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Anna, 32, from Moscow
Anna Anna, 32, from Moscow look for: When I asked earlier, what I most appreciate in men-I answered-manliness, honesty, reliability, determination. And now I replied-desire and ability to make their wives to ...
Maria, 35, from Moscow
Maria Maria, 35, from Moscow look for: Think of 5. * With privetami and snack do not waste my time. Answer your specific proposal to ...
Alexandra, 44, from Moscow
Alexandra Alexandra, 44, from Moscow look for: BlûzEsli-style relationship with a woman, no problem-run is not a woman!
Valentine, 57, from Chita
Valentine Valentine, 57, from Chita look for: From thousands of destinations, choose something that is your heart, and you're not mistaken.
Oksana Sokol, 24, from Yalta
Oksana Sokol Oksana Sokol, 24, from Yalta look for: Perhaps another possible sponsor possible meaning in life
Elizabeth, 20, from Moscow
Elizabeth Elizabeth, 20, from Moscow look for: Who I Am ... I DO NOT WANT to find Guests, people of Caucasian and any Eastern appearance-do not write to me! About me-example of virtue, a devotee of the ancestral values... ^^...
Elena Ivanova, 33, from Nefteyugansk
Elena Ivanova Elena Ivanova, 33, from Nefteyugansk look for: passionate guy with a sense of humor. This is a very welcome-to translate my desires and fantasies in reality only RUSSIAN guy-other nationalities please do not bother me. AND NOT ON MY T. ..
Elena, 52, from Nizhniy Novgorod
Elena Elena, 52, from Nizhniy Novgorod look for: Companion for life ... Dependable, reliable, responsible, a favorite of ... Only serious relationship.
Westwood, 35, from Perm
Westwood Westwood, 35, from Perm look for: .. an Angel. for angelic.. lion cub in. .. for the lionesses.. Adam and. .. for Eve's.
Larisa, 34, from Minsk
Larisa Larisa, 34, from Minsk look for: She sat by the window,   and he entered her car.  -married-she thought,  -thirty-five Years, he said.   and the late spring,   Day was beautiful, as if sleep.  -beautiful-the ...
The stranger, 38, from Volgograd
The stranger The stranger, 38, from Volgograd look for: seeking a man, lover, friend, and just talking to the same person) if there are all four-will only be glad!) The man, whose site is the opportunity to meet for real. Not the lobby.
Anita, 26, from Kiev
Anita Anita, 26, from Kiev look for: I did not leave hope to find here your favorite) or even other) virtual correspondence, I don't need a. .. look forward to a real communication of ... I want to find just a normal man, how is it possible ...
Ûsâ, 24, from Kirov
Ûsâ Ûsâ, 24, from Kirov look for: To start chatting, and there we will see. The key to all this is the normal communication. I do not make me write, do not want to do this deal and choose everyone. Thanks for vnimanieVse men seeking smart, krasi...
Svetlana, 30, from Zelenograd
Svetlana Svetlana, 30, from Zelenograd look for: Very hoteloč′ to find friends with whom you can talk heart to heart, going to parties, work out or simply travel. With lisbi does not meet, I have a husband. We live in the town of Solnechnogorsk. Я ...
Raspberry, 29, from Kharkov
Raspberry Raspberry, 29, from Kharkov look for: Lovely lady! the pair did not meet! I am looking for a cute slender girl neglupuû for comprehensive friendship!)
Cutie, 30, from Volgograd
Cutie Cutie, 30, from Volgograd look for: a man with a capital letter, which is responsible for their words and actions!
By Lena, 45, from New York
By Lena By Lena, 45, from New York look for: Svobodnogo dlya romantichnih otnosheniy, ischu postoyannye otnosheniya (na zhizn vsu) Dlya menya vse v otnosheniyakh vazhno.. (emocional ' naya ' obyazatel ' na privyazannost). i. .. zhenatye
Vera, 51, from Rostov-na-Donu
Vera Vera, 51, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: Reliable, čistoplotnogo, gentle, generous, with h/w, for friendship and long romantic. relations, with 43 years, no problems with health and potency. Preferably with a car.
Olga, 34, from Moscow
Olga Olga, 34, from Moscow look for: A man of SLAVIC appearance for pleasant meetings in Hotel Serik district with financial support from the men ....
Elena, 37, from Khabarovsk
Elena Elena, 37, from Khabarovsk look for: Native soul in the face of an intelligent, gentle, self-confident Men for life, for love ...
Una Nueva Vida, 26, from Krasnodar
Una Nueva Vida Una Nueva Vida, 26, from Krasnodar look for: Someone who will make me his beloved wife and happy mom.
Elena, 32, from St. Petersburg
Elena Elena, 32, from St. Petersburg look for: I don't care who you were or who you are, where you are ... If you can relight my fire, the fire of love and passion, I'll make you a fairy tale, the story of which you only can dream ....
Kudos, 36, from Neteshin
Kudos Kudos, 36, from Neteshin look for: Once again, I remind you of ... not looking for adventures ..., so that as you walk behind without me dear!
Galina, 38, from Belgorod
Galina Galina, 38, from Belgorod look for: Good luck! Without aggression, without removal of the brain! Good communication. Not self-confident men, wishing to play the woman-everything in the garden. I you do not have the physical strength to communicate! A sense of humor! In the gloom of ...