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Alex, 42, from Moscow
Alex Alex, 42, from Moscow look for: Youth! You are not interesting to me! do not disturb and do not worry!
Natalie, 28, from Samara
Natalie Natalie, 28, from Samara look for: who wouldn't want to find: the March cat bludlivogo ...need: adequate, good, clever, humorous man! boys 18, 19 and so do not write, not interested!!!...
Valeročka, 39, from Saint Petersburg
Valeročka Valeročka, 39, from Saint Petersburg look for: friend for companionship and perhaps joint trips with intimom not meddle please!!!with the intimom of my life okay! ...
Nadezhda, 54, from Sochi
Nadezhda Nadezhda, 54, from Sochi look for: Hope to meet a man who will love me as I love myself. A man who is sure of himself and always remember that it is the Defender, hope, prop. He-man-strong floor. ...
Lamia, 25, from Penza
Lamia Lamia, 25, from Penza look for: I WONDER WHO WILL GET THE SAME HAPPINESS???!!!WHO WILL REFORM???
Julia Yves, 35, from Moscow
Julia Yves Julia Yves, 35, from Moscow look for: I would like to fall in love, absolutely seriously and for a long time, preferably forever) in a person for whom the notion of " together ", " family ", " ", " the general interests of " and ...
Olga, 41, from Odessa
Olga Olga, 41, from Odessa look for: Very lucky to find such a person, so it was nice to look at, fun to play, not painfully silent, sincere laugh and look forward to meeting ...
Adequate, 28, from Moscow
Adequate Adequate, 28, from Moscow look for: good, fun, reliable, high ... real man))) only serious relations!!!
Faye Reagan, 34, from Ryazan
Faye Reagan Faye Reagan, 34, from Ryazan look for: Favorite and the only ... Married, 180 and below without photos do not disturb.
Svetlana, 50, from Saint Petersburg
Svetlana Svetlana, 50, from Saint Petersburg look for: Self-confident, humorous, silly man.
Eva, 30, from Minsk
Eva Eva, 30, from Minsk look for: In the light of me one man needs is someone who will one day I loved her husband.
Vera, 55, from Cheboksary
Vera Vera, 55, from Cheboksary look for: Take up and present a bouquet of flowers. Yes, do not forget to say that very love That she always!! For everything is ready!, and with her always and everywhere near you! It help is not just a Word. Thing! How not only take! But a & e ...
Milach, 21, from Moscow
Milach Milach, 21, from Moscow look for: kind, gentle, brave, faithful. valued care, high, somewhat romantic. a bit hard. the one who will love) ...
Svetlana, 36, from Moscow
Svetlana Svetlana, 36, from Moscow look for: Normal, which offers me first same letter sex and oral caress! Normal men. ау!!!!!!!!!!
Leticia, 25, from Moscow
Leticia Leticia, 25, from Moscow look for: Nice, educated, adequately good MCH from 175 cm ♥ I talk, not zagadyvaû, but not isklûčaûLûbaâ girl become chic when with her man, who umeetzažeč′ her eyes and decorate ...
Violetta, 28, from Kiev
Violetta Violetta, 28, from Kiev look for: gross, hamovatogo, uneducated, ozabočenogo man
Your Cocaine, 26, from Kiev
Your Cocaine Your Cocaine, 26, from Kiev look for: The man is a gentleman, and not man. ..and I'm tired of your noodles, not the age and experience to belive your fairy tales!P.s here is not my age).
Nyura, 29, from Kiev
Nyura Nyura, 29, from Kiev look for: I staromodna. I think the man should give me a place in transport, even if I'm not pregnant and without huge packages. Yes, he should open the door in front of me and give me a hand when I am you ...
Lilya, 25, from Kiev
Lilya Lilya, 25, from Kiev look for: Please do not email me their perverted and bad proposals
Elena, 45, from Krasnodar
Elena Elena, 45, from Krasnodar look for: A man of independent, Alphonse, friend-lover may husband. Please do not disturb sports, although they themselves do not believe such!:) With no output in the head, not the roaches are concerned ...
Nina, 51, from Tolyatti
Nina Nina, 51, from Tolyatti look for: And if you can and for life ...The one who would like to give my caring, tenderness and love. At the age of 50-57 years of age. A Widow ....
Marina, 47, from Kiev
Marina Marina, 47, from Kiev look for: . A person with whom you could talk to ... and after ....Your soul mate. A man who treats the woman with respect and that nice about it taken care of. Man for mutual ...
Baby, 26, from Orsha
Baby Baby, 26, from Orsha look for: YOU!!!Give me the love that body drožalo all night! So even from the Kiss, Saying I was not in the can! To both spleten′â the body, no arms, no legs ... So I still want you too ...
Queen Margot, 38, from Kirovograd
Queen Margot Queen Margot, 38, from Kirovograd look for: A Man! The Present! Self-sufficient. A caring, attentive, affectionate. A little romance ...A little arrogant, opinionated and samovlûblënnogo measure. Able to keep claws ...