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Not Masha Ivanova, 48, from Saint-Petersburg
Not Masha Ivanova Not Masha Ivanova, 48, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Free, positive, without a MP, a man for serious relationship ...
Prospective Pavalyaka, 26, from Minsk
Prospective Pavalyaka Prospective Pavalyaka, 26, from Minsk look for: Good boy ... "No complaints, no options, no hint of the smell ..." (From m / f Ice perniod 3) Decent man looking for ....
Lydia, 52, from Bryansk
Lydia Lydia, 52, from Bryansk look for: Normal and adequate man-with its pluses and minuses, with moderate bad habits ...
Oksana, 29, from Dnepropetrovsk
Oksana Oksana, 29, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: Who wants to fall in love ... Men ... they're such extraordinary thing is that they have - warm her hands, and we do - cold fingers. They are strong and can lift us. One day they will understand (even for a minute), which is better than us - no. They have principles. Sometimes they wash the dishes. They are above us and can get something from the top shelf. When they say: "I love you" seems to be ...
Catherine, 21, from Rostov-na-Donu
Catherine Catherine, 21, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: There was a woman from the rib of man ... Not from his feet to be humiliated ... Not from his head to excel ... but from the side to be side by side ... From under arm to be protected ... And from the heart to be loved ...!!!!!!!!
Lud Mila, 28, from Kiev
Lud Mila Lud Mila, 28, from Kiev look for: It should be: M - courageous Y - Smart M - H coveted - and honest - sincere H - A reliable - adequate We always seem to love us because we are so good ... But we do not even know they love us because what good are those who love us ...
Karina, 24, from Saint-Petersburg
Karina Karina, 24, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Adult brains, with an adequate sense of humor man. Without the mask, and falsehood.
Poly, 24, from Lyubertsy
Poly Poly, 24, from Lyubertsy look for: that for which I will take away this form) and who will be pleased to communicate)
Girl-Lotus, 77, from Krasnodar
Girl-Lotus Girl-Lotus, 77, from Krasnodar look for: Waiting for a close friend, a man "of his wave." Discreet, high!, Orderly and wise men, visually interesting and fellowship, and not only. See one or two meetings, it's not me. I want to find a guy of Slavic origin with a harmonious combination of mind, appearance and manners
Eugene, 26, from Minsk
Eugene Eugene, 26, from Minsk look for: The one with whom you can look in one direction in life. It's simple. These values ​​can not be complex
Inessa, 44, from Rossosh
Inessa Inessa, 44, from Rossosh look for: Not much I did it - to find. Maybe he will find himself me. I do not need a prince does not need a tycoon. I need a beloved and loving man who will see and hear me, and not just watch and listen. The man, who will be able to stay and not wait: this is good, and can meet even better. Because of this you can wait and look for a very long time. There are such men? ...
Malvina, 28, from Poltava
Malvina Malvina, 28, from Poltava look for: Humane man, a cheerful but not frivolous, reliable and creative approach to life, imposing, kind man who is proving to be relevant not only in words but with real actions and deeds.
Tatiana, 35, from Rostov-na-Donu
Tatiana Tatiana, 35, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: How do I choose a male? I say: smart on the left, beautiful on the right, who hesitated, the mine.
This Fsya, 32, from Frankfurt am Main
This Fsya This Fsya, 32, from Frankfurt am Main look for: itself would not lose:) thing is that the man was good and no matter what color his Bentley ...
Margaret, 42, from Fryazino
Margaret Margaret, 42, from Fryazino look for: Where are you? I'm waiting for you .... I'm ready for the meeting. Your strength of spirit lights the way ahead Your power of thought, gets a star from heaven Your body force will protect me from the enemies of the soul Your love protects me from adversity
Amir, 22, from Tyumen
Amir Amir, 22, from Tyumen look for: This is so for a woman. Invent itself ideally a man and falls in love with his complete opposite.
Olga, 28, from Saratov
Olga Olga, 28, from Saratov look for: I'd rather lose my head ...! I'm not racist, but the Chinese-Chinese woman, a Tajik-Tajik and Russian man on a real Russian woman ... or rather on the contrary, every Russian woman ... well, you understand what I mean ...) No offense!) Married - their wives . Will not give my and others' do not.
Elena, 36, from Lyubertsy
Elena Elena, 36, from Lyubertsy look for: Male 35-45 years old IF YOU DO NOT positive if you have a bad sense of humor !!!!!!! THEN DO NOT READ !!!!!!!!! 1. Always stands his ground, and the nurse did not dissolve! 2. Give their lives for the people dear to him without hesitation ... "3. Bezbashen, adventure and ready to fly away in an unknown direction on the first call 4. Humor intelligent and uniquely at the level ... no buffoon 5. Is conscious of all that ...
Natasha, 41, from Vladimir
Natasha Natasha, 41, from Vladimir look for: reliable and dedicated person who would give love, affection, caring.
Irina, 32, from Saint-Petersburg
Irina Irina, 32, from Saint-Petersburg look for: A group of scientists from the University of Stockholm, the study concluded that men live longer if their wives shine wit and cleverness are different. In other words, their life expectancy affect the level of intelligence wives. In the experiment, was attended by about 1, 5 million couples. Scientists have discovered an interesting pattern: the higher the level of ...
Zames_s_kavkaza, 26, from Rostov-na-Donu
Zames_s_kavkaza Zames_s_kavkaza, 26, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: Do you have a dream, huh? But it is not true. Why? Because you chose the wrong dream ...
Elena Kuznetsova, 34, from Moscow
Elena Kuznetsova Elena Kuznetsova, 34, from Moscow look for: Its second half, affectionate, caring, loyal, dreaming of the family hearth, with whom nothing scary like a stone wall ...
Irina Sultanov, 31, from Vitebsk
Irina Sultanov Irina Sultanov, 31, from Vitebsk look for: Marry a good man from any country ... and leave him on the edge of the world .... I do not need a prince on a white horse, I need my other half! I vould like by married end give birth to daughter ....
Lera, 30, from Minsk
Lera Lera, 30, from Minsk look for: Three sources have attracted a person - soul, mind and body. Attraction shower generates friendship. Attraction mind begets respect. Attraction of bodies generates desire ... And the only connection of the three drives generates LOVE!!