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Natalie, 37, from Leningradskaya
Natalie Natalie, 37, from Leningradskaya look for: The man, whom are interested in normal human relations, not requests for modeling the appearance of chosen one.
Mila, 55, from Moscow
Mila Mila, 55, from Moscow look for: I'm not terâla anyone I respect men. But only men and not men. I prefer only a serious relationship at the time, dvazok does not suit me, can not even write. For all ...
Nadezda, 38, from Karaganda
Nadezda Nadezda, 38, from Karaganda look for: Active, positive, bright impressions of travelers seeking for winter travel in Thailand to the Islands in winter 2014 year! Collect company. ... as the experience of past visits, the greater the compan ...
Irina, 27, from Moscow
Irina Irina, 27, from Moscow look for: The best way to meet to meet in a café for a cup of coffee ... and then maybe continue acquaintance ... (Mosfilmovskaya) ...
Ekaterina, 25, from Korolev
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 25, from Korolev look for: Here I am looking for a serious relationship with a good person)) want to fall in love with) Guys under the age of 25 years, do not write, do not respond.
Olga, 39, from Ussuriisk
Olga Olga, 39, from Ussuriisk look for: Balanced, čistoplotnogo man for infrequent meetings. lover.
Lyudmila, 50, from Moscow
Lyudmila Lyudmila, 50, from Moscow look for: Pleasure seeking a clever free a man with a sense of humor from 47 to 55 years! P.s. Believe that such men exist!...
Katerina, 35, from Kursk
Katerina Katerina, 35, from Kursk look for: A Man!The lover and the beloved) ....There is no notion of & quot; meet & quot;.........There is the concept of & quot; to be together & quot;!!!...
Elena, 25, from Dnepropetrovsk
Elena Elena, 25, from Dnepropetrovsk look for: Love intelligent and discerning men. Intelligibility is — good, but even better when she becomes targeted by selectivity. Desperate babniki, zaigryvaûŝee indiscriminately.
Julie, 38, from Kiev
Julie Julie, 38, from Kiev look for: The perfect man is looking for a little —, in drugihKonfucij
Katerina, 25, from Novorossiisk
Katerina Katerina, 25, from Novorossiisk look for: To al′fonsam please-do not write! I do not what you have. Married too I'll exclude second do not want to be. From young macho greed, I don't share my experiences here. And losers resignation, without you live ...
Hope, 50, from Saint Petersburg
Hope Hope, 50, from Saint Petersburg look for: I would like one ... and for the rest of your life ... ...
Svetlana Rusova-osokina, 60, from Perm
Svetlana Rusova-osokina Svetlana Rusova-osokina, 60, from Perm look for: A man must not be fun or boring; it should be warm, safe and quiet.
Dashapetrova, 58, from Samara
Dashapetrova Dashapetrova, 58, from Samara look for: A man from 50 years of generous, Gallant, without addictions, interesting in communication, a sense of humor.
Lydia, 32, from Saint Petersburg
Lydia Lydia, 32, from Saint Petersburg look for: Man, which makes you want to appreciate, love, respect. The most flagrant confusion, kotoroeperedaëtsâ from parents to children, ètopostoânnoe boost for vtorojpolovinki. wouldn't it be better to try to find ...
Vasilisa The Wise, 31, from Moscow
Vasilisa The Wise Vasilisa The Wise, 31, from Moscow look for: Man smart, charming.P.S. If you are free, please pay no attention to my profile.I ' m looking for russian guy, sorry. ...
Lara, 41, from Harkov
Lara Lara, 41, from Harkov look for: Caring, loving, responsible and reliable man.
Elena, 41, from Ulyanovsk
Elena Elena, 41, from Ulyanovsk look for: Strong human spirit, sincere, reliable, not capable of betrayal, with a sense of humor. I respect the men motivated, honest and responsible for their words and deeds. preferably with Levoberež′ ...
Light, 35, from Minsk
Light Light, 35, from Minsk look for: my main photo, photo of the girlfriend in another album. name is Julia, 32 years. a very nice man.
Èlička, 28, from Krasnodar
Èlička Èlička, 28, from Krasnodar look for: Dating with single adults PERMANENT decent man, ot35, odekvatnogo. to help support the long correspondence nevidu prefer a real meeting, phone number will speed up in the ...
Ludmila, 40, from Vitebsk
Ludmila Ludmila, 40, from Vitebsk look for: How to speak Japanese: & quot; and moth lives his whole life & quot; I wish I hhhhhhhhhhČego? … I wish that God had not selected I want …:) My philosophy of life is simple-I needed to ...
Malinka, 25, from Moscow
Malinka Malinka, 25, from Moscow look for: Seeking a best not greedy a man for, pleasant meetings or travel. for guests not to drive and not inviting. ideally for long).
Victoria, 38, from Saratov
Victoria Victoria, 38, from Saratov look for: The most valuable thing a man can do for their women to do her favorite and the only ...
Ekaterina, 32, from Moscow
Ekaterina Ekaterina, 32, from Moscow look for: With a in joy and in sorrow, predanost′ and true to ponnimaniâ and not an empty phrase to me. I am thrilled when male galanten, I love the colors, and beautiful courtship, but it is not so important, ...