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Olga, 27, from Donetsk
Olga Olga, 27, from Donetsk look for: All of our men - they are like birds, and each of their lives in the gnezditsya.Muzhchina - Owl - at night watching skachki.Muzhchina - Soroka - is zanachki.Muzhchina - Eagle - jealousy, lightning, gromy.Muzhchina - Tit - all pulling from the doma.Muzhchina - Bullfinch - there is no more beautiful coat, but he - migratory bird odnako.V ...
Olga, 32, from Minsk
Olga Olga, 32, from Minsk look for: Looking for a nice, free and interesting men of Slavic appearance at the age of 35-45 years. For friendship and leisure, for a serious relationship. Sponsor is not looking. Please do not write a married younger than that age, fans drink and smoke weed! Cyber ​​Sex, wrap ...
Angel, 19, from Kiev
Angel Angel, 19, from Kiev look for: It is hard to describe ... Stability and adventurism! Man who will be able to surprise, you are wrong address if: 1.You are you waiting for output to go to a club and not be with your mnoy.2.Esli intimate photos available to all (present on the questionnaire) .3. If you are a stylist (sorry private) .4. If you diversity, it is because ..
Ira, 28, from Stavropol
Ira Ira, 28, from Stavropol look for: looking for a normal guy who will not blunt, looking at my photos without clothes, but what do you weight, height and bust?))) ---------- I like mature men, after 35 years, who knows you need a woman)) ...
Oksana, 29, from Moscow
Oksana Oksana, 29, from Moscow look for: Adequate man held for a serious relationship. If you are about thirty, and you continue to live with her mother, no chance ....
Irina, 44, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 44, from Moscow look for: NOT looking for the perfect man, because she is not without drawbacks. Yes, in principle, not looking for anyone, just talk, but everything is possible ..). Optimistic, positive, self-contained man, who took his social niche, write, talk) GEMINI - as soon as we pass by!!!! ONLY Slavs! St. ..
Tatiana, 48, from Mogilev
Tatiana Tatiana, 48, from Mogilev look for: I want to drink the sweet passion ... For your lips I want to cling To give you a minute of happiness ... I do not want to suffer. Open the door for me ... I Vorvus wind. Rain through the window knock ... Ray sneak right in the heart ... You want to give love! ...
Irina, 35, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 35, from Moscow look for: This man, who is not afraid of serious relations and creation of SEMI.Edinstvennogo.Hochu be the cause of his happiness.
Ian, 30, from Moscow
Ian Ian, 30, from Moscow look for: I want to find a man who not only looking for a braka.A want to find a man who will love me, take care and take me and my life as it is, most importantly a life without izmen.Mne need a strong man on whom you can rely on and look to the future will be easier and happier ...
Tatiana Sw, 33, from Moscow
Tatiana Sw Tatiana Sw, 33, from Moscow look for: Loyal lovers looking for an intimate dosuga.Muzhchin only as sponsors! Prefers men with fantasies.
Irina, 47, from Odessa
Irina Irina, 47, from Odessa look for: Master of life, serious, held a man who knows how to make a woman happy, who will treat me with care and to act nezhno.Sposobnogo who appreciates simple human virtues: honesty, generosity of soul, vernost.Ne blunt, not greedy, not snob! Sake agree to this ...
Hope F., 50, from Moscow
Hope F. Hope F., 50, from Moscow look for: I want to find someone who wants to live in the real world. Lovers to chat and show off please do not write, you are stupid and I do not interesny.Zhelayu meet the man of above average height ....
Anastasia, 25, from Elektrostal
Anastasia Anastasia, 25, from Elektrostal look for: It's a pity that you can not choose M + M + M + M + M + M or MMMMMMMZHZHZHZHZH + two + donkey Yorkshire Terrier for a walk so gulyat.a though .. Of course, I love animals, but not so much that it would be a goat! Yes - about the appearance, hamsters do not like)))) In general, hamsters fed her boa)))) Well ... looking for prince or C. ..
Tatiana, 29, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Tatiana Tatiana, 29, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: I want to meet someone with whom it would be boring and not scary
Svetlana, 56, from Tallin
Svetlana Svetlana, 56, from Tallin look for: That man by nature and by man's actions attracted me to the age of 45, 55 years
Ariadne, 33, from Donetsk
Ariadne Ariadne, 33, from Donetsk look for: I want to meet real, responsible for their actions and words of a man.
Lily, 48, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Lily Lily, 48, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: A real man! Who knows how to be good and strong, and caring, confident standing on their feet and not yearn to climb on fragile female cervix. Who would have been warm and cozy there. The huge request! Lovely male under 50 please do not be offended if you do not answer ....
Rima, 24, from Astana
Rima Rima, 24, from Astana look for: And what, who will lose??? ...... I DO NOT ISCHYU soul mate ...... just so happens that I was born ONE - WHOLE))))
Irina, 41, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 41, from Moscow look for: A man or a couple of men to jointly lease zhilya.Bez bad habits and no interference with privacy zhizn.Druzheskoe communication and gentle attention guaranteed.
Whore, 22, from Moscow
Whore Whore, 22, from Moscow look for: Who wants to pleasure a man who is grateful for the financial well spent.
Catherine, 33, from Moscow
Catherine Catherine, 33, from Moscow look for: The man, whom will be easy and comfortable in communicating and in the life of 35 to 45 years.
Lutik, 29, from Moscow
Lutik Lutik, 29, from Moscow look for: A man with whom you can develop harmoniously and live, I want you to have formed some idea about me, as well as a chance to learn about who I'm looking for in its path, as silent pictures, and may partly reflect a visual kartinku.Ya believe in the fact that there are people-meeting, ...
Olga, 37, from Minsk
Olga Olga, 37, from Minsk look for: strong and good! weak - do not survive, evil annoying. A girl to love and then the sun will smile to you)))))
Mishelle, 20, from Kiev
Mishelle Mishelle, 20, from Kiev look for: Interesting, successful man with whom you can be happy to spend time!