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Elena, 42, from Volgograd
Elena Elena, 42, from Volgograd look for: Close to the spirit of man (only lasting relationship)
Available, 24, from Minsk
Available Available, 24, from Minsk look for: Especially don't trust virtual communication ... And in general there are a lot of frivolous and quarrelsome people.But let's hope that we will find each other ...or just here in town ...and I do not ...
Elena Ugay, 37, from Moscow
Elena Ugay Elena Ugay, 37, from Moscow look for: Maybe I roiantik, but I believe that there is only one, which would be all in me liked me and everything in it. ..
Nika Vau, 45, from Minsk
Nika Vau Nika Vau, 45, from Minsk look for: Interesting ŽenŝinyNe only interested in men and couples. Seeking a woman able to give warmth and affection for living together. ...
Elena, 34, from Kiev
Elena Elena, 34, from Kiev look for: Hundreds of thousands of people will I find it even with your eyes closed ... Ah, Yes ... I don't remember what color his eyes. Brown ... Green ... or maybe blue? I only remember that I was throwing in an Extr ...
Mimo Proxodila, 23, from Moscow
Mimo Proxodila Mimo Proxodila, 23, from Moscow look for: for he who is not alien to the concept of love, sincerity and the versatile developed sports-active people. I am sure that you can find all the time-it would be želanieâ for the ease and understanding ...
Natasha, 38, from Kiev
Natasha Natasha, 38, from Kiev look for: A normal man with hands and brains. Sense of humor is a must.
Elena Krasavina, 40, from Moscow
Elena Krasavina Elena Krasavina, 40, from Moscow look for: Here I want to leave a message for the men ...which DOES NOT ANSWER: 36 years younger-married-who smokes and prefers booze-if your profile without a photo.You are welcome...don't waste your time ... ...
Zhenya, 34, from Moscow
Zhenya Zhenya, 34, from Moscow look for: Looking for real communication instead of online relationships & quot; & quot;. Can't communicate in the epistolary genre. Lose Myself.
Maria, 49, from Saint Petersburg
Justice Frankfurter, 35, from Evpatoriya
Justice Frankfurter Justice Frankfurter, 35, from Evpatoriya look for: Pribolela, I'M FREEZING! Take for dargrelku. — Age not older than 50, height not less than 180 —, not men′še80 may be … weight with a guitar (I muzykulûblû) ...;) ...
The Stranger, 48, from Donetsk
The Stranger The Stranger, 48, from Donetsk look for: a man for whom I'm loved, unique, gentle and affectionate.
Svetlana, 37, from Sevastopol
Svetlana Svetlana, 37, from Sevastopol look for: Dependable, reliable, kind, gentle, able to love and cherish their relationship, taking care of a loved one with whom you can build a family. ...
Irina, 34, from Minsk
Irina Irina, 34, from Minsk look for: The man, whom I need, will always find a way to be with me!! Even if it's on a different planet … and had no free time … ...
Black, 22, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.)
Black Black, 22, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.) look for: Representative of the stronger sex with distinct physical and moral maturity of living according to the laws of natural selection and ready at any time to join the fight for his ideals. In addition, he died ...
Svetlana, 36, from Saint Petersburg
Svetlana Svetlana, 36, from Saint Petersburg look for: A man who wants to meet physically, morally, financially)))) sense of humor always!!!!!........Oh, by the way, comes back to!)))))...
Natalia, 51, from Rostov-na-Donu
Natalia Natalia, 51, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: .....MAN ... ...decent ....Frank ...humorous ...with the nature ...adequate ...a reliable ...mental ... ...THE PRESENT .....reciprocate with all my senses ...boys and supporters of BP. ..
Rada, 31, from Dnepropetrovsk
Rada Rada, 31, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: « you will not have a second chance to make a first impression of ». — Coco Šanel′V world limited shower and an unlimited number of Tel. ..
Valeri, 25, from Saint Petersburg
Valeri Valeri, 25, from Saint Petersburg look for: the main thing in man-not external beauty and sense of humor)
Lilya, 47, from Obninsk
Lilya Lilya, 47, from Obninsk look for: Want to find a favorite that'll be like a stone wall.
Natalia, 47, from Moscow
Natalia Natalia, 47, from Moscow look for: Clever, nice gentleman who like mature ladies with rare stervoznost′û, lack a sense of humor, and high self-esteem.
Daniella, 32, from Vaals
Daniella Daniella, 32, from Vaals look for: He's nice and friendly, get along with people and romantic. He is not afraid to tell me how he felt about certainement things or to express feeling. I admire strong, independent women who are not ...
Alina, 39, from Polotsk
Alina Alina, 39, from Polotsk look for: You can pay what you want to find, and get exactly what you want not). in General, what I wrote above, it is a remarkable man) ...
Maya, 31, from Moscow
Maya Maya, 31, from Moscow look for: Reliable high man for regular meetings of a romantic nature.