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Makeitlast, 23, from Moscow
Makeitlast Makeitlast, 23, from Moscow look for: Mujchinu:) nastoyashego.. If you do not come across real men-this does not mean that they don't exist. It's like a mushroom-truffle, his search for a Sawhorse like toadstools-bright, and they well seen! not sure-...
Tatyana, 53, from Astrahan
Tatyana Tatyana, 53, from Astrahan look for: Good, načitannogo, loving animals, humorous, Christian
Valentine, 28, from Moscow
Valentine Valentine, 28, from Moscow look for: Close in spirit and opinions. the person on whom you can rely on, and that at any time will support. an interesting conversation partner, with whom you can chat on various topics. also a. ..
Angela, 40, from Kurgan
Angela Angela, 40, from Kurgan look for: Seeking a MAN to 44let. not likable Alfonso.
Lyuba, 32, from Saint Petersburg
Lyuba Lyuba, 32, from Saint Petersburg look for: I think that the main thing in pursuit of sud′bojMalârno-jeweler work. over all the disadvantages that are visible Over harmful inclinations that are given. Magical patched, those stenojDolžny ...
Yo Blondinko, 36, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Yo Blondinko Yo Blondinko, 36, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Say that I meet men on this site just to go to the restaurant or the Café at their expense. So it is not true. I don't care where you go on a date in the dining room or in the restaurant or ...
Olichka, 29, from Barnaul
Olichka Olichka, 29, from Barnaul look for: Seeking only for marriage. The Rest. Please, don't bother!
Gulnara, 44, from Priobe
Gulnara Gulnara, 44, from Priobe look for: Your soul mate! Travel al′fonsov, and boys under 35 please do not disturb!
Hedgehog, 35, from Saint Petersburg
Hedgehog Hedgehog, 35, from Saint Petersburg look for: Man, man, just, humorous, kind.
Galina, 45, from Moscow
Galina Galina, 45, from Moscow look for: Good and reliable person, not devoid of a sense of humor, it is desirable to have a car.
Selena, 37, from Krivoi Rog
Selena Selena, 37, from Krivoi Rog look for: Person, interesting me in all areas of life. Ask before sending check text for grammatical errors Or simply can not. to answer. ...
Natalia, 48, from Saint Petersburg
Natalia Natalia, 48, from Saint Petersburg look for: Interesting MAN. ..from 45 to 55 attractive (to me).čistoplotnogo (on the soul) ...with an active vital get a friend for just ...(Wirth) and time will tell. pročuvstvovavšeg ...
Victoria, 24, from Perm
Victoria Victoria, 24, from Perm look for: A young man who is able to bring happiness to me, give me everything. I love money, neither of which can not escape, I leave it at home in Spain. If you're ready for it then I found you. Žmotov not wait ...
Tatyana, 36, from Kazan
Tatyana Tatyana, 36, from Kazan look for: If it is the first thing you think when you wake up; the only thing-when bodrstvueš′; and last, what do you think, before you fall asleep-then it's a really special ...
Oksana, 32, from Simferopol
Oksana Oksana, 32, from Simferopol look for: Looking for male, ot30do50letV male appreciate kindness, sincerity, loyalty, morality has not lost its power.
Tatyana, 58, from Saint Petersburg
Tatyana Tatyana, 58, from Saint Petersburg look for: A man aged 58 years for serious relationships. Unacceptable-alcohol, smoking, filth. Young men ask not to write. ...
Cherry, 29, from Kiev
Cherry Cherry, 29, from Kiev look for: -positive people with diverse interests-leisure travel
Lyudmila, 42, from Kievskaya
Lyudmila Lyudmila, 42, from Kievskaya look for: A Man! Wise and saucy, kind and strong, gentle and memorable. A person who wants to and is able to love can give tender feelings and ready to receive them. a woman with a man should be good ....
Anastasia, 32, from Moscow
Anastasia Anastasia, 32, from Moscow look for: The man of her dreams)). ...But seriously, what a caring, intelligent, decent, loyal and able to love.
Tatyana, 50, from Donetsk
Tatyana Tatyana, 50, from Donetsk look for: A decent man, which is good, not in words, but with deeds his!
Galina, 61, from Bonn
Galina Galina, 61, from Bonn look for: man smart, kind, warm, reliable. Compliments.
Irina, 50, from Tula
Irina Irina, 50, from Tula look for: It's nice to be near the man who holds you in good shape ...Next to that I want to get better, to grow ...That he was proud of you ... ...
Olga, 33, from Minsk
Olga Olga, 33, from Minsk look for: humorous yet serious man for serious relationship.
Natališka, 25, from Kamyshin
Natališka Natališka, 25, from Kamyshin look for: soul mate ....Nice ...strong guy with a good sense of humor that will take me seriously))))))) ...