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Eugenia, 29, from Maikop (Adygeya)
Eugenia Eugenia, 29, from Maikop (Adygeya) look for: Our fate is not a fool, people keep not vain! Each of us is not accidental for each other ... For someone we only dress rehearsal ... For someone to work on the bugs to the most important ... And for the ...
Eva, 29, from Vladivostok
Eva Eva, 29, from Vladivostok look for: Who is looking into the depths of the soul and understands that ... ... .... " I love you. -For what? -You know, and I kind of like you. Clever. Do not run over me like the others. You are the patient. Always stand on your ...
Leah, 40, from Taganrog
Leah Leah, 40, from Taganrog look for: Soul soul must touch and from kasan′â-zadrožat′, defrost, vstrepenut′sâ come to Gripe on the MiG open to understand resistance to fire to touch the expanse and depth As. fingers making a guitar with apprehension in the Northern ...
Girlfriend, 24, from Moscow
Girlfriend Girlfriend, 24, from Moscow look for: Looking for an adult m! -caring and strong character:-) I love flowers, beautiful courtship, gifts ...all the normal girls that love, and please do not accuse me! ...
Tamara, 53, from Kemerovo
Tamara Tamara, 53, from Kemerovo look for: Meet the want-Good Man, a reliable Friend!-all in one! The comfortable and happy! Parallel relationships-are not interested in. ....
Ljudmila, 46, from Lugansk
Ljudmila Ljudmila, 46, from Lugansk look for: ..No matter how strong a woman, she is waiting for a man is stronger than yourself. And not to restrict her freedom, but he gave her the right to be weak.
Lady Milady, 36, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Lady Milady Lady Milady, 36, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: only the free man!!!!!.married, married to or in a common-law relationship is better by ...Looking for a skorpiončika))) did not want to live a boring))))) ...
Lera, 29, from Harkov
Lera Lera, 29, from Harkov look for: His Magician ....))) Strangers, omnivores, kids, Caucasians and Cormorant not interested)))
Elena, 56, from Abakan
Elena Elena, 56, from Abakan look for: Nice interesting man. GROWTH of 185!!!Man I want to ... good, beautiful, strong, sexy, sports, faithful, humorous, Frank ... JUST ... look ... ...
Elizabeth, 29, from Krasnoyarsk
Elizabeth Elizabeth, 29, from Krasnoyarsk look for: only free, prone to sports and active lifestyle ... held and stable, not encumbered with finding their place in life ... ...
Elena, 45, from Moscow
Elena Elena, 45, from Moscow look for: For women it is very important, as it means man. It first falls in love with the attitude towards yourself and then the man my man does not pass by me, take me away and didn't give me anyone!))))...
Irina, 35, from Volzhskii (Volgogradskaya obl.)
Irina Irina, 35, from Volzhskii (Volgogradskaya obl.) look for: Decent, adequate man for a serious relationship and a family.
Elena, 36, from Harkov
Elena Elena, 36, from Harkov look for: Appreciate in people minds, honesty, sincerity and kindness ... No one purposefully seeking, but do not rule out the possibility. find free a man for serious relationship. Who beats ...
Lilu, 27, from Moscow
Lilu Lilu, 27, from Moscow look for: To meet the men about whom it can be said " Yes this class " for constant communication, naturally with the worthy and respectable to me beloved and only) ...
Nina, 64, from Vladimir
Nina Nina, 64, from Vladimir look for: Benevolent man no older than 68 years, humorous, without material and housing problems.
Irina, 33, from Saint Petersburg
Irina Irina, 33, from Saint Petersburg look for: Anyone looking for-do not know ... Naidu-obraduûs′!!! :-))) When a person is in love with the most wonderful two and a half days of his life:-) MAN! I know that is able to handle herself with much, but I'd like to ...
Svetlana, 56, from Nahodka (Primorskii krai)
Svetlana Svetlana, 56, from Nahodka (Primorskii krai) look for: A man skotorym it was relaxed, interesting, good in all respects. Look forward to a lasting relationship.
Valeria, 34, from Moscow
Valeria Valeria, 34, from Moscow look for: Love is the only thing that makes a female krassivee, MALE-kinder, SOUL-easier. But life is more beautiful! Man investments assumptions. as there is no perfect investment Inst. ..
Irina, 59, from Ekaterinburg
Irina Irina, 59, from Ekaterinburg look for: a tidy, non smoker, loving fun to spend your free time: walks, theatres, concerts, nature, and for this car is desirable. ...
Rita, 35, from Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg)
Rita Rita, 35, from Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg) look for: Decent, responsible man, whose valuable family relations. Yes, I know that sounds really corny, but it's the truth ....
Pod Nebom, 31, from Kiev
Pod Nebom Pod Nebom, 31, from Kiev look for: S lyubimymi ne rasstavaytes '!!!! There are people comfortable as home. Hug them and realize – I'm home. That's how I am with him-I embrace and understand that home. What can be be myself without affectedness and falsehood, you can wrap up. ..
Inna, 40, from Astana
Inna Inna, 40, from Astana look for: Free man, kind and cheerful for serious relationship
Ekaterina Volkova, 26, from Saint Petersburg
Ekaterina Volkova Ekaterina Volkova, 26, from Saint Petersburg look for: Male 35-47 years. Only for serious relationship. Of the " provinces ", please, please do not write! Married men, too, please do not write! If you already have kids-great!!!Work choreo ...
Âneangelânebes, 40, from Tula
Âneangelânebes Âneangelânebes, 40, from Tula look for: Lover-friend for the long relationship ...)))which follows the rule-Do not be afraid, Afraid-do!!Note: the word " LOVER " is derived from the word Love, and not from the word sex ...