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Olga, 33, from Volgograd
Olga Olga, 33, from Volgograd look for: Loving husband, a loving husband only! Men! Well, you read the questionnaire carefully! do not offer no-obligation meeting, sex, perversion, steamy sex and other drebeden.Ne need me wink, send ...
Lara, 33, from Kiev
Lara Lara, 33, from Kiev look for: Everyone is looking for someone with whom he feels good and comfortable ... and then it does not matter what your hair color, height ... What is important is what place you occupy in the life of this cheloveka.Ona: Do you love me? He: No! She: I'm beautiful? ...
Caramel, 24, from Mozyr
Caramel Caramel, 24, from Mozyr look for: First of all people! :) And there is in communication and shall understand the attraction :)
Inna, 44, from Kiev
Inna Inna, 44, from Kiev look for: Her man, the only smart-held, adequate in relation to life, able to appreciate and understand a woman in all its forms, a young body and soul, of course to truly loved and ...
Marina, 29, from Moscow
Marina Marina, 29, from Moscow look for: Seeking Upper Bi-active alpha male! For myself - a lover, a husband-dominant!
Miracle, 33, from Kiev
Miracle Miracle, 33, from Kiev look for: mutual love) and be sure not smoking))) married, I beg you, do not write me! us with you on the way)
Died of Happiness, 33, from Saint Petersburg
Died of Happiness Died of Happiness, 33, from Saint Petersburg look for: I want ..! Find Eugene, Sasha with Vaska, Vova and Andrew .. Hey, guys, the doctor, all were? .. Living there? ..
Nina, 22, from Anapa
Nina Nina, 22, from Anapa look for: A man with whom it is easy and good. Do not make plans dalnoiduschih - too burned. Just want to give warmth and love of a man and to feel like a woman ....
Inna, 42, from Surgut
Inna Inna, 42, from Surgut look for: Mister free, kind, caring, intelligent, able to enjoy life, to lead healthy zhizni.Ne looking for casual relationships ....
Ksyunya, 39, from Vladivostok
Ksyunya Ksyunya, 39, from Vladivostok look for: That man, with whom I will enjoy every morning, in his arms.
Not Your, 30, from Moscow
Not Your Not Your, 30, from Moscow look for: A young boy, an urgent request, age-specified in the questionnaire! Nobody do not want to offend anyone, but with those who are younger, I do not communicate very interesting! AT hackneyed question "how do? ...
Irene, 24, from Moscow
Irene Irene, 24, from Moscow look for: . A man who can teach me how to love and be loved.
Julia, 25, from Khabarovsk
Julia Julia, 25, from Khabarovsk look for: Live and enjoy life, not soaking for nothing, and what you suggest .. I'm for real relationships ... without photos will not answer .... I love nature, bath, sea, fruit .... I do not like the smell of tobacco and passive people .......
Alexander, 43, from Komsomolsk-na-Amure
Alexander Alexander, 43, from Komsomolsk-na-Amure look for: Adequate. A high IQ and a wide range of humor - indispensable conditions and unambiguous. Fact! Plans to move to the south. Rostov-on-Don. It is desirable that the plans have coincided :-))) ...
Linaamira, 23, from Odessa
Linaamira Linaamira, 23, from Odessa look for: A trusted friend, a man, mature for marriage, genuinely Muslim.
Julia, 24, from Kobrin
Julia Julia, 24, from Kobrin look for: In principle, I am not looking for anyone here, just talk, killing time ... but who knows what will grow our communication with you ......
Identification Of Women, 36, from Minsk
Identification Of Women Identification Of Women, 36, from Minsk look for: Smart, kind, brave, honest, subtle, intelligent, non-typical, appropriate to itself, the informal leader, intellectual - sense pervert - introvert with a sense of humor. all ...
Milan, 32, from Moscow
Milan Milan, 32, from Moscow look for: Charming, kind, gentle and affectionate greedy sponsor.
Veronica, 24, from Sevastopol
Veronica Veronica, 24, from Sevastopol look for: FAMILY GUY AND NOT FOR SEX concerns and Sailors nothing to do here!!!!!!!!
Nata, 37, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Nata Nata, 37, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: Well, I would like a man. A sense of humor is appreciated. In general, the ability to feel anything then gives you a head start. Purposes not pursue looking for a reason you have not znakomstva.Esli soon celebrate 30 - years, not ...
Marina, 48, from Moscow
Marina Marina, 48, from Moscow look for: I really want nobody to look for, but .. nemolozhe40letMoskva Podmoskove.Zhenatye and near by, .. and by ... and by ... Virtuals too! ...
Alla, 63, from Yalta
Alla Alla, 63, from Yalta look for: Man honest, decent, attractive, leading a healthy lifestyle and loving queen of nature.
Marina, 36, from Krasnoyarsk
Marina Marina, 36, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Under 35yo, without pictures and empty questionnaires do not write .. I would like to meet new acquaintances, friends, and maybe more .. In life, everything is possible .. Hudenkiestroynenkie boys - you're not my type .. so ...
Hope, 37, from Krasnoyarsk
Hope Hope, 37, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Good, gentle and caring friend, a pleasant companion.