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Tatyana, 45, from Moscow
Tatyana Tatyana, 45, from Moscow look for: Dating ... like a tree branch in bad weather relate to each other, like sparks from escaping the fire, like waves in the ocean ... We concur unpredictable, expenditure and no one knows in advance what will happen to us then ... distinguishes us from the elements only memory. The memory of the sad and wonderful moments, and still hope, hope and belief that someday we still find ourselves in ...
Babayaga, 37, from Moscow
Babayaga Babayaga, 37, from Moscow look for: If a woman walks with his head down - she has a lover! If a woman comes with her head held high - she has a lover! If a woman holds her head straight - she has a lover! And anyway - if a woman has a head, then she has a lover! (Faina Ranevskaya) Who I want to. ... Him, he knows! It just seems I'm spoiled or not?
Katerina, 25, from Saransk
Katerina Katerina, 25, from Saransk look for: "If a man is interested in a woman any case do not compel him to give it up .... and he will find at least a minute in your busy schedule to hear the voice of a woman who he wants! "
Interest, 21, from Moscow
Interest Interest, 21, from Moscow look for: Yes, it's important for me in that a man dressed in what he drives and his uroven.Eto honestly, because it will be important to some on my underwear, stockings, and I look like (and care for yourself I love) men married to ongoing relationship. Not eat. Answer at once: just married, cared for his reputation and the time, who knows what he hochet.V ideal man of 30 to 40 photos can be on pochtu.Storonnitsa ...
Olga, 34, from Cheboksary
Olga Olga, 34, from Cheboksary look for: I want to sleep with those with whom nice to wake up ....... Live with someone I love, not love just because we live together ........
Takaya_layf, 18, from Vologda
Takaya_layf Takaya_layf, 18, from Vologda look for: Why should I take up? Time to call - hence the living ... I'm jealous silence. I went over. The hair. And about the knee.
Olia, 35, from Yuzhnoukrainsk
Olia Olia, 35, from Yuzhnoukrainsk look for: Hi! The most courageous, strong, kind, sincere, gentle and caring! Respond and we'll build our wonderful heavenly peace!
Tata, 30, from Krasnodar
Tata Tata, 30, from Krasnodar look for: Not free men pass by ... I do not participate in triangles ... Take the time their ladies ... Sponsors .. you, I too am not interested, good luck in your financial injections ... And I did not know you, I do not know your gestures, met with you in jest, but some force drawn by. Do not expect anything from you, which can disturb my peace, There is nothing thy that I live ...
Tatiana, 33, from Saint-Petersburg
Tatiana Tatiana, 33, from Saint-Petersburg look for: loved one, which would be next in joy and sorrow ... Amateur long correspondence, the men timid and bold, with the unbalanced psyche, "the garden" ...
Khairulina, 31, from
Khairulina Khairulina, 31, from look for:
Anastasia Vilmont, 41, from Saint-Petersburg
Anastasia Vilmont Anastasia Vilmont, 41, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Mate dushu.Tsenyaschuyu, respectful, caring about me ...
Svetlana, 41, from Nizhnekamsk
Svetlana Svetlana, 41, from Nizhnekamsk look for: With higher education, increase, not lower than 170 cm, with no financial problems, decent, intelligent, kind, sympathetic, capable of love and wants to start a family.
Irina, 32, from Saint-Petersburg
Irina Irina, 32, from Saint-Petersburg look for: interesting man, friend, lover, husband in one person.
Shailín, 41, from Moscow
Shailín Shailín, 41, from Moscow look for: ... perhaps only sex, lover. ... .. or maybe a gentle friend of the heart. .. and, of course, like everyone else, I dream to hear "... love me, how I love you. .." ... how it will. ..
Anna, 35, from Moscow
Anna Anna, 35, from Moscow look for: I want to find someone who will respect my interests, which want to create a real family.
Costorama, 33, from Moscow
Costorama Costorama, 33, from Moscow look for: Active, energetic, charming, gentle, passionate, and most importantly her lover!
Raspberry, 28, from Kiev
Raspberry Raspberry, 28, from Kiev look for: ask the right questions and get the right answers:)))
Ice_lady, 41, from Tolyatti
Ice_lady Ice_lady, 41, from Tolyatti look for: Man - smart, strong and present. Without any problems and complexes. The growth of 175cm, athletic or heavy build, which will be able to appreciate a woman like I. .. PS: to marry for anyone not going, and do not want to ... Need a man for regular and pleasant meetings ... No obligation! In its territory does not meet. PS2: Young people who do not know how ...
Olya, 25, from Voronezh
Olya Olya, 25, from Voronezh look for: Matershinnikov of life, please do not worry:) swear to ourselves, I do not matootvodnik:) those with drug and alcohol-OUT!
ღ ღ shatenochka, 28, from Lipetsk
ღ ღ shatenochka ღ ღ shatenochka, 28, from Lipetsk look for: An honest man! Master of the house, husband and lover in one person! Love - a feeling, a family - a deal !)))))
Alinchik, 32, from Chernovtsy
Alinchik Alinchik, 32, from Chernovtsy look for: Upon hearing my wish, even a goldfish died )))). Held a man who wants constancy, fidelity and marriage and family. Married momma's boy and ask pass the questionnaire!
Julia, 25, from Kiev
Julia Julia, 25, from Kiev look for: In life, love should be - a great love for life, it justifies the wanton attacks of despair, which we are exposed.
Catherine, 24, from Hannover
Catherine Catherine, 24, from Hannover look for: Hard to describe someone looking for, especially if used in dating online. I have certain requirements, or better than the criteria by which I try to select the satellite. But apparently, it's all wrong. Acquainted on the Internet, we look questionnaire as pages in the catalog of furniture, for example. In fact, it's terrible, but I am doing the same. Who I want to find?: - The man with the highest ...
Elena Vladimirova, 42, from Yuzhno-Sahalinsk
Elena Vladimirova Elena Vladimirova, 42, from Yuzhno-Sahalinsk look for: Friend's lover in one person, not skuperdyaya, who considers himself already present