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Elvira, 39, from Krasnodar
Elvira Elvira, 39, from Krasnodar look for: A man who will understand me and accept that what I have ... With whom will not be bored ... Who wants to throw themselves at least part of what I am myself ... who I do not want: 1.Muzhchiny, acquaintance with such profound phrases: "Hi!" and "How are you? - You do not here! 2.Zhenatye men (and having children), which every 15 minutes to grab up the phone and ...
Vetch, 23, from Perm
Vetch Vetch, 23, from Perm look for: wealthy is not a greedy man. One of nine maidens Sem Sem zero three zero nine, eight
Wick Bend over, 36, from Kiev
Wick Bend over Wick Bend over, 36, from Kiev look for: Man with a capital letter) of men with small letters, those whose market day 1 ruble - a bucket, and without the photos please do not bezpokoit!
Helena, 41, from Yuzhno-Sahalinsk
Helena Helena, 41, from Yuzhno-Sahalinsk look for: * Married-not my favorite type of men! * How to feel like decent men, and know that it is a rarity, so annoying, and among those who lived in years, and among youths, clean-shaven and clumsy. It wants a reliable shoulder, Considered, reserved words , no promises made rashly, no oaths, sometimes empty and useless. It lacks the strong hands of male-Their strong and caring ...
Maria, 35, from Saint-Petersburg
Maria Maria, 35, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Very respecting myself, so not looking for a sponsor, provider, or something like that .. I'm not looking for love, do not give to anybody, I am not a whore and a prostitute too, for the beginning always get in touch, touch is important, if there is not nothing, and say:)
Light-lan, 45, from Irkutsk
Light-lan Light-lan, 45, from Irkutsk look for: Someone who can pogovrit, or just shut up together ... I want to see a man with whom good to be there, without a quiver in his hands and feet, just good and warm. It is interesting to talk, to run faster to tell something, because you know that he will assess, respond to his agitated story, which he also runs to you, to see his admiring gaze ...
Galina, 32, from Samara
Galina Galina, 32, from Samara look for: I do not think it necessary for someone to look. I have a rich personal life. It became fashionable to have a profile on a dating site, and I have it. Why would not dilute the daily opportunity to communicate with people in Wirth.
Tatiana, 35, from Voronezh
Tatiana Tatiana, 35, from Voronezh look for: These attitudes. (Without obligation, but with a sense of mutual respect)
Tatiana, 39, from Nürnberg
Tatiana Tatiana, 39, from Nürnberg look for: Seeking man 40 - 45 years with a sense of humor for a serious relationship. He is married and horny, dull and stupid, please do not disturb. " And more ... if I will not answer, so did not consider it necessary, do not try to write again and again, do not bother doing this,
Ninulya, 38, from Moscow
Ninulya Ninulya, 38, from Moscow look for: I'm not looking! ... .. And just get acquainted, maybe ... not easy). WARNING: Since U P P P C & M! ... NO PHOTOS, AND Married ... NOT WRITE ... from places not so remote. "Moreover ... did not answer ... I do not SPONSORS AND NOT THE EMPLOYER ... ALFONSO ... I have you, "I sense ... a mile away ... fly ... .. And the Lord, Morgan ... NOT FAR from VMA something (...
Luba, 40, from Hmelnitskii
Luba Luba, 40, from Hmelnitskii look for: Khalyavnykh honey is very dangerous to eat: from the excessive sweetness instantly sticks together all that we can .. ... Be generous, and not repair the evil, the weak and defenseless. Do not forget the good old truth: to be afraid of myself to, and respect not to force ... There are no adequate ". Welcome to the blog ...
Alexandrina, 22, from Moscow
Alexandrina Alexandrina, 22, from Moscow look for: There are no adequate and interesting lyudey.Pridumaem something of such things ... For the rest ... Where do you see a cat, you care what people think about it the mouse?
Veronica, 24, from Kiev
Veronica Veronica, 24, from Kiev look for: A man who understands what a woman wants ... »(¯` v'¯)-»(¯` v'¯)-» real man! 1.He promises - it does! 2.He will not wait for when he asked , but would offer myself! 3.He not afraid to speak what he thinks really! And just because he loves a beautiful relationship. It's time to organize a shop for women "For body and soul." Add back tipazhnyh males and ...
Kiss, 18, from Krasnoyarsk
Kiss Kiss, 18, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Patrons! Togo, who will wear in Milan, Nice .. undress and kiss in Paris! R.S / course you smart, handsome, successful, an alcoholic 50 years ... with the name of a magician, sorcerer, wizard, profescional, . . and etc. .. there is simply no other:) I did not show sex service! Hungry for sex for money or for free and quickly move on! Prostitutes are complete, for them the same ...
Bagheera, 29, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Bagheera Bagheera, 29, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Looking for great good bear. Himself the best. In general: Pretenduesh correspondence.
Irina, 45, from Kolomna
Irina Irina, 45, from Kolomna look for: Trusted friend, a caring husband ... his only!
Svetlana, 33, from Moscow
Svetlana Svetlana, 33, from Moscow look for: other like-minded, a man who wants to cook, for whom want to take care, love and be loved, to know that he will not betray the man from whom will be in a constant state of excitation)
Inna, 36, from Sumy
Inna Inna, 36, from Sumy look for: Sometimes, it happens, an unknown man, who lives on the other side of the planet "All of a sudden stop your mad race one simple question:" The sun, well, where are you? "And right at the moment is getting warmer from the simple words, participation and penetrated in a series of dreary gray days a glimpse of sunbeam dispersed the bad weather. Let's not skimp on the heat: We are all important moments of understanding, let a friend ...
Unforgettable, 32, from Moscow
Unforgettable Unforgettable, 32, from Moscow look for: ... Well, definitely does not toddlers up to 30 years, as well as dyadechek with no decent offers ...
Marina, 20, from Tolyatti
Marina Marina, 20, from Tolyatti look for: Men: - like coffee: the best - hot, strong and do not let you sleep through the night - as sales agents: do not believe a word of them - like computers: they are difficult to understand, and they always have problems with memory - as horoscopes : always advise you what to do, but usually wrong - as a parking space: good already occupied, and free all uncomfortable and too small; -...
Maria, 32, from Krasnodar
Maria Maria, 32, from Krasnodar look for: Kind, loving, caring, humorous, man, appreciating simple pleasures of life.
Faith, 33, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Faith Faith, 33, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: Togo, a man with whom pleasant to communicate, to meet. Interesting obyatelnogo, friendly. I am looking for slaves, the slaves on the plantations let inject 24 hours a day, I'm looking traharey and Lizunov for one night (or even two), I'm looking for a free man, to whom no stranger to inspired and beautiful emotions!
Etoya, 32, from Kazan
Etoya Etoya, 32, from Kazan look for: Who would like to find? ... I think a man ...) Of course there are some requirements Coy ... I hate sluggish men who are two words to say, and do not know what they want. Or even know! sometimes! for themselves and then forgot to look in the mirror or in your degree, well, or else entirely - in my purse .. Yes, about sex at one time - please you the or the Rebellion, who as you like ....
Masha, 22, from Moscow
Masha Masha, 22, from Moscow look for: "" Knight on a white horse "who will come and pick up from the previous life"