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Hope, 42, from Komsomolsk am Amur
Hope Hope, 42, from Komsomolsk am Amur look for: We FF are looking for the man with the place to meet! meet only a couple! the proposals will meet without her husband with one of me to ignore the site are both, think what to write ....
Nina Tomova, 60, from Ussurijsk
Nina Tomova Nina Tomova, 60, from Ussurijsk look for: A caring man, a faithful partner in life, without addictions
Natalia, 37, from Jakutsk
Natalia Natalia, 37, from Jakutsk look for: the adult male is not adequately committed to women in their problems.
Lada, 34, from Nowosibirsk
Lada Lada, 34, from Nowosibirsk look for: No one!Standing on the shore.And feel the salty smell of the wind that blows from the sea ...And would you believe that free you, and life just started ... ...
Stasya, 25, from Barnaul
Stasya Stasya, 25, from Barnaul look for: I read one guy on the page. I really liked it! & quot; male ego – only cause chaos in relationships. Not skied his girl to tears! This is the most cowardly act ...
Ami Dali, 31, from Bratsk
Ami Dali Ami Dali, 31, from Bratsk look for: I want every day to hear it from his men. I want to seduce you very slowly to you I wanted to very much, and I came at the right moment, of course, and caressed till the morning of your young body! I ...
Lyudmila, 35, from Tscheljabinsk
Lyudmila Lyudmila, 35, from Tscheljabinsk look for: one day you will meet a man, and you understand why others did not.
Valeria, 21, from Ust-Ilimsk
Valeria Valeria, 21, from Ust-Ilimsk look for: Trac equipment: colour tattoo tattoo-40 rub. a sq. smčerno-white tattoo-60 rub. a sq. smTatu makeshift machine: black tattoo-20 rubles. a sq. cm. issues in pm. ...
Natalie, 48, from Tjumen
Natalie Natalie, 48, from Tjumen look for: Envy people grow old ... From resentment to get sick ... Anger tupeût ... And from love's younger ... Love and be loved!
Vera, 37, from Jekaterinburg
Vera Vera, 37, from Jekaterinburg look for: Happy to retire from the site along with my man
Svetlana, 45, from Barnaul
Svetlana Svetlana, 45, from Barnaul look for: Beloved and loving man you trust me-I'm not dreaming about a Prince! ...
Natalia, 41, from Chabarowsk
Natalia Natalia, 41, from Chabarowsk look for: Free from the lies and betrayals; If your intentions are pure and unselfish, mercy please! and yet, young people under 40 years old, please do not waste your time on the message, do not respond! Flirt with the young Malle ...
Inna, 53, from Jaroslawl
Inna Inna, 53, from Jaroslawl look for: Free man with higher education, age within a reasonable margin for love, joint rest, maybe a marriage ...
Natali, 36, from Wolgograd
Natali Natali, 36, from Wolgograd look for: First Communion on various interesting you, and me, and then we will see. .., and if I didn't answer you, it means NOT INTERESTED in photo, VIDEO of a personal nature. ...
Julia, 24, from Rostow
Julia Julia, 24, from Rostow look for: Normal, good people! Someone with whom to talk and keep their mouths shut. Please do not grieve my naive soul offers material support, rare meetings and all kinds of ...
Julia, 22, from Sankt Petersburg
Julia Julia, 22, from Sankt Petersburg look for: Want to find a man like that ..! Find a trustworthy person, not throwing words on the wind!
Krasa______, 37, from Kasan
Krasa______ Krasa______, 37, from Kasan look for: Reliable, self-sustaining, normal man! ...Concerned and married please do not steal my time!
Lora, 44, from Simferopol
Lora Lora, 44, from Simferopol look for: I Want To ...! to the words: « I am strong, I can cope ». Replied: « Strong will I, and you be gentle and affectionate ». ...
Guzel, 29, from Naberezhnyye Chelny
Guzel Guzel, 29, from Naberezhnyye Chelny look for: The theme of this site.When a man asks about sex and when he refused, in his reaction to the rejection will tell you everything you need to know about it./////in the Caucasus growing tree, cherry. Goat s ...
Elena, 51, from Sankt Petersburg
Elena Elena, 51, from Sankt Petersburg look for: I want to find friends to socialize. people who are still interested in this world, it is interesting to discover and learn something new. Open and creative, that glass of water half full rather than empty ...
Galina Ivanova, 41, from Nowy Urengoi
Galina Ivanova Galina Ivanova, 41, from Nowy Urengoi look for: o Lord, make me feel foolish! -Why do you need it, you're so like you men! -And I want them to like me too))) ...
Lyudmila, 29, from Moskau
Lyudmila Lyudmila, 29, from Moskau look for: beloved husband of one and forever without a photo do not disturb!
Olga Alexandrova, 52, from Jekaterinburg
Olga Alexandrova Olga Alexandrova, 52, from Jekaterinburg look for: Real man: a loving, gentle, honest, cheerful, energetic, without addictions or in moderation! Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo. ready for a long friendship, possible ...
Check Mark, 23, from Sankt Petersburg
Check Mark Check Mark, 23, from Sankt Petersburg look for: I don't drink coffee and movies do not go, non-DND)