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Varvara, 25, from Sankt Petersburg
Varvara Varvara, 25, from Sankt Petersburg look for: cep′eznost′ not looking! xalâvŝiki do not nyžny me a podavno!
Tonya, 44, from Nischni Tagil
Tonya Tonya, 44, from Nischni Tagil look for: I want to find a pair for sovmesnyh hiking in nature, particularly fishing. and for closer communication.
Natalia, 52, from Partisansk
Natalia Natalia, 52, from Partisansk look for: a serious man without material and other problems of living in Primorsky Krai. Amateur povirtualit-come by ...
Žel′-žel′, 22, from Kiew
Žel′-žel′ Žel′-žel′, 22, from Kiew look for: Underestimate my self-esteem, burn my nerves and spoil the mood can only my mother. On this, my dear, relax ...I am looking for just a good companion for the rest of may!...
Queen Diana, 78, from Almaty
Queen Diana Queen Diana, 78, from Almaty look for: Well, at least ...find people like accessing my page ...say hello, or ...Good day ...but as the rats ...come and go)), if I bite))))!Whom or what the concept can stretch ...
Irina, 47, from Jekaterinburg
Irina Irina, 47, from Jekaterinburg look for: Idling, Russian, without addictions from Yekaterinburg.
Lyudmila, 47, from Krasnojarsk
Lyudmila Lyudmila, 47, from Krasnojarsk look for: Heat the soul warm affection lûbviOzâbšee, serdceTy only scarred my soul otvoriVpusti and show the desire to sogret′sâI, even if the pain is acute, the svežaA did not have time to heal the wound, let the heat, ...
Alla, 31, from Podolsk
Alla Alla, 31, from Podolsk look for: Let's meet and talk, and then we will see
Irina, 51, from Rostow
Irina Irina, 51, from Rostow look for: I will not meet the Invisibles with. sex on 1-2 times I am not interested in them,
Irina Davydova, 57, from Jekaterinburg
Irina Davydova Irina Davydova, 57, from Jekaterinburg look for: Want to meet a friend and loved one, good, open man with a sense of humor, without addictions for long, these relations. They are so cool, nice, interesting ...
Elena, 56, from Moskau
Elena Elena, 56, from Moskau look for: Person with whom it would be nice to talk to, spending time in travel, to feel the need for one another.
Ksenia, 28, from Krasnojarsk
Ksenia Ksenia, 28, from Krasnojarsk look for: man. In the true sense of the word! soft, strong, self-confident.
Elena, 36, from Krasnodar
Elena Elena, 36, from Krasnodar look for: A man with a sense of humor and ability to live. We were the envy of all. I don't come to you and do not call until you understand what's worth. I do not offer training services to young people. I do not reply to offers on ...
Maria, 27, from Omsk
Maria Maria, 27, from Omsk look for: Self-confident person, a strong person with a good sense of humor
Daisy, 49, from Sotschi
Daisy Daisy, 49, from Sotschi look for: RELIABLE, ECONOMICALLY SELF-SUFFICIENT PERSON. ... Please do not disturb without photo men
Tatyana, 52, from Selenodolsk
Tatyana Tatyana, 52, from Selenodolsk look for: A man from 45 till 60. children from 20 to 40 years-do not write, anyway I will not answer! How did you get hold of!
Ksenia, 34, from Moskau
Ksenia Ksenia, 34, from Moskau look for: Not looking for a sponsor and I am not going to be them. Don't meet up with dumb boys-majors wishing to pass the evening at my expense. I am looking for an intelligent, educated, honest and decent man, knowing ...
Victoria, 34, from Moskau
Victoria Victoria, 34, from Moskau look for: looking for love and a man close to the spirit in one person. a romantic, daring, but good ol' human spirit is strong, with a good sense of humour, with which it would be interesting to talk to and just keep quiet. Hoch ...
Alice, 61, from Orenburg
Alice Alice, 61, from Orenburg look for: Normal free man over 50 ... for serious relations. Youngsters like you that's enough!!!!!!!!!...
One Normal, 31, from Wolgograd
One Normal One Normal, 31, from Wolgograd look for: good, decent, most dear to me for the birth and upbringing of the child
Masha, 32, from Juschno-Sachalinsk
Masha Masha, 32, from Juschno-Sachalinsk look for: When a woman is in the House-there is a light that is a man-it becomes warm, and when the child becomes glad. Let our home will always be Light, warmth and Joy! ...
Panterka, 27, from Komsomolsk am Amur
Panterka Panterka, 27, from Komsomolsk am Amur look for: the guy from 25 years, educated, high, without children, wives and bad habits) drinkers, persons of Caucasian nationality, prisoners and PTU executables to ignore without waiting in line!...
Olesya, 28, from Öskemen
Olesya Olesya, 28, from Öskemen look for: the guy, without addictions, without physical problems, and simply a good man who loved and respected me.
Big Gratulations For Daisy Result, 27, from Rostow
Big Gratulations For Daisy Result Big Gratulations For Daisy Result, 27, from Rostow look for: Men's attention.Always good .... But if it is measured in carats, cute ... It is even better. It: successful, (which implies unreserved confidence. ..). Gallant. The Attentive. Caring ...