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:, 18, from Moscow
: :, 18, from Moscow look for: And so it goes this rigmarole – Easily occur without pain part. That's because many of those with whom you can go to bed. all because few of those with whom I want to wake up. ...
A7bhhha, 18, from Rostow
A7bhhha A7bhhha, 18, from Rostow look for: friends, I want to find a best friend!and know me to shit on you at all, as all do, not when nobody thinks that the human soul had deposited money to send! just any shit at all, it's already ...
Abid, 18, from Minsk
Abid Abid, 18, from Minsk look for: not married. not rich. not cruel. I am looking for a simple and ordinary guy
Agatha, 18, from Lyubertsy
Agatha Agatha, 18, from Lyubertsy look for: All individually. Want an experienced girl, which I will be able to open up and have fun.
Aimee, 18, from Kiev
Aimee Aimee, 18, from Kiev look for: those who can at least something specific and in fact ... describe and offer.
Albina, 18, from Odincovo
Albina Albina, 18, from Odincovo look for: man. in the hands of the groaning from pleasure feeling and desires, woman.
Albina Pagalite, 18, from Krasnodar
Albina Pagalite Albina Pagalite, 18, from Krasnodar look for: I'd like to meet educated, intelegenntnym, humorous, faithful, kind, honest, DECENT guy, for communication, then we'll see ... DRINKER AND WHO HAVE SERVED A TERM OF IMPRISONMENT.
Alena, 18, from Moscow
Alena Alena, 18, from Moscow look for: Guy interesting, beautiful, clever, with the growth of 182-193 and from Moscow
Alena, 18, from Odessa
Alena Alena, 18, from Odessa look for: & quot; one who you really need, not should correspond to your concepts. He appears and destroys everything, and will myself as it is. And thou shalt love him so & quot;. Erich ...
Alena, 18, from Moscow
Alena Alena, 18, from Moscow look for: Wealthy, experienced man for its first time
Alena Sviridova, 18, from Moscow
Alena Sviridova Alena Sviridova, 18, from Moscow look for: I have not had sex (I'm 18 there is no damage or loss, but can virtually try ... I don't know yet)
Alex, 18, from Moscow
Alex Alex, 18, from Moscow look for: Adequate-Pleasant-Generous! Meeting depends on correctly formulated suggestions!
Alexander, 18, from Novomoskovsk
Alexander Alexander, 18, from Novomoskovsk look for: No one navâzyvaûs′ and myself do not suggest. not assume the correspondence into the annual, meaning do not see! Looking for a magician, storyteller was already Married!, lazy-PASS, we will not spend time on each other! Mo. ..
Alexander, 18, from Novorossiysk
Alexander Alexander, 18, from Novorossiysk look for: Young beautiful transvestite without breast meet with generous man
Alexander, 18, from Tynda
Alexander Alexander, 18, from Tynda look for: Strong, courageous man, can be a bit of a romantic. ;-) ;-) ;-)
Alexander Karakuko, 18, from Moscow
Alexander Karakuko Alexander Karakuko, 18, from Moscow look for: Man of my dreams. 21-25 years (but the cases with age byvabt is different)
Alexandra, 18, from Kiev
Alexandra Alexandra, 18, from Kiev look for: Man voshiŝeniâty choose worthy woman mind, heart and soul voice of the me is horrible: How can people tell? it should be slim and submissive, very clear.
Alexandrovna Khabarovsk, 18, from Khabarovsk
Alexandrovna Khabarovsk Alexandrovna Khabarovsk, 18, from Khabarovsk look for: Seriously, nice, faithful. Who will love and will devote free time I rather than partying.
Alice, 18, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.)
Alice Alice, 18, from Kirov (Kirovskaya obl.) look for: Permanent sex partner that can help financially, with a forty year faces of men requezt not to write at all, if I do not respond-then you are not pleasing to me, those who can't stand the tattoo and body piercing on girls ...
Alice, 18, from Kirow
Alice Alice, 18, from Kirow look for: A man with his head! Who is able to take responsibility for their actions and will never raise his hand on girl! No need to offer sex on the times is not fun! Let's start with an interesting conversation, and then ...
Alice, 18, from Tscheljabinsk
Alice Alice, 18, from Tscheljabinsk look for: looking for adequate people for friendship and fellowship, for FRIENDSHIP and fellowship! I'm not bothered by perverts
Alice Dos Reis, 18, from Rio de Janeiro
Alice Dos Reis Alice Dos Reis, 18, from Rio de Janeiro look for: UMA pessoa educada, rom â ntica mas nem kkk que tanta dialogue comigo o todo que me tempooo perturbe ate na hora de dormi ...
Alice Rzhevskaya, 18, from Moskau
Alice Rzhevskaya Alice Rzhevskaya, 18, from Moskau look for: Well panimaete I.. I'm here to have a rest, play toys, muchu contests and stuff and stuff. Mambogazeta diary.
Alina, 18, from Abakan
Alina Alina, 18, from Abakan look for: If you are: normal, spunky, sporty, cute, adequate, secure, smart, love children and ready to start a family! Then you are to me! ...