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Elena, 47, from Kiew
Elena Elena, 47, from Kiew look for: Husband! A Friend! Favorite! In one person!MAN MUST RADIATE STRENGTH AND SELF-CONFIDENCE, RATHER THAN MATERIAL NEED AND SEXUAL CONCERNS.
Lyubochka, 30, from Nischni Nowgorod
Lyubochka Lyubochka, 30, from Nischni Nowgorod look for: first of all I would like to find a friend. It is desirable to a married man. It is possible that the greater the mutual sympathy. She is married, the marriage is happy. Just want new krasokû single men not bespok ...
Gulyaim, 30, from Almaty
Gulyaim Gulyaim, 30, from Almaty look for: Only serious relationship! I am looking for an honest, purposeful man who already knows what he wants out of life, and firmly on his feet. A man you can rely on, someone could be ...
Lana, 36, from Saratow
Lana Lana, 36, from Saratow look for: Someone with whom I would spend all my free time to take care of me and whom I cared a. .. ....LOVE ... ....
Julianna, 23, from Jaroslawl
Julianna Julianna, 23, from Jaroslawl look for: If you believe that a woman should be pretty good in bed and cook well. A man should have only one member. We are on the way! ...
Mila, 50, from Toljatti
Mila Mila, 50, from Toljatti look for: Like those who just beside who dare to change, who warms warm gaze, who simply helps to live. More important in life it's not kind, it is often misleading. Not something beautiful that glitters ...
Svetlana, 40, from Sotschi
Svetlana Svetlana, 40, from Sotschi look for: A beautiful woman is always the thought that she had someone in there. In the end she either did not get anyone, or who at any point not capable ... ...
Raisa, 57, from Moskau
Raisa Raisa, 57, from Moskau look for: The man, with whom I will be comfortable! Want to feel cared for and a strong shoulder, understanding! In return to give affection and attention! ...
Alena, 33, from Nischni Tagil
Alena Alena, 33, from Nischni Tagil look for: How many of those with whom you can go to bed a little like those with whom I want to wake up in the morning and leaving …, turn around and wave his hand and smile, and all the day, excited, waiting for news. As ...
Elena Alekseenko, 39, from Pensa
Elena Alekseenko Elena Alekseenko, 39, from Pensa look for: good, honest, decent, with a good sense of humor, a free man for serious relationship. You can with your child. Preferably, without addictions.
Fairy Tale, 31, from Wolschski
Fairy Tale Fairy Tale, 31, from Wolschski look for: Life flies by quickly, and we live as if we write a draft, not understanding the vanity of the scandalous, that our life is just a moment ...Yes ...I'm such a. ..I am simple, vulnerable to pain, fear and sorrow, but ...
Vasilina, 61, from Minsk
Vasilina Vasilina, 61, from Minsk look for: Man-friend of 60let for communication, meetings, joint rest and maybe something more.
Anastasia, 26, from Moskau
Anastasia Anastasia, 26, from Moskau look for: You Beloved! Appearance is the reason for dating. mind-it is a reason for relations. soul-reason for love!
Dashenka, 32, from Pensa
Dashenka Dashenka, 32, from Pensa look for: Dear men, if you are writing with bright thoughts, strongly recommend to have a pair and, in any case, be patient. Couples go to favorite girl, BI, forest, directly in the Favorites. The Sun ...
Tiffany Gorgeous, 36, from Baku
Tiffany Gorgeous Tiffany Gorgeous, 36, from Baku look for: Any woman knows that few men, and the men even less
Svetlana, 51, from Kemerowo
Svetlana Svetlana, 51, from Kemerowo look for: An interesting guy for meetings, ongoing relationship, and maybe something more ...
Alina, 20, from Sankt Petersburg
Alina Alina, 20, from Sankt Petersburg look for: Meet only for real meetings, prolonged correspondence. adequacy of welcome ...P. s. Meet, today! ...
Ksenia, 26, from Kiew
Ksenia Ksenia, 26, from Kiew look for: I have on the personal front, as on the feast: the offer, not that I take, that I want to ask the shy, pretending that no'm starving! all the rules of life can be written in words: respect yourself, HC ...
Love, 53, from Sankt Petersburg
Love Love, 53, from Sankt Petersburg look for: A modicum of warmth. seeking a reliable man.I'm good, not enough warmth and love to mingle with opened mutual sympathy.
Jesse, 23, from Odessa
Jesse Jesse, 23, from Odessa look for: Understanding life, loving environment, peace, gentle beautiful lad. That was for his love, to value, to rush to it, wait for it, understand it, believe it, waking up with him! And what more do you need? ...
Shorena Nadareushvili, 32, from Krasnodar
Shorena Nadareushvili Shorena Nadareushvili, 32, from Krasnodar look for: Loving and happy man! And by the way the info you Dear men: a man must adorn three things: honesty, character and deeds, and not cheap show-off, inflated self esteem and long lang. ..
Natasha, 32, from Krasnodar
Natasha Natasha, 32, from Krasnodar look for: A sensitive, tender, compassionate ... Prove misconduct, not fine words ...
Victoria, 41, from Dnipropetrowsk
Victoria Victoria, 41, from Dnipropetrowsk look for: Contrary to expectations. Man, you can feel like a weak woman. And I can be strong without him. Fans of hudyšek you don't exactly look at further. It's a matter of ...
Vlada, 23, from Sankt Petersburg
Vlada Vlada, 23, from Sankt Petersburg look for: Rich, wealthy, married man. Who likes to spend time with the pretty and gentle girl. Before you write-really appreciate their financial capabilities.