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Olga Zazulin, 55, from Riga
Olga Zazulin Olga Zazulin, 55, from Riga look for: Lone добропорядочного.щедрого.внимательного .. oboyatelnogo with a sense of humor.
Xenia Queen, 52, from Moscow
Xenia Queen Xenia Queen, 52, from Moscow look for: Interesting man, age 48-53, with a wonderful sense of humor for a serious relationship.
Lisa, 21, from Midland City
Natalia, 19, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Natalia Natalia, 19, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: I want to find someone who can help at any time simply by the fact that he is near. Just feel like someone is needed. Love her.
Tatiana, 34, from Moscow
Tatiana Tatiana, 34, from Moscow look for: A man with good looks, decent, safe, with a sense of humor and brains. I live in Tomsk.
Tatiana, 44, from Krasnodar
Tatiana Tatiana, 44, from Krasnodar look for: Clever ..., strong, kind, reliable, romantic Man - a kindred spirit, a friend ... at the age of 45-55 years old, mentally-compatible, which would have been comfortable, even when we are silent ... No drinking, smoking is not desirable, a leading active lifestyle, nature, travel, bored on the couch I n ...
Irina, 44, from Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)
Irina Irina, 44, from Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod) look for: I have everything except the men who are interested in my life) ... watching as you move away, I said to myself how stupid I met a man smiled at him, he smiled at me, we were so close to each other and never not see each other ... It's too silly ... let's not go past ... one wish ...
Irina, 43, from Arkhangelsk
Irina Irina, 43, from Arkhangelsk look for: Soul mate. Would have been lucky in life to find a man that was a pleasure to watch, interesting to listen to, talk with enthusiasm, not painfully silent, genuinely laugh, remember and enthusiastically look forward to the next meeting ....
Natali, 42, from Moscow
Natali Natali, 42, from Moscow look for: Man ... so, like a stone wall ... a dream of course, but nobody dreamed not prohibited. "Marry," do not call ...) is too serious, please do not worry. After all seriousness - not a sign of a mature personality. As Baron Munchausen would say: "A serious person is not a sign of the mind, gentlemen. All ...
Alexander, 55, from Penza
Alexander Alexander, 55, from Penza look for: Self-sufficient men in all-senses of the word, which will be interesting to spend rest of my life!
A complex molecule, 31, from Moscow
A complex molecule A complex molecule, 31, from Moscow look for: I need to buy and use with my man. Not a "lick and make love," and to fuck and enjoy - Feel the difference. To purchase - to nemu.Tak that the men and companies who are able to handle this bitch - welcome. Experience shows that if given the ...
Blum, 28, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Blum Blum, 28, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Man - this is the only creature who is afraid to be THAT IT IS ... (Camus).
Helena, 34, from Lipetsk
Helena Helena, 34, from Lipetsk look for: MEN in every sense of the word. Sociable, positive, lenivogo.Chtoby not been able to disperse my melancholy. Lizunov, and seksodnodnevok zhenatikov please do not bother ....
Ai-moon, 31, from Astana
Ai-moon Ai-moon, 31, from Astana look for: I can not live without tebyaYa can not live without you! Me and rain without you - drought, heat, and I am without you - styn, I'm without you, and Moscow - glush.Mne without you, every hour - from time to godEsli smaller drobyamne even the blue sky without a stone svodKazhetsya tebya.Ya did not want to know-The weakness of friends, by enemies; ...
Lana, 48, from Rostov-na-Donu
Lana Lana, 48, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: "Before you judge someone, take his shoes and go his way, try to tears, feel his pain ... for every stumble kamen.o he stumbled ... and only then say you know how I live! "...
Oksana, 33, from Moscow
Oksana Oksana, 33, from Moscow look for: The man should be ambitious. And the idea. Suppose he can not read, but explain that it was his firm stand. ... "But he also will drink the milk from the banks, tstststs and you're done! (For / f" Courier ") * I am not racist, but I prefer Russian men. Sorry if offended ...
Katyunya, 28, from Odessa
Katyunya Katyunya, 28, from Odessa look for: A man must find the right purpose in life, and a woman - the man with the right tselyu.Gospodi, Mark me please one person out of 6.5 billion people that he loved, valued and respected uvazhalYa men. They make life more interesting, they give a hand, opens the door, buy chocolates and clothes. They vstre ...
Helena, 39, from Magnitogorsk
Helena Helena, 39, from Magnitogorsk look for: Handsome, tall, slim, temperamental man.
Victoria, 22, from Kiev
Victoria Victoria, 22, from Kiev look for: I'm not looking for anyone!!! if fate, she finds me!!
Saul, 52, from Kostanai
Saul Saul, 52, from Kostanai look for: There are men that are pleasing to the eye ... There are men who delight the body ... There are men who are pleased with gifts ... There are men who delight the soul ... I am looking for a man who will please me all! ...
Yulenka, 35, from Krasnodar
Yulenka Yulenka, 35, from Krasnodar look for: Russian man - a good man - no sarcasm (but with a sense of humor), no frustration, no fear, not greedy, strong and purposeful
Helena, 38, from Lipetsk
Helena Helena, 38, from Lipetsk look for: Would be glad to get acquainted and further continuation of a serious relationship with a man, 38, 45y.o. not encumbered by ties of marriage, not younger than my age. BIG REQUEST - married, younger than me and people from places not so remote - DO NOT WRITE!! (ONCE - IGNORE) no offense! (Preference given to men of my ...
Daria K., 18, from Novosibirsk
Daria K. Daria K., 18, from Novosibirsk look for: I want my tangled hair and puffy lips were the first that you have seen in the morning. And freezing the hundredth time what I pulled a blanket over all, smiled, and pressed me so warm to him. The best man - this is not a set of qualities and material baggage. This is the man next to the cat ...
It, 38, from Saint Petersburg
It It, 38, from Saint Petersburg look for: Where it is not spit - surrounded by nothing but a macho ... And like a simple peasant. (R.)