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Mariana, 21, from Kiev
Mariana Mariana, 21, from Kiev look for: I attract men are smart, honest, able to take decisions with the strong will and the nature of man, where I want to be this girl who will give her love, warmth and ZAB ...
Svetik, 33, from Staryi Oskol
Svetik Svetik, 33, from Staryi Oskol look for: It's a pity that people don't realize when they do I need ...and when they realize too late! Those who drag you to me with this site, at least at the time!)...
Svetlana, 48, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Svetlana Svetlana, 48, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: A man should be good. Ill live I can.
Irina Veresayev, 50, from Rostov-na-Donu
Irina Veresayev Irina Veresayev, 50, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: An interesting question! To find........You can find 10 or 50 rubles, and that is unlikely. And here's the meet is totally different!Want to meet a man ... ....that will not shift ...
Natusik, 34, from Moscow
Natusik Natusik, 34, from Moscow look for: Only one of the most singular and not povtorimogo
Lana, 49, from Krasnodar
Lana Lana, 49, from Krasnodar look for: Want to find your soul mate, and further will be seen ...and if it's you ...
Natalia, 42, from Voronezh
Natalia Natalia, 42, from Voronezh look for: A normal man. No & quot; & quot; Wirth fan, I prefer real. Better to see than annoying email.
Hellen, 22, from Vinnitsa
Hellen Hellen, 22, from Vinnitsa look for: I need a strong man, bezukoriznennosil′nyj in every sense, and that he bylaedinstvennaâ the weakness-I. ...
Lyudmila, 59, from Vologda
Lyudmila Lyudmila, 59, from Vologda look for: Find a related dušuČto is so similar to my ... And silence we listen ... Here on Earth ...And there, in paradise ... Do not set empty ... Do not collect resentments in the House ... Watch as the blaze Gro ...
Leysan, 29, from Kazan
Leysan Leysan, 29, from Kazan look for: Gigi: Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up: if a boy punches you he likes you, never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending.
Galina, 37, from Kazan
Galina Galina, 37, from Kazan look for: I am looking for a good man-a friend to chat ... dating on 1-2 meeting. men under 30 years of age, you are gorgeous, but don't waste your time on me, and do not offer sex services, find your ...
Ksûšik, 27, from Rostov-na-Donu
Ksûšik Ksûšik, 27, from Rostov-na-Donu look for: How would I find in this world not to lose that harder egoi eŝëŽizn′ would live with him until the end of the day. Even harder. ...
Lady Lara, 42, from Kiev
Lady Lara Lady Lara, 42, from Kiev look for: The man, who was not ashamed to look people in the eye
Diana, 39, from Kishinev
Diana Diana, 39, from Kishinev look for: A man should be good. Ill live I can.
Marina, 51, from Pyatigorsk
Marina Marina, 51, from Pyatigorsk look for: Dependable, reliable, hard-working man, who appreciates his woman.
Galina, 33, from Samara
Galina Galina, 33, from Samara look for: Yes is just decent. p.s. the answer in advance, relevant.
Inna, 40, from Kiev
Inna Inna, 40, from Kiev look for: I want to find a good, decent, caring man, and with a good sense of humor.
Lubov, 39, from Moscow
Lubov Lubov, 39, from Moscow look for: Noble! A Relaxing! Tolerant to my shortcomings! Generous! In Short, MAN!
Julia, 25, from Nizhnii Novgorod
Julia Julia, 25, from Nizhnii Novgorod look for: Yes No no secret happy long relationship, we just need to find the right person ... _______________________________________P. S.: communications from persons under the age of 27 years get into the trash unread.
Catch Me, 28, from Tver
Catch Me Catch Me, 28, from Tver look for: I shall stay here for long. .. Want to meet a man who can at least something to surprise me)) adult and wealthy, I promise, you won't be bored;) ...
Elsa, 19, from Moscow
Elsa Elsa, 19, from Moscow look for: Someone is easier. Not hanžu. With a sufficiently broad knowledge and perspective. Not necessarily super smart, simple and not too outstanding. Higher love) Yes, very little. Not bad, not evil love m. ..
Maria, 22, from Kiev
Maria Maria, 22, from Kiev look for: Defend it. Fight for it. Kiss her. Love her. Keep her. Laugh with her. But don't make it fall if not going to catch. ...
Olga, 36, from Sterlitamak
Olga Olga, 36, from Sterlitamak look for: married, youngsters, inadequate please do not disturb!!!!!!!
Charming Creation, 40, from Nahodka (Primorskii krai)
Charming Creation Charming Creation, 40, from Nahodka (Primorskii krai) look for: Lord forbid me from questions about my case and mood! Don't mean to be trite, but podmigivaûŝie just go to the basket. ...