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Staro Modna, 30, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Staro Modna Staro Modna, 30, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: I am looking for a man with a rod ... PS Photo rods do not send! My sense of humor is stronger pity!
Larissa, 39, from Chelyabinsk
Larissa Larissa, 39, from Chelyabinsk look for: This is fine when your men to combine the qualities of a husband, lover, breadwinner, best friend, and your own Guardian Angel! ...
Trio, 31, from Minsk
Trio Trio, 31, from Minsk look for: Pleasant man ... before you write, evaluate themselves adequately before zerkalom.Razmer matters ... but no less important to have intellect and ability to dialogue ....
Eugene, 27, from Chelyabinsk
Eugene Eugene, 27, from Chelyabinsk look for: Someone with whom I will be really horosho.Izvraschentsy-masturbation and fans selling love - go, please by, here you do not. Just past his characters without a photo and with others ...
Lydia, 48, from Moscow
Lydia Lydia, 48, from Moscow look for: Free-educated man the same age.
Natalia, 50, from Neryungri
Natalia Natalia, 50, from Neryungri look for: Man for serious relationship!!! CHILDREN AND MARRIED - pass passes ...... ....
Pup, 24, from Belgorod
Pup Pup, 24, from Belgorod look for: Confident, stylish and strong man, with a good sense of humor. Successful and intelligent man is always interesting, excluding only the narcissistic "princesses", if you know what it is about va ...
Tanya, 26, from Moscow
Tanya Tanya, 26, from Moscow look for: And on this site machoPo profiles women jumping, choosing as buying: Eyes, legs, ass, breasts ... and to profile glyanesh - empty Looking for - oh, not a lot ... a whole without prikrasSeks just on. .
Anna, 39, from Smolensk
Anna Anna, 39, from Smolensk look for: A man that does not have any obligation to the other woman. Senders of messages such as: "Do you want sex?" removed immediately to ignore the same (do not collect collectors female ...
Vladislava, 40, from Moscow
Vladislava Vladislava, 40, from Moscow look for: Normal man! Not boring, easy-going and easy to lift. Confident that tomorrow (to me) it will be better than it was yesterday ......
Nina, 24, from Kobrin
Nina Nina, 24, from Kobrin look for: The one who would very much love!! And of course, what would it be mutually!!
Alina, 39, from Samara
Alina Alina, 39, from Samara look for: A real man: a reliable, strong, realized in life, without losing warmth, generosity and sense of yumora.Ryadom which feel like a real woman (favorite and l ...
Anna, 22, from Voronezh
Anna Anna, 22, from Voronezh look for: alpha male ... with a good sense of humor, smart, not greedy with whom you can forget about everything ....
Constance, 34, from Moscow
Constance Constance, 34, from Moscow look for: Male (with capital letters) that will allow me to be weak and feel like a woman.
Dear, 22, from Minsk
Dear Dear, 22, from Minsk look for: Reliable, faithful and beloved, the one :) Only serious otnosheniyayu
Ksenia, 34, from Nikolaev
Ksenia Ksenia, 34, from Nikolaev look for: Each peacock under even the most beautiful tail an ordinary ass)))). Less pathos dear man. Peacocks - you are not welcome here))) passing through. Need a man with hands that went up ...
Katrin, 28, from Donetsk
Katrin Katrin, 28, from Donetsk look for: Seeking a normal adequate serious man, one, which can be everything, everything with him only one, the one who really needed and who would appreciate ... still looking for a real decent vysokooplachi ...
Olga, 38, from Chita
Olga Olga, 38, from Chita look for: Tall, smart, neat, humorous man who is able and willing to meet the mutual need for love and affection. Strictly hetero! Huge request to young people under 40 - do not write, do not ...
Tatyana Krishevskii, 41, from Тель-Авив
Tatyana Krishevskii Tatyana Krishevskii, 41, from Тель-Авив look for: nadeznogo, iskrennego, interessnogo v obshenii. optimista dly normalnix shelovesheskix otnoshenii. zenatix proshu meny ne bespokoit.
Svetlana Kanivtsova, 36, from Rovenki
Svetlana Kanivtsova Svetlana Kanivtsova, 36, from Rovenki look for: young, beautiful, smart, good cook, no headache ..... or anyone not looking so brag ...... How nice to be someone's forever. And to know that this is not an empty word. As bread per share and a year old. Glya ...
Angelica, 35, from Nikolaev
Angelica Angelica, 35, from Nikolaev look for: Normal, well-balanced man, I think there are still ..., sex without commitment, parties. and other not interisuyut. I am looking for a serious relationship ....
Monika, 24, from Moscow
Monika Monika, 24, from Moscow look for: Ahahaa))) on the profiles of past and am just ugorayu anyone here ... if you can find around 90% of narcissistic men! Where a normal man who'll take to the movies, but do not ask me to go pink?! (Etc. ..
Believe In Yourself, 45, from Moscow
Believe In Yourself Believe In Yourself, 45, from Moscow look for: Many years ago, one man came to the Zen master and said that he could not find a suitable partner, he would have loved to the end of his days. - And what do you need a woman? - Asked mudrets.Chel ...
Venus, 22, from Sochi
Venus Venus, 22, from Sochi look for: Well-groomed, self-sufficient and cultural young man ready to create semyu.Dolzhen always be Russian, growth not less than 178 and brunette ....