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Hope, 51, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Hope Hope, 51, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: We are looking for ... We meet ... We find ... Losing ... Having - do not appreciate ... Meeting - throw attempts ... and Torture ... We agreed - ran away ... To live no time ... And once again parted ways ... But where is the love? To forever and without boundary ... maybe ... maybe this is another ... changing the face, body, and a smile ... But finding just stole Multiply mistakes ... ...
Sofia, 19, from Moscow
Sofia Sofia, 19, from Moscow look for: One who is not much help obosnovatsya in the city and help in the work!
Natalia, 36, from Moscow
Natalia Natalia, 36, from Moscow look for: Close, its not a random cheloveka.Agentam and agencies - do not bother!
Svetlana, 35, from Vitebsk
Svetlana Svetlana, 35, from Vitebsk look for: now ... with real thoughts and actions in my head for life ...
Helena, 24, from Gorlovka
Helena Helena, 24, from Gorlovka look for: Seeking parnya.bez bad habits, sports teloslozhenie.rabotal and is independent of their parents, zhyl separately from its roditeley.byla mashyna.
Tatiana, 46, from Moscow
Tatiana Tatiana, 46, from Moscow look for: Friend to begin with!! My dear man, if you are looking for peace, comfort, warmth, feeling and sincerity of soul, caring, affection, attention and patience. If you sbosoben protect and respect the woman if you can be her good friend, a support and reliability in their faith in tomorrow den.To I ask you to write many others ...
Delicate Velvet, 25, from Moscow
Delicate Velvet Delicate Velvet, 25, from Moscow look for: I first woman ... and do not see anything wrong with that I am in search of a successful Men) Sometimes a sad and lonely) If you want to know how to be a good bitch!
Hedda Shine, 21, from Moscow
Hedda Shine Hedda Shine, 21, from Moscow look for: Love descends suddenly, when she came in disheveled STORE IN JEANS C Lath Bags THANKS FOR PURCHASE IN SLIPPERS and sleepy where have you BEEN BEFORE WHEN I on ice heels and mini Cleaved actively looking like seals in the mating season when you least expect it. No crazy .. brunettes with ...
Princesska, 22, from Minsk
Princesska Princesska, 22, from Minsk look for: Of course, I love animals, but not so much that it would be a goat!
Nastia, 36, from Moscow
Nastia Nastia, 36, from Moscow look for: Here I have no goals, but that does not mean that they do not exist in life! We sometimes do not know where they lead us and what we are here!
Summer, 23, from Kiev
Summer Summer, 23, from Kiev look for: Deep, with a sense of the man. Responsible, reliable, caring, held.
Ira, 33, from Vitebsk
Ira Ira, 33, from Vitebsk look for: a real man, a confident, reliable, understanding with a sense of humor, who will never betray!
Tatiana, 37, from Kiev
Tatiana Tatiana, 37, from Kiev look for: I asked God vody__on gave me a sea I asked God ---- herbs he gave me a box with God Yapoprosila ---- Angel waiting for when he sends me YOU!!!!
Oksana, 51, from Herson
Oksana Oksana, 51, from Herson look for: Attentive, gentle, reliable, energetic man capable to assess comfort, loves travel and enjoy working on the land and outdoor recreation ....
Your only, 24, from Simferopol
Your only Your only, 24, from Simferopol look for: Women's ideal man is simple: so that he could dress and undress wanted.
Read the application form, 41, from Moscow
Read the application form Read the application form, 41, from Moscow look for: M - muzhestvennogoU - umnogoZh - zhelannogoCh - chestnogoI - initsiativnogoN - nadezhnogoU - uhozhennogoNastoyaschy one man, in whose presence the woman feels this man zhenschinoy.Pravilny one that can and wants to put razdet.Istinny man who always and in all acts of th ...
Svetlana, 35, from Novosibirsk
Svetlana Svetlana, 35, from Novosibirsk look for: SUCCESSFUL man, a Russian, not married, and strong, reliable, nice, humorous, with good taste, who knows how to look and pleasant surprise, not younger than 35, not older than 50 ....
Nataly, 36, from Arkhangelsk
Nataly Nataly, 36, from Arkhangelsk look for: Gentleness, caring, love, affection, trust, reliability, wisdom
Natalia, 34, from Harkov
Natalia Natalia, 34, from Harkov look for: Purpose: to please his own heart, without entering into conflict with the reason (s)
Lyubasha, 57, from Krasnodar
Lyubasha Lyubasha, 57, from Krasnodar look for: Courageous man, mother, and only my favorite (still dream of a pure and beautiful love). Other relationships do not want to! ...
Svetlana, 62, from Novosibirsk
Svetlana Svetlana, 62, from Novosibirsk look for: Man "in my sandbox," so that the interests were common.
Vetch, 34, from Harkov
Vetch Vetch, 34, from Harkov look for: Intelligent man with an interesting sense of humor and serious outlook on life.
Ira, 31, from Moscow
Ira Ira, 31, from Moscow look for: Smart, educated, educated, ambitious, attractive, with a trim figure and a sense of humor for a serious relationship. Normal there?)
Lena, 34, from Kiev
Lena Lena, 34, from Kiev look for: agreeable, humorous, self-confident man