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Allya, 26, from Astrahan
Allya Allya, 26, from Astrahan look for: Dulha Mil GayaSočetanie six various hormones (dopamine, serotonin, adrenalin, endorphins, oxytocin and vazopresin) allocated in the human brain and affect his emotions and bodily sensations.
Julija, 18, from Moscow
Julija Julija, 18, from Moscow look for: I am so glad that there are still REAL MEN who know how to nicely and adequately care for girls!
Natalia, 41, from Nizhnevartovsk
Natalia Natalia, 41, from Nizhnevartovsk look for: Fun interesting smart people ...and possibly new friends
Mila, 51, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.)
Mila Mila, 51, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.) look for: just a man, you can rely on that next to no one in my head right head ....and ALWAYS beautiful spit it! or not, high or low, slim or chubby, krasnoba ...
Irina, 37, from Herson
Irina Irina, 37, from Herson look for: There are men with whom we live. There are men, for which we live … and there are those men, once close to that, we understand. that begin to live a truly … .... Interested In ...
Laura, 41, from Moscow
Laura Laura, 41, from Moscow look for: & quot; I want of passionate Love, tender! Unity of our souls and bodies. I live only one hope, that you also want to. I know that one morning I'll wake up in the arms of yours. And I understand that the voice of the wise ...
Sun, 42, from Sochi
Sun Sun, 42, from Sochi look for: What is the heat feel like?, mental comfort, respect, trust, understanding ...Simple women's happiness-love and caring to his knees, which you can climb, were hands that would be covered and warmed.
Natalia, 34, from Moscow
Natalia Natalia, 34, from Moscow look for: @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ v @ I am sinful and not trying to be svâtojI just want to live, rather than to seem. "I am a woman, beautiful female krasotojHoču all love, sad laugh. I windy go inogdaByvaû ...
Marina, 52, from Kiev
Marina Marina, 52, from Kiev look for: a friend above all! I'm a woman, and I am a Beautiful old-age from infancy to grey. I'm a woman, and in the world, all roads lead to me, not in some kind of Rome. I'm a woman, I am chosen by God, though.
Anastasia, 28, from Krasnodar
Anastasia Anastasia, 28, from Krasnodar look for: Immediately apologize for most messages tell the hearing. Attractive, free, self-confident, not intelligence. Only Krasnodar! Permanent relationship, without the brain stem, with OT ...
Irina, 30, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 30, from Moscow look for: Only serious relationship! If you have nothing to offer, it is not necessary for me to write-I quickly delete Recycle Bin!
Veronica, 25, from Saint Petersburg
Veronica Veronica, 25, from Saint Petersburg look for: Love redheads. This is a rarity. The growth is from 180 to 200 cm if you are below don't waste my and your time. I need a tall man. Age is not the age of 30.
Tina, 29, from Moscow
Tina Tina, 29, from Moscow look for: Dear ladies and gentlemen! If you want to find the answer to your concerns, then select a direction in life, or you are interested in a personal relationship, then please write to us. I postaraû ...
Juliya, 46, from Dnepropetrovsk
Juliya Juliya, 46, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: purposeful modern sport man (intelligence and charisma are welcome) married men not interested. ...
De Beers, 42, from Moscow
De Beers De Beers, 42, from Moscow look for: Alexander Ra-Weech, Yuri Shimansky, Andrei Mezentseva, Mikhail Prokhorov, Mikhail Yurevich, Jean Mezentseva, Roman Suleymanov, and perhaps so far. Others are not interested in only SERIOUS REL ...
Hedgehog, 34, from Moscow
Hedgehog Hedgehog, 34, from Moscow look for: PLEASE READ the form! 8 years together the couple he is Alexey 34/178/115/17 h 4 hetero but ready to experiment, Tatyana 33/161/78/4 bi UNI, we are a small but positive experience with ...
Elena, 28, from Rostov-na-Donu
Elena Elena, 28, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: Normal guy. Married do not write. Lord with commercial offers too
Asi, 34, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Asi Asi, 34, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Worthy of the life companion, a good father for our future children
Marusya, 34, from Perm
Marusya Marusya, 34, from Perm look for: Other, intelligence, good looks, humor is welcome. Married not poprošus′!
Irina, 21, from Minsk
Irina Irina, 21, from Minsk look for: A Man! This is a man with all his characteristic features ... ...Intimacy does not offer!
Wind, 46, from Pavlodar
Wind Wind, 46, from Pavlodar look for: To the wife of a saw, a husband should not become a ...:-).
Galina, 44, from Moscow
Galina Galina, 44, from Moscow look for: I am looking for a lover, friend, and husband to and talk about anything and was in bed all Superski worked.)). Meet real only in the presence of my interest to person. very important voice-prefer ...
Svetlana, 52, from Moscow
Svetlana Svetlana, 52, from Moscow look for: I am looking for man for serious permanent relations. Autonomous, intelligent. good, reliable, loving to travel. Education-higher, rising from 177 cm. That's enough sexually preoccupied! Who is going ...
Princess, 25, from Moscow
Princess Princess, 25, from Moscow look for: Adequate self-confident man who appreciates its sponsor-and other people's time.