 61, from Kaluga
Nina Nina, 61, from Kaluga look for: a nice and neat, sporty and positive, kind word, generous feelings, smart thoughts, subtle humor to ...
Tatiana Ignatieva, 51, from St. Petersburg
Tatiana Ignatieva Tatiana Ignatieva, 51, from St. Petersburg look for: Man 48-53 years, preferably free and without problems. Young not to worry!
Bride, 31, from Samara
Bride Bride, 31, from Samara look for: A man must adorn three things: honesty, character and deeds, and not cheap show-off, inflated self esteem and long tongue!...
Tatyana, 38, from Novosibirsk
Tatyana Tatyana, 38, from Novosibirsk look for: Charming, strong, interesting man who conquered my heart and takes captured my soul)
Svetlana, 43, from Voronezh
Svetlana Svetlana, 43, from Voronezh look for: No one has ever looked for. ...Want to and have a desire to find me! Many will not accept from you, except that: a piece of ordinary human Happiness, Fistful of love, a little Tenderness, a pinch of caring and Attention! Times...
Indra, 33, from Moscow
Indra Indra, 33, from Moscow look for: The real and only expensive! It is advisable to leave your Tel number BTW, I answer back