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Julia Sun, 24, from Odessa
Julia Sun Julia Sun, 24, from Odessa look for: Solid! .. in nature, and to the touch, too ..) men for serious relationship ... Looking for you, my gentle beast ..)
Thumbelina, 29, from Moscow
Thumbelina Thumbelina, 29, from Moscow look for: Appearance is important! Man with the usual mentality and attitude to life, in full blossom ... If you think that girl inflating their demands - respect her for readability! PS And do not forget playing with the cat - do not complain to scratch!: )
Vasilisa, 35, from Donetsk
Vasilisa Vasilisa, 35, from Donetsk look for: just in case, let them be all the possible options!) in the course'll look ...
Dear cruel boy, 19, from Tyumen
Dear cruel boy Dear cruel boy, 19, from Tyumen look for: I love the military, beautiful, husky! I want a boy in uniform! =)
Svetlana, 32, from Moscow
Svetlana Svetlana, 32, from Moscow look for: Who is looking for, is scheduled to wander! Actually next to a see a strong man in body and spirit. (Note, with a capital letter written by man). Strong enough to close with him, I, finally, I will feel very weak and secure! Togo, who will be able to cope with me. By the way, perverts and concerns can be free.
Nyuta, 30, from Moscow
Nyuta Nyuta, 30, from Moscow look for: Those who have: the presence of intelligence, conscience, h / yu...Est there such a man?) In short ... understanding and kindness, now ... this deficit would find such a miracle! Drotisty, drochuny and zadroty-Not interested! There is still DIARY! PS photograph! (Not expensive, works on the album.'ll Find!)
Lialia, 20, from Minsk
Lialia Lialia, 20, from Minsk look for: LOOKING FOR GUYS)-nice, fun, and most importantly with the brains! "... Women are the majority of men believe rogues and scoundrels, but have not yet found them a suitable replacement ...:)...
Kariglazochka, 31, from Samara
Kariglazochka Kariglazochka, 31, from Samara look for: The wine in the glass should be drunk while it plays. While live-to live two lives do not happen! From love is only one way: To love more. ... Henry David Thoreau ...
Irina, 46, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 46, from Moscow look for: What bred dog, the more noticeable fading ...:-) ... a few words from me personally: my friends ... if you can not even at the elementary level to support online chat, then buy yourself a rubber doll ... and will you happiness!
Catherine, 31, from Ulan-Ude
Catherine Catherine, 31, from Ulan-Ude look for: He who wants to find me the man who arranged for me to feast
Olga Orga, 55, from Bratsk
Olga Orga Olga Orga, 55, from Bratsk look for: friend for life, which will interesno.V difficult moment fills his strong shoulder. Respect, is the basis for building relationships. Decent, strong man, with whom want to go to the last station ... Seeking a man open and honest.
Light, 32, from Vorkuta
Light Light, 32, from Vorkuta look for: More daring, intelligent, strong, fast, cheerful, resilient, self-sustaining, held on.'m Not looking for: one-off singles, couples, intimacy, shady adventures, sex for one, two, three ... times, the correspondence does not respond: the wink, rudeness, jokes, daring, invitations to visit, etc. Do not I seeking: of prisoners, Alphonse, hopeless, drinkers, drug addicts, ...
Tatiana, 41, from Irkutsk
Tatiana Tatiana, 41, from Irkutsk look for: Seeking regular normal successful man without global issues and special claims like quiet smooth relations without ups and downs, do not need a perpetual holiday - need stability and consistency - this winter I thought so :-) but come spring, and the heart no longer wants to rest - ) drochunov and virtual are sent directly to the black list to adopt the kids are not going to :-)
Valeria, 32, from Ufa
Valeria Valeria, 32, from Ufa look for: Man. Self-sufficient, self-sebe.Tsenyu men by his actions, do not like empty boltavnyu!
Ullka, 35, from Moscow
Ullka Ullka, 35, from Moscow look for: Good lover. Meeting only on neutral territory. The presence of "cockroaches" in the head and belonging to the middle class - bribe ..)
Bee Maya, 41, from Sevastopol
Bee Maya Bee Maya, 41, from Sevastopol look for: I would be in Sevastopol in the first half of June ... Seeking a companion to the holiday period ... I would like to find a free, secure bumblebee with a good sense of humor, do not supply tremulous love for alcohol for joint operations, buzz and hum ...
Olga, 22, from Chita
Olga Olga, 22, from Chita look for: Courageous, cheerful, and understanding, tender and passionate!
My Favorite, 42, from Trehgornyi
My Favorite My Favorite, 42, from Trehgornyi look for: who bravely buried behind skirting male infantilism ... or your or others) ... but left with a desire to be a permanent partner-friend ... in the end, my husband, your son or daughter is no obstacle
Albina Barysheva, 17, from Luchegorsk
Albina Barysheva Albina Barysheva, 17, from Luchegorsk look for: beautiful tender affection that loved me so what I am
Svetlana Didenko, 36, from Poltava
Svetlana Didenko Svetlana Didenko, 36, from Poltava look for: A man from 30-40 years for a romantic relationship, and if lucky, and for a family. I appreciate the dedicated, honest, loyal. I do not like rudeness, hypocrisy.
Vera, 36, from Magnitogorsk
Vera Vera, 36, from Magnitogorsk look for: Yes, just play a game called - Life ... open for communication with good people ... can even change the orientation, you never know:)
Irina, 49, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 49, from Moscow look for: Something for the soul and body. My choice would be educated, intelligent and have leadership qualities. I want to meet with a neat, elegant man of medium build. Preferably with blue eyes, good health and good sense of humor. A man of my dreams as well as I do not have housing and financial problems.
Mila, 52, from Saint-Petersburg
Mila Mila, 52, from Saint-Petersburg look for: Not looking, and look to those who chose me! :) Men - Friend for a long and nice friend of other relations:) welcome serious relationship and living together, place of residence is not so important, important chuYstva:) It is possible and permanent residence in the warmer climes:) Oh, while b Tut dream:) The kids Excuse me and NOT Partes vain! :)
Olesya, 23, from Moscow
Olesya Olesya, 23, from Moscow look for: A gift of fate. Togo, who will go with me to the Antarctic-) Decisive, sports, active, reliable! Serious and crazy at the same time! "You never know where you can find where and who will lose ... The city does not matter. Small request: I do not like familiarity. This does not mean that I need to contact by name, but call me "kisoy ",...