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Ekaterina, 39, from Volgograd
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 39, from Volgograd look for: The lovely man without frills, close in age.
Makovka, 28, from Novorossiisk
Makovka Makovka, 28, from Novorossiisk look for: A man is in every sense of the word.favorite ...!A full-fledged relationship, where there is a mutual understanding and respect for that man, suave, galanten is decent and gentle, affectionate woman ... ...
Real, 23, from Rostov-na-Donu
Real Real, 23, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: meet in real life and only with the Russians! arranged in advance!
Ney, 44, from Тель-Авив
Ney Ney, 44, from Тель-Авив look for: man free, older, taller, smarter ...with the completed application and photo (in the mail).
Jana, 41, from Moscow
Jana Jana, 41, from Moscow look for: For serious relationship! MARRIED! cooking and cleaning do not like!
Svetlana, 46, from Ekaterinburg
Svetlana Svetlana, 46, from Ekaterinburg look for: The high, slender man with a university education, preferably with a good economic situation, with hot-hearted, humorous, kind and caring ...)) such themes are where?)))...
Alice, 36, from Saint Petersburg
Alice Alice, 36, from Saint Petersburg look for: a friend, just a nice person (which in itself is a rarity). I must say that do not like men who smoke, abuse alcohol, including beer, a man leading a double, a triple, and ...
Huliganka, 28, from Kazan
Huliganka Huliganka, 28, from Kazan look for: Read the boys FORM!!!!The man who will be able to support interesting talk. Communicate only here, the proposals meet post in the ignore and don't ask what's wrong with me-I am absolutely normal ...
Nearly Dream, 29, from Moscow
Nearly Dream Nearly Dream, 29, from Moscow look for: Well, certainly not a Prince on a white horse. Plain, simple tradesman would be sufficient.
Natalia, 30, from Ekaterinburg
Natalia Natalia, 30, from Ekaterinburg look for: A decent man, or person. And How Can the tea drink in. Café, and can. ..Please don't wink without photos. Do not write skobreznyh suggestions (like tomorrow at 12 for a barn). pre ...
Regina, 52, from Saint Petersburg
Regina Regina, 52, from Saint Petersburg look for: Serious and UNMARRIED 48-62 years old man, with a strong character, willing to get acquainted with the woman, which is better than without it.
Natalya Egorova, 57, from Saint Petersburg
Natalya Egorova Natalya Egorova, 57, from Saint Petersburg look for: man-65let 60. growth from 178, not married, humorous, without financial problems
Nika, 26, from Krasnodar
Nika Nika, 26, from Krasnodar look for: decent secured a man (from 30 years, preferably Russian)
Galina, 28, from Kemerovo
Galina Galina, 28, from Kemerovo look for: A man with whom I would not be scared, ashamed, boring ...
Natalia, 51, from Ekaterinburg
Natalia Natalia, 51, from Ekaterinburg look for: A man who is making plans for the future, live in the present and not looks back at the past ...
Svetlana, 35, from Khabarovsk
Svetlana Svetlana, 35, from Khabarovsk look for: Want good and good relations, a man who may be caring, affectionate, reliable support, which can be just a weak woman. .. :-) in General, who will be on hand ...
Tatyana, 36, from Gomel
Tatyana Tatyana, 36, from Gomel look for: Smart, beautiful, well-to-do, tender, passionate, loyal, economic ... Seeking a man in trenikah with blisters on their knees, with a beer belly, bristles and a weekly peregarom. With an income of one thousand rubles.
Tender, 26, from Lvov
Tender Tender, 26, from Lvov look for: Decent, good MužčinuEsli man will not ring, he didn't want to ring. If he behaves as if he couldn't care less about it and really couldn't care less. If a man wants to meet with you, believe me, he ...
Nadezhda, 46, from Izhevsk
Nadezhda Nadezhda, 46, from Izhevsk look for: A decent, serious, not a drinker, humorous ...
Julia, 29, from Klin
Julia Julia, 29, from Klin look for: I am looking for a caring, attentive, so who will love me and whom I will love ya really want family!
Nastya, 25, from Volgograd
Nastya Nastya, 25, from Volgograd look for: If not, write stoit_) not Sure I like the successful men) ... Save and strange time!!. MEN ABOUT YOU ... I didn't want to. but each following character in amazed and surpasses the previous! ...
Ryžulâ, 27, from Moscow
Ryžulâ Ryžulâ, 27, from Moscow look for: Tell a passionate man, chto vozlyublennaya vlyublennomu deceives him, imagine him twenty witnesses the infidelity of his sweetheart, and you can bet with ten against one that several ...
Olga, 42, from Krasnoyarsk
Olga Olga, 42, from Krasnoyarsk look for: People need someone to drink bitter coffee with him, Remain close for the night, and inquire about health. to smile just so that the heart was warmly to worry there is SC. ..
Maria, 22, from Moscow
Maria Maria, 22, from Moscow look for: friends and nothing more (and friendship will remain a friendship and in anything is not pereastët), and let's please not tupit′, I enjoyed my goals dating does not change, so no need to ask ...