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Anastasia, 24, from Saint Petersburg
Anastasia Anastasia, 24, from Saint Petersburg look for: Hmm ...anyone want to find) Probably anyone, but if the and quot; posčastlivilsâ & quot; would a case to meet, get to know an interesting person, I was very glad I'm realistic, I don't believe in a clean and ...
Olya, 24, from Saint Petersburg
Olya Olya, 24, from Saint Petersburg look for: Good interest questioner ♡ & pound ...
Tatyana, 38, from Izhevsk
Tatyana Tatyana, 38, from Izhevsk look for: Man, that would make me happy, in all senses of the word.
Elena, 41, from Budennovsk
Elena Elena, 41, from Budennovsk look for: You're a self-sufficient man, usually athletic build, with a sense of humor, your growth from 176 cm. you 37-50! And I'm just sure that you want to take me in marriage!...
Oksana, 43, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Oksana Oksana, 43, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: And here's where you can find a man with serious intent?The boys, well or who you so messed up?
Katya, 27, from Moscow
Katya Katya, 27, from Moscow look for: Ideally, the generous lover on a permanent basis is adequate without mutual claims to each other! And please HC men before you write, think about what you can offer me! ...
Imperatrice, 26, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Imperatrice Imperatrice, 26, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Men after thirty terrible does not want to marry. And those who want the best to stay away. Something with them for sure not. ...
Kotenko Ludmila, 59, from Moscow
Kotenko Ludmila Kotenko Ludmila, 59, from Moscow look for: Real man, preferably a widower. Age from 55 to 62 years. Please please do not bother young people between $ 25 million and up to 50 ...
Tatyana, 45, from Dnepropetrovsk
Tatyana Tatyana, 45, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: This man, a man responsible for your words!
Produced By Muse, 33, from Harkov
Produced By Muse Produced By Muse, 33, from Harkov look for: Hello, I am for the announcement. It is you give the heart in good hands? -I-b/c? -Yes. It has been loved by three years per person. -Well-off! Three years is a pretty long time! Why give? ...
Natalia, 26, from Tyumen
Natalia Natalia, 26, from Tyumen look for: a reliable protector, rear will provide) Note the rear but not Armor:-)
Victoria, 39, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Victoria Victoria, 39, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Be nice, be bold, Be affectionate Queen. Off of the winds and the cold away! Once the Queen and the King needs! On a horse, the horse red heat, strong-as the sea in the heart-fire. The Green-eyed, ...
Marina Ukr, 24, from New York
Marina Ukr Marina Ukr, 24, from New York look for: only a real person for life to which can now come and be able to help. for the sake of money or entertainment too no one. and for correspondence too no one. Ukraine ...
Julia, 27, from Kiev
Julia Julia, 27, from Kiev look for: I am not looking for a married man, proprietary, financial support, sponsor, etc. and even if no photos on your profile, or only one, be prepared to lose your pictures to email box, because I ...
Julia, 23, from Moscow
Julia Julia, 23, from Moscow look for: I love when a guy like Guy-bristles, perseverance, character. I do not like when he looks like me-break, hurts, get hyper.))))))...
Elena, 44, from Donetsk
Elena Elena, 44, from Donetsk look for: Adult, senior, sports, strong, self-sufficient Man!
Oksana, 45, from Moscow
Oksana Oksana, 45, from Moscow look for: Did anyone can tell exactly who he was looking for? I can not ... Here's a find, catch. And so, in general terms, I would like to meet a normal human life, with a good and open shower.
Ayna, 41, from Astana
Ayna Ayna, 41, from Astana look for: Perhaps I am the worst of all, perhaps I will make of thee a psycho, but if you want to live with me-so I'm ...
Hope, 50, from Vladivostok
Hope Hope, 50, from Vladivostok look for: Decent, independent, UNMARRIED man with whom it will be easy and comfortable!
The Only, 45, from Moscow
The Only The Only, 45, from Moscow look for: only Moscow! MOSCOW! Once again, MOSCOW! Married! I do not need to write.
The Future Of, 30, from Moscow
The Future Of The Future Of, 30, from Moscow look for: The Future Of ...No matter how strong a woman, she will find a man stronger than himself. Not to he limited her freedom, but that would have given the right to be weak.
Julia, 33, from Krasnoyarsk
Julia Julia, 33, from Krasnoyarsk look for: The no!Little shells!No one, she wanted!
Leana, 43, from Barnaul
Leana Leana, 43, from Barnaul look for: I want to find a friend for the long relationship, romance-caring and gentle, humorous, independent, kind, careful, i.e. fairy tale ...
Wolf Berry, 38, from Grodno
Wolf Berry Wolf Berry, 38, from Grodno look for: The longer you are looking for (if ever something or someone looking for!), the lower the chances of success. And the thing is not that there is still a contingent here, and normal, and there are virtually no concerns ...