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Helena, 34, from Krasnoyarsk
Helena Helena, 34, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Tired of being strong. Tired of being wise. Tired save, win, survive. Want good eye, hand and want gentle lips, that might whisper about love! ...
Helena, 26, from Ekaterinburg
Helena Helena, 26, from Ekaterinburg look for: Love - the beginning of all beginnings, and beauty, and ozarenya.Lyubov - hope my berth shy muse vdohnovene.Gde no love - there is no happiness where there is no love - there is darkness and cold, where there is no love - there is a lot of trouble, DG ...
Larissa, 43, from Moscow
Larissa Larissa, 43, from Moscow look for: I want this ........ not to want another: clean-shaven, cropped, in clean socks and shoes polished to a shine, with a gleam in his eyes, in a tie, with a large (not the stomach) ...... .........
Yana, 32, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Yana Yana, 32, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Friend, lover. husband, the father of their children - in one)))
Rimma, 68, from Moscow
Rimma Rimma, 68, from Moscow look for: Unbearable loneliness when the fog fall for oknom.I bare trees as a prophecy, That all day passes for dnem.Nevynosimo sense of anticipation when we live on hope, "" maybe & ...
Alexander, 27, from Odessa
Alexander Alexander, 27, from Odessa look for: Independent, intelligent, self-sufficient man. Capable of taking on responsibility.
Autumn Evening, 39, from Saint Petersburg
Autumn Evening Autumn Evening, 39, from Saint Petersburg look for: Viable male, active, which can give positive emotions ...
Me To You, 78, from Lugansk
Me To You Me To You, 78, from Lugansk look for: The illusion of infinite choice - just an illusion The site - a big virtual toy for adults, where people move, the molecules in the air. Even if the two faced similar in spirit ...
Love, 50, from Saint Petersburg
Love Love, 50, from Saint Petersburg look for: I want to .... not to find ..... A out of science fiction? ............................................ .......
Elizabeth, 19, from Kemerovo
Elizabeth Elizabeth, 19, from Kemerovo look for: Not married: it is contrary to my tsennostyam.Russkogo young man for a serious relationship.
Masya, 31, from Moscow
Masya Masya, 31, from Moscow look for: Acquainted with a pretty married couple or a girl. Alone do not meet! Questions like: "That much" ignored! ...
Julia, 42, from Kiev
Julia Julia, 42, from Kiev look for: YOU CAN FIND ADVENTURE .... And you can true love. I want to believe .....
Margot, 22, from Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg)
Margot Margot, 22, from Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg) look for: I do not know what I'm doing ... PS The messages like "hello" and contacts without photos are ignored ...
Irene, 43, from Moscow
Irene Irene, 43, from Moscow look for: I hope that they will find me) I really do not live in the forest and not get lost, but sometimes you want to live like this for miles ... from Moscow ...
Twinkle, 38, from Tomsk
Twinkle Twinkle, 38, from Tomsk look for: I'm not looking for anything or anyone, all the best with me, and I wish a man who is happy with me and I with him.
Tom, 40, from Kiev
Tom Tom, 40, from Kiev look for: Man till 45 let.Maloletki and mature uncle bespokoyte.Ya not long ago convinced that at any age you can be idle talk, revelers in life and alkanavtami.Poetomu specify the age, which bo ...
Svetlana, 28, from Saint Petersburg
Svetlana Svetlana, 28, from Saint Petersburg look for: A real man! For a permanent relationship? With photos once to assess ... ))) E-mail, if you have something to say, well, even if there is nothing ... ;)! I will be glad appropriate people, and of either sex (dav. ..
Marina, 48, from Moscow
Marina Marina, 48, from Moscow look for: Man "pleasant in all respects," are all serious! Only way-for a serious relationship and marriage ...
Olyusya, 29, from Voronezh
Olyusya Olyusya, 29, from Voronezh look for: I live in a village Tyutyulkino is 17 km from the city of Voronezh, educated (three classes of parochial schools), smart, beautiful. I want you to come with me to visit. I live well, I have my own house with t ...
The dream of your dream, 20, from Krasnodar
The dream of your dream The dream of your dream, 20, from Krasnodar look for: Hmm ... Man probably, well, or ....? She probably can one :)
Mila, 29, from Moscow
Mila Mila, 29, from Moscow look for: In general, I revered, they write and what they want, not just women ...: to prove in writing that I was cool and adorable, with sparkling h / w and without a / n, I will not. Add data to the questionnaire about the growing ...
Viva Chernika, 26, from Volgograd
Viva Chernika Viva Chernika, 26, from Volgograd look for: Man held, self-sufficient, strong, and his outlook on life, the principles, with a strong power of the spirit, the character with a capital "M". hate Major, my mother's sons, weak ...
Natalia, 34, from Krivoi Rog
Natalia Natalia, 34, from Krivoi Rog look for: Kind, gentle, caring, funny, his favorite! Naidu-zatselo!
Alya, 38, from Odessa
Alya Alya, 38, from Odessa look for: Santa Claus (can not bag), what would be next to it, a little snowflake!