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Masha Masha, 29, from Ekaterinburg
Masha Masha Masha Masha, 29, from Ekaterinburg look for: new friends) partner for traveling and playing tennis))
Jenny, 26, from Klaipeda
Jenny Jenny, 26, from Klaipeda look for: 3 kilograms of happiness. a couple of tons of fun. 1.5 meters of love. and drive into something brilliant;)
Margo, 25, from Samara
Margo Margo, 25, from Samara look for: Ten men stacked at the feet of the girl, and she vibiraet eleventh, which is worth looking the other way ... There are men who love, and that there is sin, just one kiss on the lips, with the other soul kiss
Fifth Season, 32, from Moscow
Fifth Season Fifth Season, 32, from Moscow look for: Dear men ... Please evaluate yourself sober ... You are intelligent, well read, not deprived of a sense of humor. Educated, tactful, close in spirit and interests ... and I will be delighted with your beautiful hands ...
Gulinka, 38, from Kolomna
Gulinka Gulinka, 38, from Kolomna look for: Man! Friend, a pleasant companion! He was so reliable, considerate and honest!
Marina, 36, from Minsk
Marina Marina, 36, from Minsk look for: ... Man for serious relationship ... second half, it does not sound corny ...
Galchonok, 28, from Ekaterinburg
Galchonok Galchonok, 28, from Ekaterinburg look for: person with whom to communicate interesting =) fire to burn her wings again, perhaps I just want to fall in love
Helena, 45, from Krasnodar
Helena Helena, 45, from Krasnodar look for: But it is compelling for me, as a sin against the wall and pressed lifts her dress. And eagerly, quickly entering into a sweaty hug and pats his chest quickly (I have all the marble from fear) Kisses leaning navel, then with a smile, polygonal and gentle, he puts a gun to the groin, and presses the trigger ...
Daria, 28, from Moscow
Daria Daria, 28, from Moscow look for: A simple human happiness, which nestles in the evenings and can not leave in the morning:))
Svetochek, 31, from Ekaterinburg
Svetochek Svetochek, 31, from Ekaterinburg look for: How many of those with whom you can go to bed, how few of those with whom you want to wake up ... And in the morning, parting smile, And all day, anxiously waiting for news. How many of those with whom you can just live, drink coffee in the morning, talking and arguing ... Who do I go to rest at sea, and, as expected - and in joy and in sorrow be close ... But it is not love ... How few of those with ...
Riya, 29, from Nizhnevartovsk
Riya Riya, 29, from Nizhnevartovsk look for: Only makes sense of human warmth every minute of life! Rare as pink diamonds, precious as life itself ... Human warmth, which is never enough and never enough ...
Natasha, 42, from Arkhangelsk
Natasha Natasha, 42, from Arkhangelsk look for: Beloved. ((PHOTO Without a sense of humor, as well as the pessimists and married young boys (up to 37 years - I do not want to adopt) from MLS, does not bother me
Helena, 26, from Moscow
Helena Helena, 26, from Moscow look for: A man who can afford the luxury of being yourself with me!
Irina, 43, from Krasnodar
Irina Irina, 43, from Krasnodar look for: I appreciate the true men, But I can not call it that many. I appreciate and in whom there is 'husband' and 'rank', Mind and heart are not poor. In the vastness of nature, from whom the hussars, they have a beauty and worldliness in the room you quench love the heat, even in our time is a rarity. I appreciate those who do not betray and does not change in distress and happiness always, Love and Friendship knows the price for a Man, tired of being alone! ...
Irina, 48, from Rudnyi
Irina Irina, 48, from Rudnyi look for: intelligent, respectable, no bad habits man for otnosheniy.materialno secured, pleasant appearance, who knows how to respect, love and appreciate one-time lovers and zhenschinu.alfonsov love please do not bespokoit.Zhenatye men love, respect and appreciate your wife ...
Alexander, 37, from Yuzhno-Uralsk
Alexander Alexander, 37, from Yuzhno-Uralsk look for: I want to find a strong semyu.Lyubimogo man who knows how to keep his word, love, and once in a lifetime. I have a son and a daughter. I think my man is not frightened, because we love each other. The main human soul, and the rest will come with time. I'm already on the site were secured second realized that few men want to have a family relationship, of course I want a strong family, but ...
Natalia, 28, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Natalia Natalia, 28, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: Interestingly, there are real men!? What do you think? ;-) PS Dear men! If you are looking for - sex for money or for free - many hours of correspondence - standardization and predictability do not squander time ;-)
Xenia, 35, from Krasnodar
Xenia Xenia, 35, from Krasnodar look for: Talked with a nice and pleasant man in all respects. Adequate, with good manners and a sense of humor, preferably below 173. I will not answer: no photo, married men and perverts, do not need a massage, the sponsor is not seeking, Aligarh, too ....
Story, 30, from Barnaul
Story Story, 30, from Barnaul look for: Sabu ....... slave ....... like-minded people ..... Driver's L / а....фографа.....массажиста....мужа format SexWife .... swing couples .....
Oksana, 23, from Kolomyya
Oksana Oksana, 23, from Kolomyya look for: I really need a very strong man in every sense, and only one weakness, called-me:)
Julia, 30, from Moscow
Julia Julia, 30, from Moscow look for: As an option: nice man, a soul mate ... Please, dear men do not write like you just ate, and then washed the dishes. Time for it does not want to spend. Believe me, I myself am doing it regularly:)
Dr. Orgasmic Sciences, 30, from Krasnoyarsk
Dr. Orgasmic Sciences Dr. Orgasmic Sciences, 30, from Krasnoyarsk look for: A man aspiring to personal development. I'm looking for HEALTHY, zadolbali SICK! ... 8)
Anya, 30, from Gomel
Anya Anya, 30, from Gomel look for: Beloved. No matter how many good deeds in your account, it's important to replenish this account!
Helena, 30, from Saint-Petersburg
Helena Helena, 30, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Man. Higher, smarter and stronger than me. With her head on her shoulders and other parts of the body:))