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Natalia, 33, from Yaroslavl
Natalia Natalia, 33, from Yaroslavl look for: A woman must belong to the man - that will solve all problems, not create new ones!
Helena, 40, from Kostroma
Helena Helena, 40, from Kostroma look for: Trusty men in all otnosheniyah.Muzhchinu-tender and the mother.
Julia, 29, from Norilsk
Julia Julia, 29, from Norilsk look for: Interesting young man, with whom pleasant to communicate and spend time
Olga Otmorskaya, 39, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Olga Otmorskaya Olga Otmorskaya, 39, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Why, it's dear, beloved, gentle, intelligent, reliable, kind, not lazy, fun. 180 Please see no face to face pass by.,
Elena Makarowa, 43, from Mozhaisk
Elena Makarowa Elena Makarowa, 43, from Mozhaisk look for: A man who will accept me with all my weaknesses and strengths; desired, a faithful friend,
Photographer, 43, from Moscow
Photographer Photographer, 43, from Moscow look for: Successful man who could be me (spiritual, mental, physical, physical, etc.) support and with whom it would be interesting to spend time!
Princess, 31, from Ufa
Princess Princess, 31, from Ufa look for: Want to meet with responsive, attentive and not lazy muzhchinoy.Nastroy a very serious! Once we get God knows!)
Ludmila, 37, from Tolyatti
Ludmila Ludmila, 37, from Tolyatti look for: Looking for who is good in all respects, who will respect me, my feelings and my desires ...
Irina, 45, from Volgograd
Irina Irina, 45, from Volgograd look for: Self-sustaining, held, self-confident man. Ability to love and be loved. In a long correspondence would not want to join. I believe that the site for visual dating, phoned, met, and will continue to look ... I'm here one little man wrote about the pipeline. Not even close! E-mail, we shall understand ...
Lada, 38, from Moscow
Lada Lada, 38, from Moscow look for: MEN! With a large letter "M" Alfonso and impoverished in a huge ... please do not disturb!
Eugene, 31, from Omsk
Eugene Eugene, 31, from Omsk look for: Man, of course! Strong, gentle romance. I want to heat ...
Sweet Woman, 35, from Moscow
Sweet Woman Sweet Woman, 35, from Moscow look for: Purpose: love, relationship, Regular sex, common recreation, entertainment, travel! A woman never knows what she wants, but will not rest until this dobetsya.Ischu man who has wit, intelligence and generosity My man is my man (from 178, as well vot) Friendship is a reasonable unity of interest, when the cause is not being called ...
Irina, 51, from Donetsk
Irina Irina, 51, from Donetsk look for: Togo, which will not be cold in any life situation.
Tatiana, 56, from Moscow
Tatiana Tatiana, 56, from Moscow look for: Decent, intelligent, generous, kind, gentle man who knows that he wants out of life.
Julia Knyazev, 23, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.)
Julia Knyazev Julia Knyazev, 23, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.) look for: Intelligent, adequate, good-looking man who can give much attention to-find, please!
ღ ஐ ღ ღ ஐ ღ a flower, 26, from Krasnodar
ღ ஐ ღ ღ ஐ ღ a flower ღ ஐ ღ ღ ஐ ღ a flower, 26, from Krasnodar look for: █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ - Sawtry coin protective layer and find out .. (Man of my life.)
Koshka, 47, from Kiev
Koshka Koshka, 47, from Kiev look for: male 39 -50 years old, which, with the age of the couple, came wisdom ... do not be offended if you are not cute, do not be offended if you do not sympathize with me. "Frankly, it is difficult to monitor this crazy network correspond to the maximum speed of my Internet . I shall never occurred to her that one day it will be difficult to remain polite and friendly companion. Crowds ...
Olga, 50, from Saint-Petersburg
Olga Olga, 50, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Friend, beloved and loving man with whom interesting to spend their free time (to start): theater, cinema, exhibitions, dancing, coffee, visits to nature.
Alena, 33, from Moscow
Alena Alena, 33, from Moscow look for: 36-46 years, Clever, intelligent, decent, held in the life of full human development. With similar interests. (Teart, painting, etc), do not complete not less than my height! / Only with photos only in Moscow, only those under age / wink is completely useless - if you have nothing to say, sorry, but I will not spend your time
Natalia, 29, from Moscow
Natalia Natalia, 29, from Moscow look for: Caring and strong man! Only a serious relationship!
Irina, 51, from Kiev
Irina Irina, 51, from Kiev look for: Decent, kind, intelligent, wealthy man, with a pleasant appearance. Not svyazyanogo any ties with another woman.
Helena, 49, from Moscow
Helena Helena, 49, from Moscow look for: Not gigolo, not a young boy, and a man without a ring (with B / S, A / M, no M / P, F / P, S / P moderately and without fanaticism).
Nataly, 49, from Saint-Petersburg
Nataly Nataly, 49, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Looking for: Petersburgers from 50 to 62 years with a. Fr. to create a common hearth. I would like to find someone with similar outlook and interests, tuned to the long-term relationships, fun and good. Virtual correspondence and communication was not fond of!
Lees, 19, from Krasnoyarsk
Lees Lees, 19, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Man next to it will always have to stand on its toes to reach eye level. PSUvazhaemye, I have no problem with sex and solve your I do not intentionally. (Do not count "looking for a sponsor" to read as fuck for money, do not dream about the impossible) PSS lovers of pop music, please do not write, the presence of taste necessarily. PSSS photos as required