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Matilda, 25, from Stavropol
Matilda Matilda, 25, from Stavropol look for: developed :-))))))), an energetic, although two would be a lot of energy! -)))
Alisa_vkorolevstve Crooked Mirrors, 40, from Omsk
Alisa_vkorolevstve Crooked Mirrors Alisa_vkorolevstve Crooked Mirrors, 40, from Omsk look for: Each of us has a vision and a VYBOR.Muzhchina and a woman ... must be the same - namely, to have similar views on key moments in our lives.
Esprit, 35, from Kiev
Esprit Esprit, 35, from Kiev look for: Let's be honest - man or not, depends not only on physiology. And no "exploits" in the field of physiology do not sissy man. A real man should be. At least for the sake of your love, and never stopped loving yours - a real man zhenschina.Nastoyaschy as snow ...
Anna, 25, from Izhevsk
Anna Anna, 25, from Izhevsk look for: First of all, interested in a man with a developed intellect, the presence of pictures in the application - must
Olenka, 31, from Kurgan
Olenka Olenka, 31, from Kurgan look for: I do not have to princes, but the horse I used half of the kingdom into the bargain!
Ola, 27, from Moscow
Ola Ola, 27, from Moscow look for: His oporu.Muzhchinu, with whom I, like a stone wall, all smyslah.Togo who will help to realize my dreams and desires. (Both material and physical)
Catherine, 21, from Irkutsk
Catherine Catherine, 21, from Irkutsk look for: Life is not a supermarket you buddy. Love can not be found, it can only be found.
Irina, 46, from Penza
Irina Irina, 46, from Penza look for: Priyatnogo.interesnogo companion with a good sense of humor to themselves and others!
Free, 22, from Vladivostok
Free Free, 22, from Vladivostok look for: Certainly not HERA, which naebenivaet all 'hi, how are you? what do you learn rabotash? (((By the way, too, are in the IGNORE! AS WELL FOR ALL RUSSIAN HIGHER IN THE ABOUT ME))))) ...
Tatiana, 60, from Moscow
Tatiana Tatiana, 60, from Moscow look for: Interesting, a good man with good sense of humor with which to communicate and pleasant to spend time (preferably up to 55 years in Moscow). He is married and YOUNG-DO NOT WRITE already tired ....
Irina, 47, from Kazan
Irina Irina, 47, from Kazan look for: Seeking a Man, from which not only the body but also the soul will be delighted! And in order to drive, how to ride a motorcycle, pledged to ushah.Takoe sumashedshenkoe's desire to ... :-)
Off, 79, from Yakutsk
Off Off, 79, from Yakutsk look for: No one, just poboltat.Lyublyu beautiful, athletic, funny, interesting me.che = DNenavizhu modest, thick, restrictive, complex for losers. Please do not bother winking, and with a limited vocabulary, which in addition to words like "hello, kagda, etc." do not know ...
Galina, 43, from Vladimir
Galina Galina, 43, from Vladimir look for: There is no second polovinok.Prosto you once you meet a person from whom you do not want anyone to uhodit.Ni ... Never ...
Xenia, 33, from Odessa
Xenia Xenia, 33, from Odessa look for: Man with a capital M!!!! Self-sufficient, responsible for their words and deeds, who knows how to achieve your goals!
Alexander, 29, from Moscow
Alexander Alexander, 29, from Moscow look for: Let this corny - but still ... A man who wants to just be a woman. Girlfriend, wife, mother of children ... Regardless of the profession and the rest of the
Alain, 50, from Timashevsk
Alain Alain, 50, from Timashevsk look for: A male friend, a family can be. Honest, balanced, trouble-free, for meetings, socializing, recreation. Mobile, easy to Wake up, drive a car. Distance - is not an issue for dialogue. Often in Krasnodar ....
Irene, 33, from Penza
Irene Irene, 33, from Penza look for: Energetic, independent woman of 30 years for a serious relationship.
Nastusha Lisitsyn, 21, from Grodno
Nastusha Lisitsyn Nastusha Lisitsyn, 21, from Grodno look for: Handsome, young man ... you can with bad habits)
Katyunya, 25, from Moscow
Katyunya Katyunya, 25, from Moscow look for: Person sharing my hobbies, as well as a reliable and faithful men
Carina, 27, from Dnepropetrovsk
Carina Carina, 27, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: Interesting, kind, cheerful and successful man for serious relations.
Yaroslava, 23, from Saint Petersburg
Yaroslava Yaroslava, 23, from Saint Petersburg look for: "Stupidity - a kind of madness." My God, how much around "insane"! (C)
Solomija, 25, from Ternopol
Solomija Solomija, 25, from Ternopol look for: I miss your hands that caress me, I miss your eyes that look at me with tenderness and care, I miss your body, from which the heat, I miss your heart that loves me. I miss YOU! I miss you! ...
Take Marry, 28, from Kiev
Take Marry Take Marry, 28, from Kiev look for: Loving and loved:) Although, as they say, men - the children, and children love fairy tales and so if you are in your 50 x ... m looking for true, unselfish, intelligent beauty queen, God help you:))) ...
Kate, 20, from Moscow
Kate Kate, 20, from Moscow look for: Held, and a wealthy man who wants to fool around in their spare time :)