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Lyalya, 51, from Toljatti
Lyalya Lyalya, 51, from Toljatti look for: Moderately serious, witty, kind and generous measures without a man.
Jeanne, 32, from Moskau
Jeanne Jeanne, 32, from Moskau look for: I'm not a pragmatist, so do not put objectives, plans and dates in the search for and put forward requirements. hope to meet one like yourself, who's looking for souls with similar life plans and cennos ...
Viraga, 25, from Irkutsk
Viraga Viraga, 25, from Irkutsk look for: Who decides that I'm just what he was looking for, and we withdraw into a corner from here forever.
Rome Imankulova, 20, from Almaty
Rome Imankulova Rome Imankulova, 20, from Almaty look for: I want to find a good smart man whose big spin and strong hands that loved not offended all salary was teŝ′û MOM called and gave shorter flowers always looking for ordinary normal guy ...
Lisya, 36, from Odessa
Lisya Lisya, 36, from Odessa look for: Availability of application forms here in the presence of more than search. The one whom I prijdus′ to my liking, I will find myself. ;-) Often read in the male questionnaires: « Married, living with his wife, seeking woman woman + ...
Zlata, 24, from Moskau
Zlata Zlata, 24, from Moskau look for: Like everyone here, I am looking for a man;) in addition, I am looking for a job the employer's Assistant Manager (without sex), more than 6 years work experience, English base. Also discuss the job offer Assistant ...
Alla, 51, from Moskau
Alla Alla, 51, from Moskau look for: Younger and OLDER THAN the AGE of the ENTRY in the application, no!WOMEN travel, man for dating disposable HALÂVŜIKI GO by! when a MAN comes to a woman on its territory with an empty ...
Fire, 32, from Dnipropetrowsk
Fire Fire, 32, from Dnipropetrowsk look for: Even the most wild and dark men need someone prays, although they themselves do not understand this. They want to see in the women divine, divine awakening and in men. Love makes ...
Irina, 42, from Moskau
Irina Irina, 42, from Moskau look for: Dear men, before Flash wisely, think about the consequences of nothing personal))))))
Margarita, 39, from Magnitogorsk
Margarita Margarita, 39, from Magnitogorsk look for: Men's logic is simple and significant.And, not hesitating to pass for a fool, the poet said that for men, preferably as little woman love ...And I nepoètičnoj lirikiI heights without attack lyric ...
Elina, 22, from Minsk
Elina Elina, 22, from Minsk look for: very often I am asked with a first communications about my dating. and you can tell at the end of your acquaintance with me? Here I am not) is uncertain, with complexes plizzzz ...
Inga, 22, from Jekaterinburg
Inga Inga, 22, from Jekaterinburg look for: A man needs a woman to let her be weak. It can be strong without him
Elena, 35, from Moskau
Elena Elena, 35, from Moskau look for: It. from other women, wives, brides man. ...
Irina, 47, from Noworossijsk
Irina Irina, 47, from Noworossijsk look for: Another interesting person, a man. ATTENTION: men who are married, while offering easy sex, sitting at home without a job and the money men, 25-40, ...
Tatyana, 36, from Moskau
Tatyana Tatyana, 36, from Moskau look for: Human happiness today is to have fun. Have fun it means to enjoy eating and consumption goods, entertainment, food, beverages, tobacco, people, lectures, kN. ..
Maria, 30, from Glasow
Maria Maria, 30, from Glasow look for: Relaxed, smart, kind, trustworthy man. Married, stupid and love to drink, as well as men seeking relationship on the evening I leave my home page. Telefonchik will leave only if you convince me to ...
Marusya, 23, from Blagoweschtschensk
Marusya Marusya, 23, from Blagoweschtschensk look for: High, strong, charming. Not pustoslova. For the serious
Alisa, 36, from Sankt Petersburg
Alisa Alisa, 36, from Sankt Petersburg look for: And when it gets so good that the sky falls below, and it would seem a little more-and here it is, swoon!He suddenly asked you in all seriousness:-Favorite ...and what else I can do for you ...
Tatyana, 50, from Moskau
Tatyana Tatyana, 50, from Moskau look for: An honest and decent man from 50-58 years old. Who is responsible for their words and actions. Wink, without pictures, married and young people please do not bother the virtual correspondence of no interest.
Angelica, 38, from Kaliningrad
Angelica Angelica, 38, from Kaliningrad look for: Good, kind, caring, with the principles and dignity, Super faithful, not smoking, a man from 38 till 50 years for permanent relations, but not for the Office. ...
Ilona, 26, from Kiew
Brianna, 28, from Krasnodar
Brianna Brianna, 28, from Krasnodar look for: Clever, humorous, generous, kind, good ...
Victoria, 56, from Odessa
Victoria Victoria, 56, from Odessa look for: Seeking a man from 45 till 56 years with disabilities, only disadvantages must be special!
Diana, 36, from Sankt Petersburg
Diana Diana, 36, from Sankt Petersburg look for: Adequate and decent man, preferably with charisma))