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Top Secret, 24, from Moscow
Top Secret Top Secret, 24, from Moscow look for: gentlemen with a full set of wives and better attention to them, otherwise you risk to detect them in the same site ....
Natalia, 37, from Ulan-Ude
Natalia Natalia, 37, from Ulan-Ude look for: Man for romantic meetings, joint rest, with the urovnovešannoj mentality, with a sense of humor, intelligence and education. I would continue to go on, but I won't make any ... Time ...
Ksenia, 26, from Kiev
Ksenia Ksenia, 26, from Kiev look for: Talk to me sometimes: & quot; you're brutal! drop of poison blood simmer. & quot; I will answer what I surovaâS those who spit in the soul tries. sometimes I say overbearing. Storm can create off the beaten track. I responded ...
Svetlana, 41, from Belgorod
Svetlana Svetlana, 41, from Belgorod look for: MAN! I live in the area.I would like to find a man for regular meetings on its territory, with the material support of the ...
Almira, 28, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Almira Almira, 28, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Love at first sight in real life, just so and not otherwise! serious relationship or good friends for hanging out.
Anjuta, 26, from Krasnoyarsk
Anjuta Anjuta, 26, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Independent adult guy, self-confident, for serious relationship, able to accept and love people as they are! I want to but in general family children ... ...
Marina, 54, from Krasnodar
Marina Marina, 54, from Krasnodar look for: I would like to meet an honest ... a man who still need care, attention and love.I would like a quiet family happiness, although difficult to believe that this is possible in this cruel world full of lies ...
Lady Jane, 41, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Lady Jane Lady Jane, 41, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: NORMAL FOR THIS GUY! To UHHHH! and into the fire and into the water!
Ekaterina, 30, from Saint Petersburg
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 30, from Saint Petersburg look for: Interesting, outgoing, positive, celeustremlënnogo satellite!
Natalia, 33, from Minsk
Natalia Natalia, 33, from Minsk look for: Looking for strong and reliable man! P. s. Married and not free from obligations to the other women did not bother! ...
Elena, 36, from Moscow
Elena Elena, 36, from Moscow look for: . Married-do not waste your time and my nerves. ..
Ksushka, 24, from Odessa
Ksushka Ksushka, 24, from Odessa look for: A man in which I will be confident that he can be a reliable and strong.
Larisa, 34, from Karaganda
Larisa Larisa, 34, from Karaganda look for: The man, a beloved man, my man. Naturally beautiful, healthy, young, secured, generous, kind, careful, sexual, caring, how do men without a photo, do not pisat ...
Ninel, 52, from Moscow
Ninel Ninel, 52, from Moscow look for: I would like to as & quot; Masha and the bear & quot; : I am so small, brazen and pristavučaâ, and he's such a big, strong, and protects me, despite everything, suffer ...;) ...
Real, 30, from Donetsk
Real Real, 30, from Donetsk look for: Good, interesting, reliable man, with a sense of humor)! I'm for communicating in real life)!
Ksyusha, 26, from Moscow
Ksyusha Ksyusha, 26, from Moscow look for: I do not want to marry, and the children. I want to fall in love. and that's all. And I don't need your money. and of course write everything. Me as a person interested in the psychology of personality will be very interesting to explore on your ...
Vita, 24, from Moscow
Vita Vita, 24, from Moscow look for: Beloved and loving, its man & quot; Where there is love, love turns into a mystery, meditation ...and quot;
Princess frog, 33, from Moscow
Princess frog Princess frog, 33, from Moscow look for: Do not buy or sell we are not here to complicate the lives of each other, and to make it a little better, nicer ... ...
Tatyana, 42, from Moscow
Tatyana Tatyana, 42, from Moscow look for: Since the ideal men are only in dreams, want to finding such that no longer dream ... Please;)-without a photo is not write ...You have a view about me, so let us respect the other.
Elena, 32, from Krasnoyarsk
Elena Elena, 32, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Optimistic, active for the life of a man, with a sense of humor, tight physique, without headaches!
Miss Milky, 23, from Voronezh
Miss Milky Miss Milky, 23, from Voronezh look for: We are a young beautiful couple looking forward to beautiful well-groomed girl or a beautiful self-contained single men pair may qualify.
Elizabeth, 25, from Moscow
Elizabeth Elizabeth, 25, from Moscow look for: The rich spiritual and passionate in the diversity of life!:) Also I am looking for a girlfriend to have lots of fun! =)) Is desperately short of the outgoing, yumornoj, beautiful, light on the rise of girlfriends, to life ...
Lily, 28, from Moscow
Lily Lily, 28, from Moscow look for: Charming, attractive, who knows her worth, a successful, self-confident man.
Olga, 53, from Voronezh
Olga Olga, 53, from Voronezh look for: Man-friend adequately, without addictions, incapable of betrayal, good, car lovers. I do not like-hoax, promiscuity.