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Lesya, 29, from Lvov
Lesya Lesya, 29, from Lvov look for: Happiness! Of course, happiness does not depend on amount deneg.No better to cry in a limo than a bus ... How much does a man need for happiness? Lot with mostly different all nonsense ... Maybe happiness is hidden under some pseudonym? A man who will do and not promise! No problem!
Tomushka, 77, from Krasnoyarsk
Tomushka Tomushka, 77, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Do not get used to solitude .. kept the teeth heart pain .. And even if I want to cry, you sad Declare fight ... Do not get used to solitude .. you are perfect ... beautiful ... I want to meet a man, it was his.
Ludmila, 35, from Samara
Ludmila Ludmila, 35, from Samara look for: MEN! Not selfish, brave and reliable, gentle and kind, not greedy, self-respecting woman ... and a little magician.
Anuta, 30, from Syktyvkar
Anuta Anuta, 30, from Syktyvkar look for: if I knew anyone, it would long ago have found ... but seriously, looking for soul mate ... I do not see the princes around. Like a fool, I gaze at the face. You just met me, my friend, And there - you have not to slip away! sit and wait - anguish and horror. I will do quite differently: I'll write the ad, and he himself, like a lamb, priskachesh! proceed, well ... "I was young ..." (my soul! "And what is more important in ...
Svetik, 32, from Hannover
Svetik Svetik, 32, from Hannover look for: Not looking for a look ... What do I want half? To me it was a half? :-)
Irina Pankratova, 40, from Karaganda
Irina Pankratova Irina Pankratova, 40, from Karaganda look for: Perhaps in this world you're only human ... but for someone you are the whole world! I do not like to communicate with the Invisibles.
Sun, 31, from Sevastopol
Sun Sun, 31, from Sevastopol look for: There are people in whom God lives! "There are people in whose lives Bes .. And there are those in which only live worms! Latter option does not suit me;) I'm looking for a man for whom I will like a stone wall:)
Sofia Smirnova, 24, from Petrozavodsk
Sofia Smirnova Sofia Smirnova, 24, from Petrozavodsk look for: Love ... it is not given to everyone ... it is given only to a select like glass .. love ... not everyone drinks to the bottom .. love-love ... not the same thing ..
Vetch, 33, from Kiev
Vetch Vetch, 33, from Kiev look for: everyone who loves and knows how to give pleasure meet as herself and as a pair of MFs
Nokia, 40, from Vladikavkaz
Nokia Nokia, 40, from Vladikavkaz look for: man, ready for a mature relationship. If you have children, then I do not be afraid ...! honorable men, if you do not talk about, except those questions that I already can not bear such-like things? What are you doing? Why do not you sleep? with whom you live? where you work? and more probably a dozen of these same questions, and do not start communication ... by the way you communicate, I can understand, I want to ...
Irina, 44, from Mihailovka
Irina Irina, 44, from Mihailovka look for: Man, that next to him feel that you're still a woman.
Catherine, 35, from Moscow
Catherine Catherine, 35, from Moscow look for: Normal man, though ... there is generally like that? Tired of being "Ma" for the men, led by the handle mama's boys, be strong, be in the family of a man and a woman. I want to be gentle, sweet, gentle, white and fluffy, weak ... Women want to feel! Feeling that the number of Man, who knows everything, knows everything, and it reliably.
Michele, 32, from Moscow
Michele Michele, 32, from Moscow look for: Looking for a man not yet lost interest in life, fun, maybe a little ironic, but in general, very good-natured, tolerant of others and demanding of myself, get acquainted, to learn it and tell myself ... to become lovers and friends ... to once again experience the taste of life:) PS: married and too sophisticated (I will not say perverts ... Oops, I ...
Natasha, 49, from Kiev
Natasha Natasha, 49, from Kiev look for: I'll try to answer the question, why am I on this site. The children have grown up, they already have their own adult life. This is normal. Increasingly, they are lost in their companies. And you begin to realize that you just do not have someone to talk, coming from work. And sometimes want to tell someone what color was the sky today at sunset, or some interesting eccentric today rode with you ...
Editochka Editochka, 36, from New York
Editochka Editochka Editochka Editochka, 36, from New York look for: A man who will be weak. The strength I can be myself ...
ღ ஐ ღ iris ღ ஐ ღ, 29, from Syktyvkar
ღ ஐ ღ iris ღ ஐ ღ ღ ஐ ღ iris ღ ஐ ღ, 29, from Syktyvkar look for: From 180 and above! Easier to say who I do not want to find: the stupid, greedy, petty, a man who does not know what he wants from life and relationships, Alfonso (I'm not so terrible to pay the man), "starlets" perpetual fascination for its uniqueness Nor here, admire this man I can not, for men wishing to "chance of a spree" from his wife, too, good luck, a little boy who ...
Angelica, 37, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.)
Angelica Angelica, 37, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.) look for: It is very fortunate in life to find a man that was a pleasure to watch. .. interesting to listen to. .. enthusiastically tell. .. netyagostno silent. .. sincerely laugh. .. enthusiastically to remember and look forward to the next meeting ...
Light, 29, from Moscow
Light Light, 29, from Moscow look for: I want to find the man who next will be good ... I am used to understand lyubit.vopros otnosheniy.voobsche something simple: either one is unable to clear their thoughts and wishes to express, or other not particularly trying to understand (no interest in man, or no other can understand, because selfish and egocentric). or both reasons. I think that ...
ஐ ღ ஐ Baileys ² º ¹ º ஐ ღ ஐ, 31, from Sterlitamak
ஐ ღ ஐ Baileys ² º ¹ º ஐ ღ ஐ ஐ ღ ஐ Baileys ² º ¹ º ஐ ღ ஐ, 31, from Sterlitamak look for: The young man with a sense of humor and a keen understanding of women's desires and fantasies (do not misunderstand:) The one who dragged me from this fucking site!
Katerina, 31, from Novosibirsk
Katerina Katerina, 31, from Novosibirsk look for: His second half.))) Maybe excessive demands on this site, but honestly ...
Nata, 34, from Moscow
Nata Nata, 34, from Moscow look for: Man with whom I will look in one direction you)
Vasilisa, 45, from Saint-Petersburg
Vasilisa Vasilisa, 45, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Free, held without material and housing problem.Nadezhnogo and devoted friend, sincere and humorous.
Helena, 50, from Иерусалим
Helena Helena, 50, from Иерусалим look for: of those lost ... only "young" boys .. it does not concern you .. not Strive for nothing
Valentine, 42, from Minsk
Valentine Valentine, 42, from Minsk look for: Independent, balanced charming man with a sense of humor, able to appreciate my inner beauty with serious intentions. Young guys! Respect even yourself! Look for their contemporaries!