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Natasha, 41, from Moscow
Natasha Natasha, 41, from Moscow look for: Not his short), not tupenkogo), sense of humor required ...
Maryasha, 31, from Chernovtsy
Maryasha Maryasha, 31, from Chernovtsy look for: I want Wonder! Yogurt does not offer :) - a man who will heal a broken heart
Victoria, 21, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Victoria Victoria, 21, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: Somewhere in the misty distance, fortunately we were looking for all my life ... I was waiting, believed, loved ... Though traveled throughout the world, we are in happiness along the way - is not able to find ... Like a dream, elusive happiness swept by ...
Svetlana, 47, from Harkov
Svetlana Svetlana, 47, from Harkov look for: Loyal friend, companion, companion for life, as they say, "its" MUZhChINU.Fizichesky age 45 65.Dorogie guys just males I do not need ....
Neither Hveya, 48, from Moscow
Neither Hveya Neither Hveya, 48, from Moscow look for: ..................... Not looking for anyone ......... Che sought .. so ............... and found that you wish ..............))))
Julia, 24, from Moscow
Julia Julia, 24, from Moscow look for: Nice and neat man with charm and sense of humor)))
Helena, 26, from Sochi
Helena Helena, 26, from Sochi look for: Given what's going on here, probably no one is looking for Men ..... you at all? Or do you like mammoths??
Lena, 45, from Moscow
Lena Lena, 45, from Moscow look for: Never be afraid of that - you lose ... What's yours, come back, and he would not return, it was not your never! Do not kill first, then whisper, I do not always bring narochno.Nelzya, then pray, corrected .. .
Nina, 62, from Bratsk
Nina Nina, 62, from Bratsk look for: My character is not sugar, and of course no one medMozhet judge who can and will understand I can spoil your nerves and settle all Samadli someone I bitch for someone gentle ....
Lina, 48, from Novosibirsk
Lina Lina, 48, from Novosibirsk look for: normal man, close in age, sensitive, thoughtful, serious, independent.
Not An Angel, 30, from Omsk
Not An Angel Not An Angel, 30, from Omsk look for: I have not quite frenzied, so do not be afraid to pishite.Naydi the courage to press the "send a message" .... I'm waiting .......
Tatiana, 50, from Chelyabinsk
Tatiana Tatiana, 50, from Chelyabinsk look for: Man .... for us to be comfortable with each other ... warm and comfortable ..
Fortunately barefoot, 26, from Stavropol
Fortunately barefoot Fortunately barefoot, 26, from Stavropol look for: Man to decorate three things: honesty, character and actions, not cheap show-off, high self-esteem and a big mouth ....
Natasha, 31, from Omsk
Natasha Natasha, 31, from Omsk look for: Initiating a man aged between 31 and 50 years for a serious relationship.
Tatiana, 38, from Samara
Tatiana Tatiana, 38, from Samara look for: Coeval ideally wants to create photo semyu.Bez not answer.
Olga, 33, from Moscow
Olga Olga, 33, from Moscow look for: Favorite, reliable, easy-going man. Friends to socialize.
Dear, 25, from Ulyanovsk
Dear Dear, 25, from Ulyanovsk look for: A real man, not individual male, namely, man
Alinka, 39, from Krasnodar
Alinka Alinka, 39, from Krasnodar look for: When a man is really in love vzhenschinu, he was not interested in her past idazhe it now ...-he just cares about eebuduschem! ...
Anna, 35, from Saint Petersburg
Anna Anna, 35, from Saint Petersburg look for: for the soul .... mature and serious man) unless such left ...
Innamorata, 25, from Astana
Innamorata Innamorata, 25, from Astana look for: EGOuvazhaemye candidates dayus diva just like you love to take pictures, admire a)) I think if a man is self-realized he would not be placed in the album more than 2-3x fototak What to do in ...
Fatya, 38, from Moscow
Fatya Fatya, 38, from Moscow look for: Intimacy does not offer. Please let's not take away from each other vremya.Svahi, agencies, assistants do not write as well as concerns, Wirth, married muzhchiny.Na profile without photos will not answer, I think this is h ..
Ira, 42, from Rostov-na-Donu
Ira Ira, 42, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: Favorite. I am looking for a serious relationship. Only for sex not dating!
Inna, 32, from Moscow
Inna Inna, 32, from Moscow look for: Dinozavra.Svoih men always choose myself and they were most dostoynymi.Ne offended if someone does not answer ....
Milan, 31, from Krasnodar
Milan Milan, 31, from Krasnodar look for: Enrage men who write online only serious relationship, or I meet God in sex ... And even the most decent hotel there, and a cup of coffee to offer in the plastic cup ... I do not st ...