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Elena, 27, from Chita
Elena Elena, 27, from Chita look for: Looking for a good young man who understood me and that I respected and Loved with all my heart!!!!!!!
Ekaterina, 27, from Ekaterinburg
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 27, from Ekaterinburg look for: an interesting and intelligent man who does not disappoint me
Oksana, 45, from Smela
Oksana Oksana, 45, from Smela look for: Kind person, with humor, adequate and independent
Oksana, 45, from Kiev
Oksana Oksana, 45, from Kiev look for: The older a woman is, the more difficult it is. It is wiser, more tenderly hitrej ... And knows exactly who her life need! Moves forward dozens believed reads look and even a weak gesture. Its not the forbidden fruit ...
Daria, 31, from Moscow
Daria Daria, 31, from Moscow look for: In General, the site had little answer for those who want to, so if you do not take it amiss, do not respond. As it happens, most of you I'm not interested in. ...
Marina, 30, from Izmail
Marina Marina, 30, from Izmail look for: MAN, I WANT TO SPEND MY LIFE SKOTORYM AND NENOČ′ ...
Issedora, 42, from Minsk
Issedora Issedora, 42, from Minsk look for: Serious people for versatile communication. Windy meeting and flirtation are not interested in. Do not waste your and my time.& quot; skin′ & quot; a still photo, & quot; Let's meet today & quot; и ...
Natalia, 35, from Cherepovets
Natalia Natalia, 35, from Cherepovets look for: Buddy, friend, and who knows maybe ...A man who washed dishes in a position or give the dishwasher ...)))))...
Marina Vladi, 31, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Marina Vladi Marina Vladi, 31, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Passionate and tender.which can be dissolved in the bowels of the orgasm.
Girl, 34, from Vilnyus
Girl Girl, 34, from Vilnyus look for: Not so important in the lives of purpose and meaning, to feel its taste. ...After all, it is better to eat a cake, and not speculate about it:) So when people do well together, there is a difference, both called their relationship ...P. S. ..
Marina, 28, from Moscow
Marina Marina, 28, from Moscow look for: a man of Slavic appearance 30-55 years old, who are able to repay vzaimopriâtnuû for a close encounter.
Kasiniâ, 27, from Pyatigorsk
Kasiniâ Kasiniâ, 27, from Pyatigorsk look for: ATTENTION!!!!!I would like to get acquainted with ordinary people, without unnecessary frills & quot; & quot; they say: & quot; The lower, the higher soul man lifts the nose, he nosed stretches to where ...
Irina, 41, from Armavir
Irina Irina, 41, from Armavir look for: Probably every normal woman wants to see a clever and reliable man.And most important, people should be comfortable next to each other ...just have a good feeling that this man ...
Elena, 31, from Krasnoyarsk
Elena Elena, 31, from Krasnoyarsk look for: Take for the gift of a heating pad …-Age not older than 40, height-not less than 180, weight can be … least 80 with guitar/I love … music …/))))) ...
Another, 39, from Yakutsk
Another Another, 39, from Yakutsk look for: A person close to nature and, most important, close in spirit:-)) but seriously, man, which stars from Heaven would take one for me. And even day;-) ...
Elvira, 41, from Nizhnekamsk
Elvira Elvira, 41, from Nizhnekamsk look for: Man, sure, easy, humorous, without material and physical problems for a serious relationship and Only serious relationship of boys under the age of 35 years. ... Please pass by, Zan ...
Elika, 43, from Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Elika Elika, 43, from Almaty (Alma-Ata) look for: Men's logic. It is a very strange woman, not jealous, not shakes, scandals, and money does not slip-it is not necessary. And call before you come over and talk to her about anything even there writes ...
Tamara, 53, from Cheboksary
Tamara Tamara, 53, from Cheboksary look for: nice people to chat, please do not write, anxious to go. ...
Valentina Starunova, 45, from Sverdlovsk
Valentina Starunova Valentina Starunova, 45, from Sverdlovsk look for: Decent, not impotenta, a man in every sense, not Alphonse!
Katenka, 25, from Novosibirsk
Katenka Katenka, 25, from Novosibirsk look for: this ...) want to close was a strong man who can give a girl a fairy tale. P/S please izvraŝencam and sex seekers on 1 night-don't bother ....
Lana, 27, from Odessa
Lana Lana, 27, from Odessa look for: a normal guy who will love the peaceful common interests. brought up.
Lucky, 30, from Moscow
Lucky Lucky, 30, from Moscow look for: Initially pay much attention at the age of 40 years: Please! Then fold it rarely the setting on the site man! And as such, will be in the greeting and thus will show itself. Thanks for the terpene.
Luba, 56, from Krasnodar
Luba Luba, 56, from Krasnodar look for: Seeking a man for body and soul in the appropriate age (+-)
Mila, 45, from Omsk
Mila Mila, 45, from Omsk look for: Find the soul mate that is so similar to my … 47-Mariinsky Theatre's new man.