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Natalia, 35, from Astrahan
Natalia Natalia, 35, from Astrahan look for: Tall, handsome, intelligent ... In short, the knight on a white horse ... Or at least his horse!
Olga, 45, from Moscow
Olga Olga, 45, from Moscow look for: male 45-60 years old with a sense of a юмора.интеллигентного.уверенного
Galina, 56, from Norilsk
Galina Galina, 56, from Norilsk look for: Attentive, gentle, understanding man, congenial, purposeful.
Father's Pride, 28, from Lvov
Father's Pride Father's Pride, 28, from Lvov look for: sobisednikov interesting! Girls, let's be like a Swiss watch: expensive, desirable, and that the men wore on our hands!
Helena, 41, from Alapaevsk
Helena Helena, 41, from Alapaevsk look for: Friends of the general интересам.Путишествия.Занятия спортом.Туризм.Походы.Выход on nature.
Vika, 30, from Krasnodar
Vika Vika, 30, from Krasnodar look for: c / n 21-40L! We do not want to find: people, ostriches hiding their faces! Couples where M is similar to or vinipuha Carlson and F on one of three pigs from a fairy tale! Lonely and single stranikov poor Liz! Couples who practice BDSM as well as those who do not understand what that means! All other Welcome! I want y ...
Laura, 49, from Abakan
Laura Laura, 49, from Abakan look for: Take you me for sorrow ... From autumn rains take away ... Take me away to distant And love gave to me ... Give me Take you from anxiety ... From sleepless nights take away ... I'm ready to go all the way, to find joy and happiness ......
Hope, 48, from Tver
Hope Hope, 48, from Tver look for: I hope to meet a single man of strong physique, which would give all the unspent love and affection.
Ray, 51, from Moscow
Ray Ray, 51, from Moscow look for: you honey ..... a man with whom would meet several times a week
Marina, 25, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Marina Marina, 25, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: Age, height, religion, work, your goal for me is important! And no offense, if there is no answer from me!
Ludmila, 34, from Saint Petersburg
Ludmila Ludmila, 34, from Saint Petersburg look for: Man ... free, ready for a new relationship, caring and attentive, affectionate and gentle ...
Olga, 41, from Barnaul
Olga Olga, 41, from Barnaul look for: Male 43 - 53 years old, unmarried, ready for a new relationship, working with a sense of humor, not bore.
Annie, 31, from Krasnodar
Annie Annie, 31, from Krasnodar look for: pryntsa not looking, I want to meet a good person.
Love Para, 35, from Moscow
Love Para Love Para, 35, from Moscow look for: We are pleased to become acquainted with a married couple, where the sexual preference of fine halves are identical (see what I like in sex.) Consider options for dating a single man of 35 years, with no material and other problems, knowing how to care for beautiful woman and appreciate that. ..
Helena, 50, from Surgut
Helena Helena, 50, from Surgut look for: NEED A MAN - FRIEND IN ALL RELATIONS!! It wants decent men, and know that it is a rarity, so annoying, and among those who live to gray hairs, and among the beardless youths and clumsy. How do you want a reliable shoulder, deliberate, reserved words, no promises made spur of the moment, no oaths, sometimes empty ...
Ah_u_eli, 22, from Moscow
Ah_u_eli Ah_u_eli, 22, from Moscow look for: красивого.умного.хорошего.доброго.без problems and with a sense of humor!
Check, 39, from Arzamas
Check Check, 39, from Arzamas look for: I am looking for a man with whom I can live a dream to meet in order, without which life can not ...!
Princess, 21, from Moscow
Princess Princess, 21, from Moscow look for: Not intended to find a certain someone) I will be glad to new acquaintances, but if someone is really interested, I will not mind a serious relationship!)) For the actual meeting, but after a preliminary virtual dating)) ...
Queen, 36, from Surgut
Queen Queen, 36, from Surgut look for: You are determined, successful, have a good sense of humor, strength of will and strong character. You take care of yourself, believe in yourself and what you are doing, You know how to win a woman is not stupid and primitive suggestion of sex and the fine play, flirt. You do not pursue a simple skirt, and looking for a strong ...
Irina, 39, from Chelyabinsk
Irina Irina, 39, from Chelyabinsk look for: Man-sports-active, held, not just who came here in search of adventure and withdrawing the sample or the desire to put ee.Ne nizhe175sm Strong, in all senses of the word and worthy uvazheniya.Predpochtitelnee - brunettes. Where are you my second half? And yet ... dense, oblique and Morgan ...
Eugene, 25, from Kiev
Eugene Eugene, 25, from Kiev look for: I want to find a man for serious and long relations: adult, self-sufficient, interesting, fun, active, educated, cultural, and a man who clearly knows what he wants from life and from a girl ....
Natasha, 31, from Saint Petersburg
Natasha Natasha, 31, from Saint Petersburg look for: My man ... At first glance appear to be sympathy, in the process of communication - understanding, after the meeting, the desire to meet again!
The Stranger, 41, from Noginsk
The Stranger The Stranger, 41, from Noginsk look for: Reliable, self-confident man with the golden hands, financially secured, skuperdyaya not ready to become a reliable support in the family, not a drinker .. Alfonsov please do not bother! ...
Natali_pyshnaya, 41, from Kiev
Natali_pyshnaya Natali_pyshnaya, 41, from Kiev look for: I do not want to find, and I wish to meet and .... We shall see what happens next